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Weekly Pull List – 6.4.14

Today is all-indie, all the time! The Wake #9 (of 10) The-Wake-9 And here it is, the penultimate issue of a fantastic miniseries from the minds of Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy. This has been a really interesting series from inception, and proved its boldness with the 200 year gap after returning from the mid-series hiatus. I'll be sad to see this one wrap up next month. Murphy's pencils on this title have been gorgeous.


The Woods #2


James Tynion IV's foray into creator-owned content is a nice change of pace from his current runs on DC's more notable Bat-characters. This one is being published by BOOM! Studios, home to the monthly adaptations of Adventure Time, as well as Clive Barker's newest work, Nightbreed. As I mentioned last month after the debut, there's a 99.9% chance I'm going to end up really liking this series. It still reminds me of the "Smith & Jones" episode of Doctor Who – only inasmuch as a building was transplanted from one planet to another – but it's got so much going for it, I've already had my local comic shop add it to my personal pull list.


(New ) Vampirella #1 


Vampirella is a title that has been around for decades, and she's getting new life thanks to Dynamite Comics. Don't get me wrong, she's already had a recent run with the company, but they're in the midst of a total reboot in their continuities, so this week is Vampirella's time to be reborn. I remember reading this book – long before it was a Dynamite property – thanks to old issues that belonged to my uncle. I found his stash at my grandparent's house when I was quite a bit younger, and was immediately taken with how badass she was. Vampirella was sandwiched between his collections of Heavy Metal and Conan, and taken as a hole, those titles had probably the reverse effect on me as they did on other boys; I wanted to emulate Vampi's bad-assery, and I wanted to hang beefcake pinup posters of Conan on my walls. Glad to see that she's getting a modern reboot.

Weekly Pull List – 4.23.14

The Cat, The Explorer and the War. The Walking Dead - 126 Issue_126_cover To repeat an oft-used phrase, "it all ends here." Kirkman has been doing a pretty solid job of keeping this epic war between Negan's Saviors and Rick's survivors compelling without tiring out too many cliffhanger tropes. There have been casualties which have had real ramifications for the group. If you want to know what happens, click your cursor and highlight the following VERY SPOILERY text: Rick stays alive, of course. Negan is not in fact dead, but he will be Rick's prisoner for the rest of his natural life. Glen was killed back in issue 100, which isn't a surprise to longtime readers, but it might be for fans of the show. 

- - -

Catwoman - #30


Selina has been through a lot. She had to fight her way back to the surface after being stuck in the Gotham Underground (the literal, deep-down, world-beneath-the-city underground) and then she was hypno-poisoned by the Scarecrow along with the rest of Gotham, having hallucinations of a peaceful, unattainable Gotham life. She wants to hangup the catsuit and focus her energies on just being Selina, and not being Catwoman. But naturally that can't happen. After being coerced to attend a who's-who of world class thieves, she finds herself in trouble.

- - -

Tomb Raider - #3


I'm assuming that the direction of the Tomb Raider sequel is having an effect on the pacing of the comic series. Officially, both Square Enix & Dark Horse have said that the comic series will serve as a narrative canon bridge between games. It might explain the odd pacing we've seen thus far. Gail Simone is one of my favorite writers, and I do like what she's attempting, but there is an air outside influence to Gail's version of Lara's post-Yamati life. I do like the pairing of Lara and Reyes, though. Begrudged partnerships are just fun to watch.