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Has Anyone Seen His Dog?

Nasty Pig of New York just released this awesome video highlighting their summer collection. It's a pretty neat little narrative piece following a badass dog who looses himself from his owner and decides to take on the city on his own terms. It doesn't hurt that he finds plenty of man-candy along the way. Woof. My personal favorite from the collection is this shredder:


Nasty Pig Updates Website

One of my favorite brands, Nasty Pig, recently revamped their website. The focus is now on the products, with large photo showcases and item descriptions. Go check it out, and buy a jockstrap or two while you're at it. Continue reading Nasty Pig Updates Website

Phosphor by House of XY & Dracorubio:

A Psylocke/Phoenix Force/Naked Dude mash up! Seriously, doesn't this look like what would happen if the tatted-up Rachel Summers-style Phoenix force had been transformed into Psylocke's psionic color scheme and then transferred to a hot piece of man meat? (In this case, Logan McCree.) I kind of wish I had full body tattoos so House of XY and Dracorubio could phospho-phoenixify me! I've wanted the Phoenix force since I was a kid. I would definitely give into the Dark Phoenix side of things and go a little medieval on some asses, then die, be resurrected, maybe die again. You know, typical behavior for a Phoenix host body. #nerdjizz • houseofxy: We are so proud to present the 2nd....

CockyBoy Awesomeness

Howdy fellas. I've been a little preoccupied lately, thanks to the release of Batman: Arkham City. I've completed the game and a review is coming soon, but there are awesome porny things to discuss right now. I wanted to direct your attention this weekend to a special deal from CockyBoys available in very few places, with #nerdjizz just happening to be one of those places!! That's right. I'm pleased to offer you early access to a pretty sweetass 3-for-1 deal! My friends over at CockyBoys are offering a 3 month subscription for the price of  just 1 month! Deals like this pop up semi-regularly across the porn spectrum, but allow me if you will to lay out just why this is so fucking awesome: Kennedy Carter Consider for a moment the following:
Kennedy's Ass. Tommy's Dick. Epic fuckery.
Tommy's Dick. Kennedy's Mouth. Epic suckery.
Not enough? Fine. CockyBoys recently signed Kennedy as their latest exclusive, joining the ranks of über-studs Tommy Defendi, Gabriel Clark and Mason Star. This addition is, as the kids say these days, the shit. Kennedy is just as awesome in real life as he seems on camera, and at least twice as hot. Despite my natural predilection for gingers, I'd still be a massive fan of Kennedy's no matter his coloring if only for his damn fine ass and spot-on taste in music. There is of course a longer list of reasons, but if you've seen the man, further explanations are unnecessary. I've included a preview clip from the scene.

  Fourgy Technology See what I did there? Made a little cellular jokey-joke? Enough with the pun schtick, more with the fuck sticks, amiright? At any rate, just look at this stellar preview for the recent four-way orgy update CB released featuring three of the previously mentioned exclusives. To be honest, I have a difficult time writing about CockyBoys scenes because I naturally watch them once, jack off to them during that first watch-through, then try to go back to pick out moments to describe and write about, but my hands end up leaving the keyboard and going right back to my dick. That happend just now, no lie. I started reviewing the scene – for the nth time – and then there went my drawers. I mean, I can't tell you the number of times I've intended to write about the Pierre Fitch scenes or the Donny Wright scene of late, but I can't. stop. jacking. off. CockyBoys keeps my hands and dick busy quite often. That's why I really want to share it with you guys this weekend! From now until the 7th, every CockyBoys link on #nerdjizz will refer you to this awesome deal. I wouldn't pimp it if I didn't believe in it. Believe in the power of the Cock....y Boys. (Seriously, I'm done with the jokes now.)

So seriously, go sign up with this awesome deal now so you can be like me to use all of your free time masturbate yourself into oblivion.

What I Missed: Grabby Edition

There were a few moments of pure, unadulterated sexytimes that I didn't see in person last weekend. However, the internet is a great tool for playing catch up during events like that, so I present to you two videos in particular that are sure to get the blood in your nether regions pumping. First up we have a moderately SFW clip posted by Chris Porter, wherein he documents boyfriend Samuel Colt taking part in the rubber suction cube experience. Steven Daigle is even running around enjoying the sight! There's something wildly sexual about seeing such a strong, built man immobilized by form fitting rubber. Naturally, the silhouette is stunning given how defined he is. So many things pushing all the right buttons here. In other news, what you're about to watch next happened in the IML host hotel, the Hyatt Regency. I opted not to go that night because I was saving up for the next night, etc etc. I now kick myself on a regular basis for making that decision, because as you can see below, I really missed out on some quality action. Donny Wright is getting his beautiful uncut cock serviced by adorably furry Parker Perry, all while making out with my favorite ginger, Kennedy Carter. Pure magic, folks. One of my roommates for the weekend, Erynn Vaehne, is responsible for this video and I am oh-so-glad it happened. Password to watch this video is "donny."

Lucky Donny from Harvey Walker on Vimeo.

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A Triforce Tattoo (via Geekologie)


  A Triforce Tattoo - Geekologie.