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Weekly Pull List: 6.25.14

Justice League #31 JL-31 Power Ring was the simply-named Doppelgänger to Green Lantern from the Crime Syndicate. He was, despite the raw, well,  power of his ring, not strong enough to contain its will, and much like the Lantern Corps rings, a new host was found. This new host will be very much a challenge for the Justice League in this post-Forever Evil world.


Catwoman #32 CTW-Cv32-467a8 Selina is still in the midst of the thieving competition she was drawn into a few issues back. Last issue she did quite well for herself, and finally figured out how to manipulate the Mirror Master against himself to work to her advantage. This time around, she's up against challengers from her fellow world-class burglars.


Tomb Raider #5 STK641170 In what I found to be a rather interesting move, Lara decided in the last episode that the only way to stave off the Yamati forces that haunt her and her crew is to in fact return to Yamati and effectively return the juju to the island and go from there. Two weeks ago we actually got a glimpse at the trailer to the newest Tomb Raider game, and since the Dark Horse comic serves as an official narrative bridge between the two I'm beginning to see some potential disconnects between game scriptwriter Rhianna Pratchett and comic writer Gail Simone. Of course, we'll have to wait until the new game is released to be sure. Possible incongruous story lines aside, the comic still really is a good read, and that's why I'd encourage you to pick up the latest issue.

Seemingly Legit Batman V. Superman Spoilers

The JoBlo movie network has released a modicum of spoilers surrounding the upcoming Batman/Superman movie, and they seem to originate from pretty reliable sources. If you're not interested in the spoilers, don't press play on the following video. However, if you're concerned with the production like I am and want to make sure Zack Snyder isn't fucking things up, you'll probably be pleased with the three key pieces of info included herein. News pertains to Wonder Woman's appearance, Batman's impetus and Lex's motivation. Don't press play if you don't want the seemingly legit spoilers. [Featured image by Cliff Chiang]

Weekly Pull List – 6.18.14

Batwoman #32 BW_Cv32 Kate is facing another slew of new bad guys who seem to have their sights set on each other, rather than on Kate, the other Bat-Gang, or the authorities. There's a new assassin in Gotham, seemingly a new Vampire that has apparently no ties to Silver who showed up in the pages of Batgirl just a few issues back, and on top of those problems, Kate has another headache in the form of an old West Point flame. Just another night for Ms. Kane.

- - -

Wonder Woman #32 ww32-1 The First Born is inching closer and closer to his goal of killing the gods. All of the gods. He dispatched Zeus, he killed Hades, and with those two balancing forces gone now he's just picking off the rest in the order he chooses. Diana, who's now the God of War, is his most formidable foe, but luckily she gets some assistance at the end of the book.

- - -

Harley Quinn #7 tumblr_n2ln1l3wyW1qg1iejo1_1280.png This book continues to be a riot. It sets comfortably just outside of the doom and gloom that penetrates most of the other DC Books. Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti have taken the Nolan Joker's refrain "Why So Serious" and turned it up a notch for his former flame Harley. This issue sees her visiting the pier beach with Ivy – and might I add, they've included plenty of man candy in skimpy speedos – then fleshing out the rest of the story with her kooky band of supporting sideshow characters. Harley exists in her own world, and it's kind of glorious.

Weekly Pull List – 6.11.14

Batgirl #32 batgirl_31_cover After last month's issue seeing the glorious New 52 debut of Ragdoll, Barbara is back to facing her biggest foe in Gotham: Charise (Knightfall) Carnes. Charise is essentially the Moriarty to Barbara's Sherlock. They're antagonistic towards each other in a much more cerebral way than, say, Batman and The Penguin. Charise has a very twisted sense of justice and she plans on delivering it by force, regardless of who might be killed along the way. Naturally Barbara can't stand idly by and let that happen. She calls on one of her closest Birds of Prey allies to help fight for the cause, and the final page has a very special, very surprising appearance from another DC character who makes the third leg to a fan-favorite trio.


Detective Comics #32 DTC-Ann-3-638a9 The third part of the ongoing Icarus saga is one of the most interesting Batman-centric stories that DC is publishing right now. I know the entire DC universe is fresh off of the Forever Evil storyline, meanwhile the standalone Batman book is reliving the past, and Batman Eternal is taking a look at a potential future, but Detective is happening right now, and it is a solid book with solid art. Not to mention a Mexican Standoff at the end. If you haven't read this series, start with issue #30 and keep going. --- Birds of Prey #32 Birds_of_Prey_Vol_3-32_Cover-1_Teaser Since I mentioned earlier that Dinah was making an appearance in Batgirl #32, I figured I'd suggest giving BoP #32 a read as well. The character crossovers do not denote tied-together story lines, but Birds is still fairly interesting, especially given the (very small) appearance of the Suicide Squad. Birds is an ensemble book, but it's very much Dinah's story. She has been working through a lot of personal problems during these last few arcs, and this issue is no different. I expect that the next issue will be the official last appearance of this current incarnation of the Suicide Squad, since their book is getting a reboot later this summer.

Weekly Pull List – 6.4.14

Today is all-indie, all the time! The Wake #9 (of 10) The-Wake-9 And here it is, the penultimate issue of a fantastic miniseries from the minds of Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy. This has been a really interesting series from inception, and proved its boldness with the 200 year gap after returning from the mid-series hiatus. I'll be sad to see this one wrap up next month. Murphy's pencils on this title have been gorgeous.


The Woods #2


James Tynion IV's foray into creator-owned content is a nice change of pace from his current runs on DC's more notable Bat-characters. This one is being published by BOOM! Studios, home to the monthly adaptations of Adventure Time, as well as Clive Barker's newest work, Nightbreed. As I mentioned last month after the debut, there's a 99.9% chance I'm going to end up really liking this series. It still reminds me of the "Smith & Jones" episode of Doctor Who – only inasmuch as a building was transplanted from one planet to another – but it's got so much going for it, I've already had my local comic shop add it to my personal pull list.


(New ) Vampirella #1 


Vampirella is a title that has been around for decades, and she's getting new life thanks to Dynamite Comics. Don't get me wrong, she's already had a recent run with the company, but they're in the midst of a total reboot in their continuities, so this week is Vampirella's time to be reborn. I remember reading this book – long before it was a Dynamite property – thanks to old issues that belonged to my uncle. I found his stash at my grandparent's house when I was quite a bit younger, and was immediately taken with how badass she was. Vampirella was sandwiched between his collections of Heavy Metal and Conan, and taken as a hole, those titles had probably the reverse effect on me as they did on other boys; I wanted to emulate Vampi's bad-assery, and I wanted to hang beefcake pinup posters of Conan on my walls. Glad to see that she's getting a modern reboot.

Weekly Pull List – 5.28.14

Repercussions from the Crime Syndicate are finally working themselves out. Meanwhile, Catwoman is keeping busy on the side. Catwoman #31 MAR140227 Catwoman has been involved in the Forever Evil, and has been working on the team that essentially saves the world. However, in her own book, she's being kept busy by an entirely different enemy.


Nightwing #30 tumblr_n69rgsVTjp1s3ndkqo3_1280 Dick was outed as Nightwing during one of the Crime Syndicate's first acts of anti-heroic terrorism. This issue marks the last of the Nightwing book (for now) and finds him venturing off on a new adventure. While most of the world thinks he was executed by Ultraman and the rest of the Crime Syndicate (see Forever Evil 1-7,) he's very much alive with only a handful of people knowing his fate. This turns out to be a very handy factor for his new adventures, which will continue in July's Grayson #1.


Suicide Squad #30 STK635358 Here's another book that is finding an end thanks to the events of Forever Evil. The Suicide Squad has been operating under the control of Amanda Waller, but she's pretty much a lone wolf now, so the current incarnation of the team is coming to an end. It will be relaunching soon (much like Teen Titans) but this is the end of the road -- for now. Now that Harley Quinn has her own book, I think I'll just stick with her and skip the next SS incarnation.

Weekly Pull List – 5.21.14

One story finds an end (with plenty of loose ties) and another starts heating up. Forever Evil #7 of 7 STK633984 DC's latest biggest arc comes to a close with the finale of Forever Evil. If you think that good wins over evil, boy are you ... right. But, the thing is, while it was always an inevitability that everyone's favorite heroes would ultimately win, there are some pretty serious butterfly effects all across the DC world. Dick Grayson was exposed as Nightwing, so clearly things can't go back to normal for him. The government sanctioned Justice League of America is disbanded, and Lex Luthor figures out more identities.


Justice League #30  JUSTL-Cv30-1-d0962 Directly tying into Forever Evil #7, this is the story of how the Metal Men and Cyborg bridge the gap between technology and humanity, and manage to knock out a big arm of the Crime Syndicate's reach.


Wonder Woman #31 ww32 Diana is the god of war, and she's still protecting her youngest sibling from her most evil sibling. Family... AMIRIGHT?


Bonus suggestion: if you haven't had a chance to read any of The Movement by Gail Simone, you can pick up the first volume of the trade paperback today!

Roman’s Recommendation: Clive Barker’s Next Testament

Clive Barker's Next Testament, Vol. 1Hold on to your hats, folks! With artwork from Haemi Jang and written by the Master of Horror himself and his Seraphim Films VP, Mark Miller, we have the first 6 issues from Clive Barker's Next Testament (Vol. 1) out on trade paperback today! In the series, Barker, Miller, and Jang bring us a close encounter with God that won't soon be forgotten! From the April 2013 Nerdist interview with Mark Miller:

Nerdist: Well, it sounds like you’re up to the task. Tell us a bit about Next Testament and what we can expect.

Mark Miller: It’s about a man who unearths God – The God – and soon discovers he’s made a terrible mistake. This is the God of the Old Testament we’re talking about here. He’s not exactly known for being rational or compassionate. As for what to expect from the series, I’m going to go with sex, violence, and sacrilege. Y’know, all the important stuff.

The series has been well received among Barker fans and the artwork alone is bonkers, crazy props to Haemi Jang! Go out and get your copy today or buy it online now!

Weekly Pull List: 5.14.14

OH BOY. Today's picks are really good. I mean, I'm generally happy every Wednesday when new books arrive on the shelves, but today's top picks had tons of great "ooooh and ahhhhh" moments. Batgirl #31 Batgirl_Vol_4-31_Cover-1_Teaser GAIL, YOU SLY DEVIL. Last issue was a bit of filler. It was good, but it wasn't written by Gail. Intelletually, I know other people are capable of writing Barbara, but emotionally, if it ain't Gail ... I'm not thrilled. Welp, not only is Batgirl back in the proper writer's hands, but Simone is pairing her up with another character she writes oh so well – RAGDOLL! Gail gained a passionate fan base from her run on Secret Six, the team of which Ragdoll was a member. A bendy bastard with a flair for the flamboyant, seeing him square off against Babs – in a tight stairwell no less! – is a real treat. Definitely pick this issue up. If you don't currently have Batgirl on your pull list, add it now. Just as Simone herself said earlier today:


Superman/Wonder Woman #8 SMWW-Cv8-28ec0 I'll admit it, I've never been on the Superman bandwagon. I see tons of dudes (especially in gay porn, it seems) with the "S" emblem tattooed on their bodies and I don't get it. I mean, Clark is nice enough. He seems like a swell dude. But he's just not for me. The New 52 reboot has attempted to direct everyone's favorite Kryptonian into a more hard-lined badass, but 75 years of goody-goody can't be wiped away that easily. That being said, I have been reading the Superman/Wonder Woman series since its inception, mostly just for Diana. Her relationship with Clark is another thing that I don't really love, but I'll tolerate it. This all seems to tie into some arc called "Superman DOOMED" that I don't really care to involve myself in, but it does make for some good fodder. Kal & Diana have squared off against some big bads, notably General Zod & Faora and Doomsday himself. This issue pits an infected Superman against Wonder Woman, and it is nice to see her kicking his ass if I'm being honest. Also, there's an awesome panel where she needs Batman's assistance so she lands on the Bat-jet, mid flight. Tony Daniel's art throughout the issue and on the cover is a treat, too. If you liked Marc Silvestri but just wished he was grounded in reality as opposed to inhumanly proportioned breasts, Tony Daniel is your man.


The Walking Dead #127 wd-cover-127-medium And so begins another chapter in the days of the lives of the survivors. I won't spoil too much here other than to say it's a super-sized issue and there's a time-jump. If you read the last issue you know how the "ALL OUT WAR" was resolved. This doesn't takes place the next day. It takes place a whole bunch of days after.

Weekly Pull List: 5.7.14

This week is full of youth & noir as one of the recommended series comes to a gone-too-soon end, another series gets its start, and the last one digs in to a great new arc. The Movement - #12 (of 12) DC-Comics-May-2014-Solicitations-New-52-The-Movement-11 Gail Simone's youthful "social justice league" came to  a close with today's twelfth issue. The Movement was conceived with elements of current events  including – but not limited to – the Anonymous collective, Occupy Wall Street and the increasing number of police brutality incidents. That being said, these are only the background spices that flavor this full-bodied story. So much more is going on at the surface of the narrative, and even more right below it. The way the titular team behaves toward each other is one of my favorite aspects of this title. There is a lot of respect being doled out between team members throughout the pages. And not overtly so, either. It's subtle, and it's charming. From the beginning, Simone sat out to create a "diverse" team; and by "diverse" I mean realistically representational of a group of like-minded individuals. I've said it before, but the art in this book is really just top notch. Freddie Williams II has really captured the grit and the nuance of the story with each panel he's drawn. He's definitely an artist to keep an eye on, and if you think so too, bookmark his site. You can find a whole slew of his other work there. If you can, I highly suggest you seek out all 12 issues. I'm hopeful they'll be collected and released as a trade paperback, or even better, a trade hardback.


The Woods #1


As one great original story winds down, so does another one begin: James Tynion IV  (Batman, Talon, Red Hood & The Outlaws) just debuted his new creator-owned series today. Judging by the first issue, I think you're in for a real treat if you decide to hop on board and ride it out. It's a high school-set story  that has some serious supernatural elements.  And when I say it's set in a high school, I mean it's set in a high school that has been mysteriously transported to seemingly another planet – a la Doctor Who's  "Smith & Jones" episode where the hospital gets transported to the moon – and the result is a building and its occupants completely cut off from running water, food supplies et al. It's almost reminiscent of one of those classic young adult adventure movies from the 80's, but I have a feeling that the story going forward is going to be geared toward an adult readership. Expect to see elements of societal breakdown, mystery and good old fashioned adventure.


Detective Comics #31


I said this last time, with issue #30, but I'm so glad that the new creative team of Manapaul & Buccellato have brought back the stylized noir feel to this book. Back when Detective Comics was headlined by Batwoman and helmed by Rucka & Williams III, the book had style, and substance, and style. The pre-New 52 trade "Elegy" from their run is a master class in story and presentation.

Buccellato is really crafting some great panels to coincide with the second part of Manapaul's "Icarus" arc. The standalone Batman book has been doing that Zero Year story for what feels like Three-Zero-Years (eh, eh, see what I did there?) so it's nice to see Bruce doing something interesting in the now.