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Saturday Songbreak: Mapei

I just discovered this song, and it is pretty fucking great. Her name is Mapei. She's American-born and Sweden-based. She even lived with Lykke Li at one point! I'm kicking myself for only just finding about her.


Songbreak: Jennifer Lopez Objectifies Men!

For the record, I find absolutely zero things wrong with objectifying men. For as long as the patriarchy stands, I say let every man and woman sexually objectify any man they'd like. Now that that's out the way, NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS VIDEO! Apparently it came out last month? It's chock full of Speedo bulges, butt crack peeks, lingering shots of the sinewy men, sweaty men, abs, and all sorts of great eye candy. There's so much of it, I decided to give you a gallery full of it. Images are HQ so give them a second to load. It's worth it. Some highlights: And finally the video:  

Neil Degrasse Tyson Can Dance

Neil Degrasse Tyson, the host of the revived "Cosmos" series, is a renowned astrophysicist. That means he's smarter than us. This video, I would venture to guess, proves he can dance better than us too.

Music Monday: Lykke Li

Another song from Lykke Li's forthcoming album, her third, has a been released and it's every bit as good as any of her others. Just a few weeks ago, I highlighted the lead single, Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone, and she's already jamming out with a new one. The official video hasn't been released yet, but her official lyric video is available. Take a listen & get a jump on the words: Good right? I srsly can't wait for this album.  

Saturday Song Break: Lykke Li

Lykke Li, one of my favorite Swedish musical exports, is releasing a new album in May! This is exciting, because there had been minor reports of her possibly taking a hiatus from music for a long while. But, at least as far as 2014 is concerned, she's gonna be churning out at least 10 new songs! The lead single "Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone" which was very recently released shows Lykke as somber as she's ever been. It's a pretty simple concept; she's standing on a rotating platform looking like a forlorn statue ("made of stone") using only her eyes to convey the emotion. She's not even mouthing the words. Don't believe me? WATCH: Personally, I love the song. It easily fits in with her existing discography without sounding like a retread of old territory. Worth a listen, for sure. I'll be posting more about the album before launch day, so expect to find all sorts of pre-order information right here on #nerdjizz!

Saturday Songbreak: “Boy From School”

The band On an On have been on my radar for a while, but not overtly so. In the last month, maybe longer, I discovered their cover of Hot Chip's "Boy From School." It's not new – and for the record I'd never heard Hot Chip's original before now – but it's new to me so that's good enough to warrant a post. This live version performed at KZME's "Sessions From The Box" is damn faithful to the record cut, so enjoy:  

Song Break: “Wash My Sins” by Grafiti6

Roman’s Recommendation: Johnny Hollow

My better half, Harvey Walker, is usually in charge of anything music-related here - with good reason, too. Out of the two of us, he's far more in-tune to the heart of music acts, whereas I usually follow a more black/white approach. I either like it or don't; I don't ask who, or what, or why because I don't care. Johnny Hollow, however, is one of those very, very few bands to catch my full attention (they've had it since 2003). I admit that, at first, it was the creepy goth themes and site that stuck. They also came highly recommended from mutual fans of a separate band I listened and friends of ours. 2003 happened to be the year they launched their award-winning "riddle" site and released their first self-titled album, or "unnamed" as they say it is. Creepy butterfly/moth theme aside, the site became recognized for doing something I hadn't seen any other band do up until that point: give the majority of their album away for free. There was a catch, though. No, you didn't have to sign up for emails, you didn't have to donate money, or secrecy, or swear them your first born. No, all you had to do was solve riddles. That's it. The riddle site's 10th anniversary happened to swing by already so Johnny Hollow has rereleased the original site at (as linked above; if you're having trouble with a riddle, leave a comment or tweet me @ClosetCaseRoman so I can give you a few more hints) In 2008, after garnering the attention from a label, Hollow released their second album, Dirty Hands. I was all over that and remember pre-ordering while I was visiting family in Vegas (this stands out because it was the first time I gave a damn about pre-ordering anything). Unfortunately, it wasn't a smooth run for the band. The label was a bit of a mess and I remember getting my copy of the album months well-after it was actually released. If I'm remembering correctly, I pre-ordered some time in Winter of '07, didn't get my copy until the spring or summer of '08. What I wasn't aware of until yesterday was that Dirty Hands, though a fantastic album, left the band in some debt. Which brings us to now... The band is gearing up for their third album, A Collection of Creatures, and in an effort to avoid all that drama again, they're taking the route of many indie artists these days: crowd sourcing! A genius idea, IMO! (And I'm not just saying that because Vince - the goofy knob behind a Mac in the "Hollow World" video - is a friend and a #nerdjizz reader!) The band has always made it a point to put the fans first, always valuing their/our input. From ideas for merch to which song we all wanted to see made into a video the most. (The one I wanted to see was, in fact, "Hollow World.") The campaign is straightforward and, given how amazing everyone in the band is (I think it's a Canadian thing), they're, without a doubt, going to produce something that's going to blow us away like nothing has before. The prizes are pretty damn neat too! They're offering digital downloads, signed CDs, exclusive t-shirts, magnets, posters, personally hand-knitted JH CD-cozies by Kitty (their cellist) and/or working privately with Vince (the twisted mind behind My Pet Skeleton) for some original artwork featuring your mug, right down to having the band play a private show in your own living room! Let me tell you, if I had the money, I'd be opting for the private show AND working with Vince on my own portrait! I own a print of his already, it's effing amazing, u guize! Speaking of Kitty, she made a brief appearance in the pilot episode of the new TV/gaming epic, Defiance! Did you see her? I still haven't been able to sit down and check the show out but it's definitely moved up in my to-do list since she mentioned it! Here she is all dolled up and on set: kitty2 kitty1 Join me, I'm certainly contributing to their campaign! Who knows, maybe they'll speak to your black little hearts like they did to what's left of mine... Johnny Hollow's twitter: @JohnnyHollow Johnny Hollow's site: Johnny Hollow's campaign:

A Lesson in Trust

Amanda Palmer recently gave a TED talk regarding what most people would consider a foreign subject: trust. She led the most successful crowd-funded music project to date, and in the following thirteen minutes, she goes about explaining the life lessons in trust that helped and are helping her further her success.