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These are things that really get me excited. Any and all mediums apply.

Ohio Rep. John Boehner Will Resign House Speakership, Seat In Congress

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well. John Boehner, the Ohio-born, bar-raised blue collar boy has decided to follow in the footsteps of his previous Number 2, Eric Cantor and get out while the gettin' is good. Granted, Cantor was ousted from his elected position during a surprise upset primary battle with an unknown, but Cantor nonetheless resigned his position well before the end of his term. John Boehner has faced resistance to his speakership from his own party for the past 6 years, but this year, rumblings of a call to Vacate the Chair (remove the speaker) from his caucus was reaching a fever pitch. It looks as though he has decided to cut and run before the process actually took a turn for the nasty. This also makes one question what sort of deal the Speaker has planned to unveil for an extension of Government funding. If he has decided to strike a deal with Nancy Pelosi (who, since her own time in the Speaker's chair has still had a hefty amount of power to run the House in crisis moments) to fund the Government, then he is likely announcing his retirement as penance for compromising. Unfortunately, the Conservative wing has let their priorities get so twisted that the word "compromise" to modern day Republicans is tantamount to "terrorism." Story unfolding ...

Unikitty and Alison Brie are Back For LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions is getting 100% more Unikitty! Just don’t make her angry! One of the best new characters to have been debuted in last year’s megahit The LEGO Movie is getting drawn into the shenanigans of LEGO Dimensions. Today’s trailer has the character’s voice actress, Alison Brie, being pulled through the LEGO Gateway and into the upcoming Dimensions game, transformed into Unikitty. If you’re unfamiliar with the movie or the character, Unikitty is the half-unicorn, half-anime kitten who exudes sweetness and light … until you make her angry. Turns out her temper rivals that of even Hulk’s. She joins her LEGO Movie costars Wildstyle, Batman, and Gandalf as they attempt to stop Lord Vortech from destroying the entire LEGO Multiverse. LEGO Dimensions will launch at the end of the month, on September 29th, and will be available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii U.

Apple Watch OS 2 Launches After Short Delay

It’s here! After a bit of touch and go after last week’s last-minute delay, the Apple Watch’s Watch OS 2.0 is live and ready for download. The update brings with it new features for the 8GB wearable device to make it even more useful, including the Nightstand mode that allows your Watch to function as an alarm clock while it charges overnight. Nightstand is turned on by default, so that means when you update your software, all you need to do to activate it is attach the Watch to its charger and set it sideways on your bedside table. The Watch’s comparatively extra-long charging cable just got a lot more useful. For quicker access to more of your contacts, the Friends button now pulls up two quick-menus instead of just the one. That means you can now reach out to at least 24 people with just a couple of quick taps. To be honest, I had a hard time thinking of just 12 folks to fill up my first menu, so the option for a second menu is obviously aimed folks who are more social than I. Third-party apps can now be directly designed to run natively on the Watch’s software, as opposed to offloading all of the heavy work onto your iPhone. Developers can now create their own complications (widgets) for customizable watch faces for their apps as well. Notifications can now be muted from the watch itself, without having to change your iPhone notification settings. If you have an Apple Watch, you can install the new update by going to the Watch app on your iPhone. From there, you’ll select General, wherein you’ll find the Software Update option. Do you own an Apple Watch, are you waiting for the second generation, or are you going to skip the wearable altogether?

Ghosts of James Bond’s Past Haunt This ‘Spectre’ Teaser

The next installment of the James Bond series is looking like it's going to be even more epic than Skyfall. The gorgeous cinematography on the snowy landscapes is making me chub up a lil bit, tbh.
You got a touch o' destiny about you, William Turner James Bond.
u ok, mi-6?
Snow falling on cedars.
Snow falling on cedars.
Wake up, flawless. Attend funerals, flawless.
Wake up, flawless. Attend funerals, flawless.
o shit
Yer just a cunt kite in a hurricane, James.
whtvr dude
whtvr dude
James Bond, now with 100% more Hans Landa
Now with 100% more Hans Landa

#NakedCatman – Best Gift EVER?

Some might remember my post from the time I discovered Catman, and it's kinda no secret that I've since become obsessed to the point that I'm practically licking the new issues of Secret Six... The other night my twitter kinda blew up (and by my twitter, I mean my pants) when Gail Simone retweeted Matt "@FotoCub" Santori-Griffith's tweet. You see, Matt posted a pic of a lovely birthday gift he received: A full frontal nude of Catman! A raw and... uncut version, if you will! #WakaWaka It seems Matt – like me – might be slightly obsessed with foreskin Thomas Blake/Catman, the oft-nude ginger anti-hero of the DC Universe! Matt even wrote an "Ode to Catman" on Comicosity: He's definitely the King of this loving-Catman pride! The au naturale side of Blake goes to Matt by way of the WICK-edly incredibly talented Adele Dazeem Stephen Sadowski! A notable artist in the comic industry, and he's part of the LGBTQ family as well! Talk about ENVY! Especially now that Matt has been asked to keep the completely nude version . . . tamed and caged! (Ohhh, but Catman doesn't like confined spaces!) For you inquiring minds, though, Matt has confirmed that Thomas Blake is definitely NOT JEWISH. And now, in my head as well as many others', this is totes canon. Matt, you lucky bastard. Can I come visit?

Russell Tovey Butt Appreciation

Last night in Looking (which, I have to be honest, I don't watch - I only wait for gifs) Russell Tovey did a little bum shake. Allons-y, Alonso!

January 2015 Trailergasm!

So we're starting to wake up from our hibernating period, and boy have there been some sweet trailers that have come out whilst we lay in slumber! Let's get right into it! Bloodsucking Bastards This one seems to have come from way out of left field. Starring Fran Kranz and Game of Thrones' Prince Oberyn (Pedro Pascal), Bloodsucking Bastards seems to take an office comedy and spin it on its head with a vampire twist! Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Ok, yes, everybody and their momma has already seen the Age of Ultron trailer, no surprise there. But here's an official second, much darker trailer! Try not to wet yourselves! Ant-Man Here's the first of the movies on this list I'm a little iffy about. There's been so much happening in the making of this movie alone, and there's just no getting around fans wondering how this movie would've turned out if Edgar Wright hadn't left Ant-Man. His abscense becomes glaringly obvious when the last joke in this trailer kinda flops. "Is it too late to change the name?" It's too late for many things, I'm afraid. Blackhat Chris Hemsworth as a hacker. 'Nuff said. Pan Along with Cinderella and Chappie (see below), I was surprised to find myself getting a little emotional watching the Pan trailer. I knew absolutely nothing about it when I saw the trailer, and was floored when Hugh Jackman's name came up near the end -- he was that unrecognizable to me! Get your tissues ready! Mad Max: Fury Road As if the teaser trailer wasn't amazing enough. I found myself licking the monitor when watching this, and it had nothing to do with a leather-clad Tom Hardy... ...Ok, I lied, it had a lot to do with a leather-clad Hardy. Shut up. You don't know my life. Jupiter Ascending If you remember my Spring Trailergasm 2014 post, you'll remember the teaser for this movie was the headliner. Nearly a year later and we're only now getting a fuller trailer. I still don't think Tatum can act to save his life, but bless him for trying! Terminator: Genisys Another I'm not entirely sold on. Jai Courtney is cute AF tho... Doctor Who's Matt Smith and Game of Thrones' Khaleesi herself, Emilia Clarke, are in this too. My only reasons as to why I hold any interest. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Yes, we've all seen this already too. But how bad will it look on my part if I don't put this here?! I mean, honestly! Jurassic World Fangirling, squeeing, peeing, clapping. So much YES going on here! Cinderella I admit, when I heard they were making a live-action version of Cinderella, I totally rolled my eyes and scoffed. Then I heard Cate Blanchett and Downton Abbey's Lady Rose (Lily James) were starring, that's when I shut up. Then this comes out, and I'm surprised to see 2 familiar Game of Thrones faces! Most notably Robb Stark himself, Richard Madden! I'm sold. I may tent out the night before for Madden. I might also spend the night in line. HEY-OHHHH! Chappie There's no getting around it, I cried SO ugly-like for Chappie. HE'S JUST A KID, U GHAIZ!!!1 Also, holy major double-take at Die Antwoord and Hugh Jackman's mullet! I don't care if I go watch this movie alone and bawl my eyes out publicly, I must see this! Minions Another movie that totally flew under my radar. I had no idea it was being made, I had no idea there was already a trailer, but when I found it and saw it, I fangirled so hard again. BANANA! Ex Machina 2015 seems to be gearing up to be the year of AI. I'm starting to get the feeling that Emilia Clarke has a thing for both dragons and robots. Anyone else? I plan on watching, though. So what do you think? Which ones are you watching? Which ones are you going to pass up? Which movies are you waiting to see that we didn't cover here?

The Dark Side of Ring Pop

I don't know how I missed this video from this past spring, but it is glorious and it stars Aubrey Plaza, Seth Kirschner and Keith Powell (Toofer from 30 Rock!)

Former Irrational Games Creatives Working On New Game!

Some of the folks who brought you Bioshock: Infinite and a few that worked on the original Bioshock are brining an entirely new intellectual property to life under the umbrella of startup gaming studio Day For Night Games. The artistic style is very reminiscent of Bioshock's period dramatics, but make no mistake, this isn't some sort of spiritual successor to the worlds of Rapture & Columbia. Those worlds are entirely creations of Ken Levine, and he is not involved in Day For Night. At first glance from the trailer below, you'll definitely get a very Sander Cohen-esque vibe, but this isn't Sander's world at all. Overall, I'm pretty interested to see this game get made, and a copy of the game is made available at just the $20 supporter level. [Source]

Weekly Pull List – 10.1.14

AAAAND WE'RE BACK. The latter half of summer has been a boondoggle for me, to be quite frank, but now I'm back in the mode of placing value on things that matter. One new thing that matters is a brand new monthly that launched today in the DC Universe called Gotham Academy. Gotham Academy - #1 STK652755 This brand new property is brought to the masses by writers Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher. (Fletcher is also co-headlining the new Batgirl creative team.) Karl Kerschl is bringing an inventive & fantastic style to the art direction of the book, and colorists Geyser & Dave McCaig round out the creative team on the debut. If you're like me and enjoy James Tynion's The Woods, I think you'll like Gotham Academy too. There's a creative freedom that comes with exploring the antics of late adolescence, especially within the confines of high school. The drama is dramatic-er, the puppy love is love-ier, and the shenanigans are shenanigan-ier. Academy just happens to be set in the most dramatic city of all. Complete with cameos by the Bat-Signal, which, let's be honest, is triggered there more often than the automatic entry doors at an Alabama Walmart. To set you up with some pretext, the lead character is a silver-haired scholarship student named Olive who just so happens to have been paired up as a mentor to her (ex)boyfriend's precocious freshman sister. The entire issue is laden with references to an off-page summer which will no doubt be the basis for many of the stories going forward. There's even an appearance by civilian-clad Bruce Wayne in the later pages, since the Wayne foundation has a stake in many of the scholarship goings-on around the city. Side-note: the very first classroom we get a peek into is "History of Gotham" and I would very much like to take that class, please and thanks. This is definitely a title to add to your pull list if you're a fan of DC and you want to read a "Gotham" book that isn't so rainy & dark. This is going to be a caper book full of fun and mystery!