The Dark Side of Ring Pop

I don't know how I missed this video from this past spring, but it is glorious and it stars Aubrey Plaza, Seth Kirschner and Keith Powell (Toofer from 30 Rock!)

Who’d Have Thunk: A Minecraft Striptease?

Here's a mashup I bet you probably hadn't thought about: a Minecraft-inspired striptease. To be fair, it is not quite the sexiest thing you've ever seen, but the guy underneath the Steave? suit is built so well, you won't care. It doesn't appear that he's performing in front of a large audience, but he at least pushes through to the end of the song. Bonus points for the sculpted booty and  8-bit cardboard penis.
Can't hate that booty:

Video Social Networking = Good For Nudity

Isn't it grand how the proliferation of video social media has captured spontaneous nudity for the ages?