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iPhones Make Exercise Sexy

Dean Monroe, Chris Porter and Cavin Knight are among the numbers of men who enjoy self-photography while at the gym and in the locker room.

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Twitter Tuesday: Donny Wright

There's no doubt in my mind that Donny Wright is one of the most beautiful men working in the industry today. I'm sure that he'll be successful for just as long as he wants to remain in the industry. He tweeted this photo earlier with a simple 'Hello.' Hello, indeed. Here's a few more from his OpenOutpost feed. I love the photo where his jeans are resting right on his pubes. Even blurred, you can see he is pure sex on a stick.

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Twitter Tuesday: Scooby Doo Porn!?

Warning: Discussions of Straight Porn ahead. Leave if you don't like it. Don't bother bringing your haterade to the comments.

Scooby Doo?? Yes, but I'm about 99% sure that the sex will not involve a dog. I mean, they didn't film this in West Virginia, after all! (My half-hearted apologies to my neighbors to the east.) So, I've kind of got a man-crush on Chad Alva. Not a crush crush. Like a bro-crush. Because I think he'd probably be cool as fuck to hang out with. I mean, he covered a Tim & Eric song with his ex girlfriend. That's awesome. Anywho, he is starring as Shaggy in the Scooby Doo: A XXX Parody film being released soon. Take a look at the cast. Even if the idea sounds ludicrous to you, you have to admit, it will be worth seeing with a cast like this. To check out more of Chad's photos, check out his TwitPic feed by clicking here.

Tweeting Tuesday: Samuel Colt & Chris Porter

I decided to do a little recap of some social photo streams that caught my attention today. Okay, fine, the ones that caught my attention in the last 20 minutes. First up is Samuel Colt who just tweeted this photo of boyfriend Chris Porter getting fitted for his first pair of leather chaps in preparation for the Black Party! (And it looks like the boys have been sharing skivvies. Fucking hot even if they are living together.)

For good measure, here are a few others showcasing Chris' adorableness and Samuel's sexy smolder.

Samuel's TwitGoo stream can be found here. Follow Samuel on Twitter. Follow Chris on Twitter.