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Damien Michaels: Hottest Newb EVER?

If you're not familiar with Damien Michaels yet, then, well, why the hell aren't you already?
Damien is wondering where the hell you been at, too...
  Since December of 2014, Damien has quickly made quite an impression on amateur cam-streaming site Chaturbate under the moniker BigDame90. Lately, if he's not the #1 male cam on his account or on the Voyeur Boys account (as he's currently living at the VB house in Arizona), you're likely to find the 25 year-old IT nerd somewhere on the first page. In less than a year, he's gained nearly 20,000 followers on Chaturbate and just over 5,000 followers on twitter, as of writing this post. You'll soon see why after interacting with him yourself! The 25 year-old is as kind and playful as he is mischievous. And when he speaks to you, his velvety voice lures you into an embrace you'll find hard to break free from. "Big Dame" is even starting to grab the attention of some studios such as Kink, American Muscle Hunks, and Falcon's Hard Friction - all of whom recently released scenes featuring Damien! He was tortured and brutally abused by Sebastian Keys and Jessie Colter on Kink's Men on Edge, he topped the gorgeous brick shit-house that is Johnny V on AMH, and Damien even got to tear into Mickey Taylor's ass in a Steve Cruz-directed scene for Hard Friction! We're witnessing the start of an amazing career and personality in Damien, and there's still so much to come! Including his bottoming debut he shot recently, in case you weren't satisfied by all the butt-stuff in his MOE scene. His blossoming success isn't landing on blind eyes either. On September 10th, much to Damien's surprise and only nine months after he started his cam shows, he was nominated "Top Male Webcam Model" for the Adult Webcam Awards! Now, I've been told a couple of times that the vote button is a little hard to find on Damien's voting page. There are two methods of voting – one is to click the hard-to-find vote button near the bottom of the page, the other is to write a comment on the Adult Webcam Awards facebook page – so just keep a lookout for the following text on the page because that is the actual button: Now that you're more or less acquainted, will you vote for Damien? about now? Keep up with Damien Michaels across all his social media! Tumblr: Twitter: @BigDame90 Instagram: @BigDame90 Chaturbate:

#TumblrTuesday: hornytoonsgifs

4225_d0b0 This #TumblrTuesday post makes us a little sad. For whatever reason, tumblr user hornytoonsgifs decided to delete their account, leaving a massive void where our hearts once were. Could've been copyright issues, could've been incessant demands for new content. RIP hornytoonsgifs, this #hashtag's for you! 🙁 #hornytoonsgifs Continue reading #TumblrTuesday: hornytoonsgifs

Nasty Pig or Super Pig?

Nasty Pig, the New York-based sexy street clothes wünderbrand, just released a new line of tops this week, and I couldn't help but notice a similarity between the styles and the original Boy Wonder-cum-Nightwing. Though his modern Nightwing garb is black and red, Dick Grayson's most famous outfit after his stint as Robin was black & blue just like these tees & sleeveless hoodies.

Nightwing by artist Christopher Jones:


Nightwing by artist Jean Sinclair, colors by Kandoken:


  And here's a few of the Nasty Pig Designs, presented in gallery form - click to enlarge: I know that Dick's costume didn't directly inspire the new duds because Nasty Pig is fond of using blacks & blues in their designs. But the similarity is close enough for me or you to feel like a superhero when wearing them. Go check out these tops, plus a load of other sexy underwear offerings in their online store.

All Hail the New Ginger King: Seth Fornea!

It's no secret that Harvey and I have a ginger fetish; just stick us in a Prince Harry, Kennedy Carter, Rupert Grint, Macklemore, Eddie Redmayne and Ewan McGregor pile and we can die happy! And when the universe hands us mens like the Seth Fornea, whose last name we're still not 100% certain how to pronounce — For-nay-yuh? For-knee-ah? — y'all best step aside and let us through if you'd like to stay in one piece. See why after the cut! Be warned: I kinda got carried away with the amount of photos I found on Seth's blog. I couldn't cut it down to a manageable amount, BECAUSE SETH FORNEA! Stalk I mean check him out on twitter, too: @SethFornea Continue reading All Hail the New Ginger King: Seth Fornea!