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Sponsored: The Evolution of the Sex Toy


Since the beginning of time, men and women have been trying to enhance their sexual pleasure, and the sex toy has played a major role in this quest. According to Alternet, sex toys have been around for 35,000 years or so, and the first dildos were made of hand-carved stone while cock rings were crafted from the eyelids of goats. The first vibrator, which was used in a French asylum to treat "female hysteria," weighed 40 pounds and took two people to operate. Of course years of innovation, creativity, and technology have enhanced the sex toy industry, creating better, more durable, and longer lasting products. While current sex devices are much smaller and do not require as many people to operate them, many are still pretty novel. Today's toys are made of glass, silicone, and metal and can be strapped to ourselves, walls, and even ceilings. With modern-day sex devices, the sexual possibilities are endless.


Naturally, technological advancements have caused the sex toy industry to expand, creating luxury sexual enhancement tools. For instance, popular toys like the Rabbit vibrator and the Bullet have been substantially updated and are now considered luxury toys, as TrendHunter highlights. Even men's toys have been updated with features that stimulate the prostate gland. According to Adam and Eve, toys are instrumental in the creation of seminal fluids and tantalize the prostate, which is considered the male g-spot. So no matter your pleasure, there is a toy out there designed to get you off. Cock rings are one of the most popular items among sex toy enthusiasts. Because of the blood flow restriction, the cock ring wearer can experience a harder erection. It can also help them last longer, which helps those who suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. However, it's great for any guy who just wants to stay rock hard. Cock rings can also add some extra intensity for your partner. What's more, sex toy manufacturers have started creating cock rings that vibrant, making these toys even more pleasurable. Depending on where you place it, a vibrating cock ring can stimulate your shaft, as well as your partner's anus, perineum, or scrotum. That's a lot of action packed in one small device. If you're looking for prostate stimulation, you have quite a few options. While most of us associate dildos and vibrators as sex devices for chicks, these tools can also be used on men. Anal vibrators and dildos were designed to tease and excite the prostate, and, with the help of accompanying attachments, these toys can also arouse other areas like your balls and taint. You can get dildos that suction to walls, making them perfect for solo use. A step up from anal vibrators and dildos, the prostrate massager is designed to hit a man's prostrate or "p-spot," helping you achieve the ultimate orgasm. Not only is it good for getting off, the prostate massager is also great for your health, as Natural News points out. Stimulating your prostrate can help an enlarged prostrate, treat urination flow problems, stop painful ejaculation and help cure bladder infections. They can also decreas e your chances of getting prostrate cancer. Sex toys have come a long way. From simple devices like cock rings to more intricate equipment like prostate massagers, sexual enhancement products stimulate a wide range of sensitive areas of the body, boosting your pleasure. Whether you use them on your own or with a partner or two, sex toys are perfect for making your sexual encounters even more enjoyable.


iOS 7.1 Is Here, Queer, Get Used To It

Apple has finally released unto the masses the long-awaited incremental update to iOS 7, the first major overhaul in iOS in years. 7.1 doesn't bring too many changes on the surface, but it does improve the way things run under the hood glass. For a quick rundown on the biggest changes, watch this 9 minute video from iTwe4kz which covers just about any question you may have - even those about Jailbreaking. I've been sporting 7.1 beta for a while now, and while I didn't care at all for the newly-implemented circular buttons in the Phone app or the Power screen, I have to admit they have grown on me quite a bit. Logically I still think it makes sense to have larger buttons - a trait the rectangular buttons provided automatically - but the circular buttons do feel more thematic. 9to5Mac provided this new feature mashup during the beta period: screen-shot-2014-01-08-at-9-56-49-am   #nerdjizz advice: Definitely update. The team at Apple really did improve upon iOS 7 with this upgrade. The interface feels much more responsive and overall much more trustworthy. There clearly were some bugs that needed working through, and this update managed to squash most of them.

Preparing for Pokébank: What You Can Do Now

Pokémon Bank (hereafter referred to as Pokébank) and Poké Transporter are two services being launched on the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS to finally bridge the gap between the current 6th generation of Pokémon games and the previous generations. Pokébank will be a cloud-based service wherein players can store up to 3,000 of their own Pokémon. The opportunity to access 30-day free trial of the service will be available until January 31st as of press time, though due to the rocky rollout of the service, this date could be extended. Poké Transporter is the free companion tool that serves as the vehicle by which players can transfer their Pokémon from the four 5th generation games – Pokémon White, Pokémon White 2, Pokémon Black & Pokémon Black 2 – to the current 6th Generation games, Pokémon X & Pokémon Y. As has been widely publicized, the Pokébank rollout got off to a rocky start. Nintendo had intended to launch both services two days after Christmas. However, during the initial launch in Japan, Nintendo found that the combination of users accessing the new service, added to the users who were linking their systems to the newly-introduced Nintendo Network ID for the first time, was in fact too much for the servers to bear. Nintendo’s strength has never been – and quite frankly, will never be – online services, but they are at least making strides into this modern era of internet connectivity. The Nintendo Network ID serves much like an Xbox Live account or an Apple ID, allowing games demos and game content to be downloaded, deleted and re-downloaded later. As such, step one in your preparation for Pokébank should be to link your handheld to the Network. Creating a Nintendo Network ID: If you are a new 3DS or 2DS owner, you will need to create an ID. To do so, follow these directions:
  •  Assuming you have already created a Mii for your system, you will need to navigate to your 3DS or 2DS’s System Settings.
  • Select Nintendo Network ID Settings. If you do not see this option, perform a System Update.
  • Follow the prompts until the option “Create New ID” appears, and then click “Next.”
  • Side note: The Nintendo Network ID is NOT the same as a Club Nintendo Account, despite a few similar functions.
  • Accept terms and conditions and enter relevant personal information. The country of residence cannot be changed.
  • Choose a Nintendo Network ID. It cannot be changed, and it cannot be vulgar. Standard Nintendo fare.
  • Create a password, then enter an email address. Take the time to review your information. Changing information with Nintendo is either impossible or ridiculously difficult.
Linking an existing Nintendo Network ID: If you already own a Wii U, the Nintendo Network ID process should be vaguely familiar. Again, this ID is NOT the same as a Club Nintendo ID, so be sure you’re linking correct IDs. Only one Nintendo Network ID can be used on one 3DS/2DS system at a time.
  •  Navigate to your 3DS or 2DS’s System Settings.
  • Select Nintendo Network ID Settings and click “Next.”
  • Select “Link An Existing ID”
  • Read through Nintendo eShop information and related account information and click “Understood”
  • Enter your existing Nintendo Network ID, password and email, then click “Done.”
  • Click “Link.”
That’s it! Following these steps will ensure that you are ready for Pokébank when it finally launches. All information above is from the Nintendo website. For questions regarding the Nintendo Network ID on a 3DS or 2DS system, click here. For questions regarding the Nintendo Network ID on a Wii U system, click here. For an illustrated example:

 Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.46.48 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.47.09 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.47.15 PM

[Images from Nintendo]

Combining iPhone + Penis = Unlocking or Un-Cocking?

Ok, I need y'all to help me find the source of this video, because I happened across it on a tube site. I want to give proper credit where it is due, because this is a fantastic demonstration as to how you can become even closer to your iPhone 5S than you already are. Edit: that was quick. The peenor in question belongs to Roman Rivers, and the responsible party is Manhunt. For the record, I always knew Apple's TouchID was advanced enough to capture & encode more types of skin prints than just fingerprints, but I'm pissed I didn't think of producing something like this before they did.

SOPA has been shelved!

Major success today, internet users! SOPA has been tabled for now, effectively stopping the existing bill. Don't expect the issue to die, but this is still a resounding success for online privacy rights. PIPA still exists, but still. Read more below: Political Animal - Putting SOPA on a shelf.

“We can get our freak on… the bathroom at ComiCon." Johnny McGovern (Gay Pimp) is back with a brand new single, and it glorifies all things nerd! Johnny's lyrics are nothing if not fun, as you might've noticed from the lead-in. Keep an eye out for model Greg McKeon, onetime Playgirl model popping up in the video sporadically. The glasses really suit him. In the last .gif below, he's the hunk on the left, rubbing his hand down his buddy's torso. Big thanks to my friend Dan, the man behind DanNation for the heads up on this video earlier. Follow him on twitter! See more of McGovern's videos by visiting Here are some fantastic .gifs of the action by All That Heaven Allows. I think my favorite scenario is the guy playing XBox in his tighty whities. I often do the same, just without the whole "six-pack abs" thing going on.

World Exploration! (One Penis At A Time)

I think this might be old news to most, but I just ran across this neat little interactive map. Want to explore the world via penis size statistics? Sure you do. Dig in!


Lion is coming, Lion is coming! Stay tuned to the Mac App Store today to upgrade your Mac! I'm guessing it will be released between 8-9 a.m. PST. Just a hunch.

Three Dimensions Of Porn… Thanks To Nintendo?

One of the best pieces of #nerdjizz-worthy news arrived on my doorstep in my inbox this morning. To say that I'm elated with the following announcement would be an understatement – Dominic Ford has released a Nintendo 3DS-compatible page of their popular website. It is a showcase of some of Ford's best 3D images and is viewable only with the glasses-free 3D technology found on the Nintendo 3DS. The site will eventually host 3D movies as well. If you own a 3DS like I do, all you have to do is head over to to take advantage of seeing beautiful, naked men in three dimensions, without wearing glasses! Says Ford, "The Nintendo 3DS, as well as new 3D mobile devices, are exciting to us because they allow our 3D images and movies to be seen in full color and without the need for 3D glasses." As of right now there are a collection of 20 or so photos ready for your viewing pleasure. Aside from the obvious naughty factor of seeing images on a gaming device of Spencer Reed, Shane Frost or new Dominic Ford-exclusive Bryce Evans clad only in smile, the images can be saved to the Nintendo 3DS memory! I have a feeling that I'm going to need a bigger SD card. What you see there now is only a taste of what's to come. Soon, there will be an expanded photo section and as mentioned above, video will be available soon. Speaking from experience, I know it's going to be rather hard for me to hold the 3DS in that viewing 'sweet spot' while my right hand is, well, preoccupied. Nonetheless, it will be ultimately worth it. The two great loves of my life are porn and technology, and Dominic Ford has combined them perfectly. And if the 3DS isn't your cup of tea for porn consumption, Ford isn't stopping at small-screen distribution with the glasses-free modus operandi. While anaglyph (blue/red glasses) allows viewers to watch Ford's 3D content on any regular display, Ford has always seen this technology as a stepping stone. "We are glad people enjoy watching the anaglyph versions of our content. But watching the 3D TV formats on a 3D TV or via new glasses free devices like the Nintendo 3DS is eye-opening to those who have never seen our content in full color. The 3D is cinema quality." For more information, visit or click below.


Need some new desktop wallpaper to add a little touch of the Doctor to your life? Look no further. I've just added the featured pattern to my MacBook and I couldn't be happier. Artist: Rosemary Travale.

Rampaged Reality, Tumblr artist Rosemary Travale created a Doctor....