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These are things that really get me excited. Any and all mediums apply.

First Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Lands

To be perfectly honest, I can't remember the last time I saw any of the Mad Max movies. I'm not certain I want to look into them either. This reincarnation, however, is drastically changing my mind. Then again, just add Tom Hardy into anything and I'm all over it like white on rice! Mad Max: Fury Road stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, and Zoë Kravitz and hits theaters May 15th, 2015.

Sailor Moon is Back!

Sailor Moon has returned, and it turns out the wait was well worth it because the first episode of the new anime is rocking everyone's socks off! Watch it now before the free episode is taken down to make room for the new episode tomorrow! WARNING: I don't remember everyone's Westernized names so I'm resolving to using their original Japanese names, I'll make an effort to fill in the blanks for those who don't know who the hell I'm talking about. Continue reading Sailor Moon is Back!

Actual Arkham Knight Gameplay and a Surprise!

20140610-100007-36007360.jpg Very sneaky, slipping this one in all quiet-like last night! Of all the Arkham Knight teasers so far, this one is -- by far -- the best! Finally, some actual gameplay footage shows us how the Batmobile (which is supposed to play a big role in this game) races across Gotham and lays waste to obstacles and objects in Batman's way! We also see some brand knew moves Batman's developed to take down enemies. Makes you wonder how much time you're going to dedicate deliberately taking out enemies in the same manner over and over again. And, no, don't refresh. There's nothing wrong with the video. I almost refreshed until I heard the clue and remembered everything was perfectly fine!

More Fan Art Proves Game of Thrones Fans Are Crazy Talented. Again.

You've seen our previous mentionings that Game of Thrones fans are crazy-talented. Well, in case you've forgotten, they've come back to remind us again! Today's artwork comes from Nikolas Ilic and, boy, is he crazy-talented. His Oberyn Martell alone brings a tear to my eye, seeing as what's just happened to the Red Viper on the show. 20140605-120450-43490765.jpg I mean... come on! 20140605-120450-43490403.jpg





Roman’s Recommendation: Clive Barker’s Next Testament

Clive Barker's Next Testament, Vol. 1Hold on to your hats, folks! With artwork from Haemi Jang and written by the Master of Horror himself and his Seraphim Films VP, Mark Miller, we have the first 6 issues from Clive Barker's Next Testament (Vol. 1) out on trade paperback today! In the series, Barker, Miller, and Jang bring us a close encounter with God that won't soon be forgotten! From the April 2013 Nerdist interview with Mark Miller:

Nerdist: Well, it sounds like you’re up to the task. Tell us a bit about Next Testament and what we can expect.

Mark Miller: It’s about a man who unearths God – The God – and soon discovers he’s made a terrible mistake. This is the God of the Old Testament we’re talking about here. He’s not exactly known for being rational or compassionate. As for what to expect from the series, I’m going to go with sex, violence, and sacrilege. Y’know, all the important stuff.

The series has been well received among Barker fans and the artwork alone is bonkers, crazy props to Haemi Jang! Go out and get your copy today or buy it online now!

Titanfall Is Expanding

It feels like it has been 20 years since the Titanfall team said that DLC would be coming to the series. I blame the Call of Duty series for conditioning me to feel this way. DLC should not be integral to a good standalone game. The newest Tomb Raider is a perfect example: perfectly crafted narrative that feels resolved when finished. The only reason you would want an expansion for that game is solely to spend more time adventuring through the remarkably vast island of Yamamti. Titanfall is a different breed of game though. The "campaign" is actually just a series of structured online matches with story-driving voice overs between battles. It's actually a pretty refreshing take on the online FPS shooter. The problem is that there are not as many variations in the maps as one might expect from the biggest next-gen franchise on the block. The addition of mech suits to the gameplay is nice, but playing in the same arenas time after time can turn into a bore. Well, as of tomorrow this issue will be slightly resolved:
The Frontier is about to get bigger as today Respawn Entertainment revealed the release date for the first Titanfall DLC pack, Expedition. Coming May 15 to the Xbox One and PC, Titanfall: Expedition introduces three new maps to the Frontier – Runoff, Swampland and War Games, and extends the heart-pounding action and adrenalin-fueled gameplay to new heights. Titanfall: Expedition is the first of three planned DLC packs, each retailing for $14.99. For gamers looking to further extend the fight on the Frontier, the Titanfall Season Pass* will deliver three content packs as soon as they become available. The Titanfall Season Pass is available at a one-time price of $27.99 and can now be purchased for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and on Origin for PC. Titanfall: Expedition for the Xbox 360 will be available in June.
Emphasis mine. Three new maps is industry standard as map-packs go. In the future id like to see them buck the trends even further and provide bigger updates for the same price. I know the industry as a whole is struggling, but more content for less money is what the user base needs & wants. The Titanfall website has a Q & A that can answer any residual questions you might have.

Music Monday: Lykke Li

Lykke-Li-Paris-Blue-+-Get-Some Guess who's back, back again? It's Lykke Li! (Pro-tip, it's roughly pronounced "Luka Lee") One of my favorite Swedish songstresses released her newest album a few weeks back, and it does not disappoint. Well, I do have one issue with it: I wish there was more of it! I could very easily stand to have her release a five-hour album, but that would just be silly and strenuous for the artist. At any rate, clocking in at 33 minutes, this 10-track album is a great addition to her existing discography and rounds out a trio of LPs about love. "I Never Learn" deals more with love lost, where her last album "Wounded Rhymes" dealt slightly more with unrequited and not-yet-attained love. I already mentioned a few of her singles from this album, from the striking and affected "Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone" and I pointed out a lyric video for "No Rest For The Wicked." The official video for that song is now out: My personal favorite (for today at least) is the title track, "I Never Learn." Looking forward to an official video, but for now, here's the audio track. iTunesAmazonPhysical Copy