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These are things that really get me excited. Any and all mediums apply.

Fantasies. Hot ones.

Secret Fantasies: Brock Armstrong and Seth Roberts @ brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

Welcome to the fourth episode of our "Secret Fantasies" series. In the 2.5 years we have been in business, one question has piqued my interest. To 'warm themselves up' before a shoot, most models close their eyes and fantasize about whatever gets themselves hard and in the mood. I have always wondered what these guys are fantasizing about. Our "Secret Fantasies" series answers that question. We asked our models what they are fantasizing about, and then we filmed it. The series is a real insider's look at what makes these models tick. This week we asked Seth Roberts what his secret fantasy was. His fantasy was about a guy who was a friend of his family back when he was young. His family used to throw parties a lot, and Seth always fantasized that this guy would be stay behind and help him "clean up." Well, after we made his fantasy come true, there was a LOT more to clean up!Seeing as how this movie is being released just before Christmas, I guess we can all fantasize about being the last one to stay at the Christmas party. Who knows, maybe our stockings will get stuffed.Plus, submit YOUR secret fantasy by clicking here. If we choose your fantasy to film, you'll get a free membership to our site!

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The Englishman Played On

I've recently discovered a rather fantastic local musician who goes under the moniker 'Englishman' with his band. His name is Andrew English and he lives in nearby Lexington, KY. Recently he's been traveling all across North America, making stops in New England, Canada and the Great Lakes area. It should come as no surprise to those who know me and know my love for folk music that I'd be drawn to this gentleman's musical stylings. His voice is a pure instrument all it's own that has been rightfully compared to James Taylor. Englishman - Classically Trained

Guys with iPhones

Be my snow-day snuggle buddy?

Guys with iPhones.