How To Win At Cosplay

If you want to be remembered for your costume when going to a con, you have to be one of the following: picture-perfect, tragically awful or hilarious. In my experience, the funniest costumes make for the best memories. Especially when you do something like this:
©David "DTJAAAAM" Ngo
Props to the cosplayer for combining the feminine element of ballet tutu with the machismo of Master Chief. (And double props for that body.)

Catching Fire

The trailer for the intense Hunger Games sequel debuted last night. Take a look:

Appreciation For The Naked Man In The Locker Room


[source: Hey Harvey Walker.]

Song Break: Zee Avi – Concrete Wall

This isn't new by any stretch, but most likely you haven't heard it. If you have, great, but if you haven't, you're really in for a treat.
Boom sha clack clack.

Look Around You: Calcium

Hero Of The Day: Anthony Romero

Grabbys Flashback: Favorite Photo of 2011

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