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Weekly Pull List: 5.14.14

OH BOY. Today's picks are really good. I mean, I'm generally happy every Wednesday when new books arrive on the shelves, but today's top picks had tons of great "ooooh and ahhhhh" moments. Batgirl #31 Batgirl_Vol_4-31_Cover-1_Teaser GAIL, YOU SLY DEVIL. Last issue was a bit of filler. It was good, but it wasn't written by Gail. Intelletually, I know other people are capable of writing Barbara, but emotionally, if it ain't Gail ... I'm not thrilled. Welp, not only is Batgirl back in the proper writer's hands, but Simone is pairing her up with another character she writes oh so well – RAGDOLL! Gail gained a passionate fan base from her run on Secret Six, the team of which Ragdoll was a member. A bendy bastard with a flair for the flamboyant, seeing him square off against Babs – in a tight stairwell no less! – is a real treat. Definitely pick this issue up. If you don't currently have Batgirl on your pull list, add it now. Just as Simone herself said earlier today:


Superman/Wonder Woman #8 SMWW-Cv8-28ec0 I'll admit it, I've never been on the Superman bandwagon. I see tons of dudes (especially in gay porn, it seems) with the "S" emblem tattooed on their bodies and I don't get it. I mean, Clark is nice enough. He seems like a swell dude. But he's just not for me. The New 52 reboot has attempted to direct everyone's favorite Kryptonian into a more hard-lined badass, but 75 years of goody-goody can't be wiped away that easily. That being said, I have been reading the Superman/Wonder Woman series since its inception, mostly just for Diana. Her relationship with Clark is another thing that I don't really love, but I'll tolerate it. This all seems to tie into some arc called "Superman DOOMED" that I don't really care to involve myself in, but it does make for some good fodder. Kal & Diana have squared off against some big bads, notably General Zod & Faora and Doomsday himself. This issue pits an infected Superman against Wonder Woman, and it is nice to see her kicking his ass if I'm being honest. Also, there's an awesome panel where she needs Batman's assistance so she lands on the Bat-jet, mid flight. Tony Daniel's art throughout the issue and on the cover is a treat, too. If you liked Marc Silvestri but just wished he was grounded in reality as opposed to inhumanly proportioned breasts, Tony Daniel is your man.


The Walking Dead #127 wd-cover-127-medium And so begins another chapter in the days of the lives of the survivors. I won't spoil too much here other than to say it's a super-sized issue and there's a time-jump. If you read the last issue you know how the "ALL OUT WAR" was resolved. This doesn't takes place the next day. It takes place a whole bunch of days after.

Weekly Pull List – 4.23.14

The Cat, The Explorer and the War. The Walking Dead - 126 Issue_126_cover To repeat an oft-used phrase, "it all ends here." Kirkman has been doing a pretty solid job of keeping this epic war between Negan's Saviors and Rick's survivors compelling without tiring out too many cliffhanger tropes. There have been casualties which have had real ramifications for the group. If you want to know what happens, click your cursor and highlight the following VERY SPOILERY text: Rick stays alive, of course. Negan is not in fact dead, but he will be Rick's prisoner for the rest of his natural life. Glen was killed back in issue 100, which isn't a surprise to longtime readers, but it might be for fans of the show. 

- - -

Catwoman - #30


Selina has been through a lot. She had to fight her way back to the surface after being stuck in the Gotham Underground (the literal, deep-down, world-beneath-the-city underground) and then she was hypno-poisoned by the Scarecrow along with the rest of Gotham, having hallucinations of a peaceful, unattainable Gotham life. She wants to hangup the catsuit and focus her energies on just being Selina, and not being Catwoman. But naturally that can't happen. After being coerced to attend a who's-who of world class thieves, she finds herself in trouble.

- - -

Tomb Raider - #3


I'm assuming that the direction of the Tomb Raider sequel is having an effect on the pacing of the comic series. Officially, both Square Enix & Dark Horse have said that the comic series will serve as a narrative canon bridge between games. It might explain the odd pacing we've seen thus far. Gail Simone is one of my favorite writers, and I do like what she's attempting, but there is an air outside influence to Gail's version of Lara's post-Yamati life. I do like the pairing of Lara and Reyes, though. Begrudged partnerships are just fun to watch.

Weekly Pull List: 4.9.14

This week, I'm highlighting 2.5 bats & a zombie. Specifically, Batgirl, Batman Eternal, last week's Detective Comics (I'm only counting it as half since it's a week late) and Walking Dead.


Detective Comics #30 The series that launched the Batman is returning ever so slightly to its pre-New 52 noir feel.  It's the first time in a long time that the book has felt like it's own entity instead of a panel-tested what's what of the Batman universe. Batman_Eternal_Vol_1-1_Cover-1_Teaser Batman Eternal #1 This weekly - yes, weekly - series is an attempt to jump ahead into the future of Gotham and tell grittier stories that don't mesh well with the current continuity. It is actually a pretty promising premise, and it's attracting a who's who of creators to give Gotham a punch to the guts on a more frequent basis. Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 12.00.43 PM Batgirl #30 This one is an in-betweener. Written by Marguerite Bennett - the same writer who filled in for the Zero Year issue of Batgirl - this issue seems to set up another future supernatural threat to Gotham all while memorializing Richard Grayson. Now, this is pure speculation, but my guess is that the Editorial Board brought her in to write this issue to further fuel speculation that Dick actually died at that hands of Lex Luthor in Forever Evil #6, but I'm still not convinced that they're going to write Dick out that easily. Especially so soon after Damian's death. It's possible, but I think highly unlikely. wd-cover-125-clr-med Walking Dead #125 I gotta say, after the mindfuck that Robert gave us at the end of issue #124, I'm happy to report that I predicted Rick's workaround. I don't want to spoil anything, because it is really good serial storytelling, but I do feel a bit smug after reading through the response letters to issue #124. People were freaking out, but I'm still cool as a cucumber. Oh, and this is a very satisfying issue. Check it out.

Weekly Pull List – 3.12.14

It was just a month ago that I was writing about Batgirl & Batman & Walking Dead in a single post, and I'm at it again. I did pick up a few more books today during my outing, but these are the stories that have really kept me captivated lately.


Batgirl #29 This issue wraps up Barbara's tangle with the villain known as Silver. I mean, I know he doesn't see himself as a villain, but rather as some righteous crusader against creatures of the night, but let's be real, he's a psychotic villain. Batgirl has been having some pretty awesome story lines lately and not just in her self-titled book. The Gail Simone-created Movement saw a two issue appearance of the crime fighter, Birds Of Prey has been pretty interesting as of late (and luckily its involvement in Gothtopia was minimal) and coming up in issue #30, Babs will be going up against a New 52-revised member of Secret Six, Simone's fan-favorite book from years past. The ending to this one is particularly good. It's the perfect combination of shock & awe + a wee bit of Gail having fun.   BM_Cv29_52a9e7f9e0a739.79784476 Batman #29 - Zero Year Conclusion Well, Zero Year (and the actual year it took to tell the story) has come to a close. Initially set to wrap up in issue #28, as I mentioned last week, #28 became a preview for a new weekly series launching next month. Now we're back on target. Revisiting & reinventing scenes from Bruce's past for the New 52 universe has been a way for Scott Snyder to fully invest himself & artist Greg Caparullo into the character of Bruce Wayne. I can only guess that the DC Editorial board plans to keep Scott on the book for the foreseeable future, because this entire year truly has been an exercise in "creating" a Bruce Wayne with a very specific narrative. At this point, it would just be cruel and unusual to take him off the book (like they oh-so-unceremoniously did with Gail Simone & Batgirl just shy of the 20th issue -- before listening to fans and reinstating her.) By the end, we discover what the major disaster was that essentially set Batman, Gordon and the whole Bat-family-in-waiting on course to be the heroes Gotham needs.   TWD-cover-123-dressed Walking Dead #123 The war with Negan is not relenting in the least. There have already been casualties, displacement, hostage situations, walkers-as-weapons attacks and more since Rick decided to stand up to the latest dictator in the post-apocalyptic world. Clearly Rick & his team are the underdog here, but since he's the hero it seems like things are looking up for a victory for his side... but this is Robert Kirkman writing the narrative. Things could just veer to a hard left and you'd never have seen it coming. Even right up to the last page of this one, you have no idea what's going to happen next. And that last panel of the book... oh boy it's a doozy. Issue #124 is going to be CRAY.

Weekly Pull List – 2.12.14

The New 52, born out of The Flashpoint Event, hasn't exactly been loved by the masses, but I for one rather enjoy the current Bat-family. Sure, the practicality of it all isn't quite up to snuff – long story short, in this current generation, Bruce has only been Batman for about 5 years, and somehow he's still managed to cycle through all of the Robins? One Robin per year, I guess?  – but nonetheless, the storytelling until recently has been about the now, and not the past. The Zero Year arcs have attempted to bridge those gaps slightly, but it's still rough at best. Right now, the current major event that's happening across most books, Forever Evil, is apparently going to have even more repercussions for all of the DC heroes. Batman #28 3638215-img_1725 Originally, issue #28 was going to wrap up the Zero Year arc from the Batman book. A switcheroo was pulled though, and #28 became a preview book for a new weekly series that will be launching soon entitled Batman Eternal. Things are about to get even grittier, again. Scott Snyder tweeted this teaser on Twitter back in December: Pictured is Harper Row in her coming role as Bluebird.  The most recent Robin, Damian Wayne, was murdered at the command of his own mother, Talia al Ghul, and Bruce has been a little unhinged ever since and reluctant to replace him. Since the issue is a preview of what's to come though, it would appear he's ready to move and and Harper will be filling the Robin role. Oh, and all you Stephanie Brown fans? Read this issue. Batgirl #28 Batgirl_Vol_4-28_Cover-1_Teaser Babs has a new deranged villain on her tail in this issue, and to be honest, Gail Simone has created a pretty good one with Silver as he's called. He's a slight bit demented, literally viewing the Bat-family as "vampires" via hallucinations, and he sees himself as a righteous savior with his mission to destroy them. Barbara has to call in a favor from an old enemy in this issue, and she also kinda, sorta gets identified outside of her bat-suit. Simone is currently the writer on a growing handful of books, but her attention to her most successful book hasn't suffered as a result. Batgirl also makes a two-issue appearance on an unrelated matter in Simone's The Movement. Coming soon from Gail is the official Tomb Raider series that will lead into the new game. Walking Dead #121 the-walking-dead-121 Rick & Co. are in the middle of a war. If you're a fan of the show, you'll no doubt remember how the end of last season  lead up to the war between the prison & the Governor. This war is bigger & badder. Negan, the current antagonist of the series is a bad mofo, but he's a morally interesting person to read. Kirkman has done a pretty good job in creating an evil person who makes interesting unexpected choices. I mean, he's not a redeemable man by any stretch, but props to his unpredictability.

TellTale’s ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Is Here!

Coming Soon It's Here!! The video game version of the Walking Dead is geared up for the second season. Told in episodic chapters, the game is an adaptation based on the Walking Dead comic book universe, rather than the television show universe. I've got to hand it to Robert Kirkman for turning his ten year old series into a string of recent successful revenue streams. Anyway, the first 'season' of the video game saw focus being placed on protecting a little girl named Clementine. This season, it appears she's the protagonist, so we're sure to get a look into the developing psyche of how a child becomes a post-zombie-apocalyptic adult. The game is coming to all major previous-gen consoles and also to iOS, so give it a spin! Season two, chapter one is available now on consoles, and will be launching soon on iOS!

Comic Book Guys We Wanna Fuck

We are so honored to be contributing to NerdJizz! It's true - at Tommy Wells we are huge nerds too. One of the best things about geeking out? Fantasizing about the hottest guys in our favorite graphic novels of course. We currently have a boner for these 3: 1. Skinner Sweet - American Vampire's bad ass villain we can't get enough of. The blonde hair, the blue eyes, and just enough scruff to give him that sextra umph. We wouldn't want to be on his bad side - but we definitely want to be on his naughty side! Insert fangs here! 2. Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead's toughest, coolest, and hottest one handed hero you'll ever see (yeah - he loses a hand, sorry for the spoiler - but get with the program)! It's the beard and his roughness that gets to our core. Who wouldn't want a hardcore grizzly hunk protecting them from the Zombiepocolypse? And trust us, one hand can still get plenty done! (Ask Yorick, our next hottie.) 3. Yorick Brown - Y: The Last Man's last man. He's the last fucking man on Earth. Your other option is the monkey. He starts looking cuter and cuter the more that reality sets in. Besides, he's toned, tall, and likes animals. Sounds like someone you can bring home to Mama. Of course, in this universe, we'd be dead too. **If you couldn't read the speech bubbles in the second picture - she's asking him how he hasn't cheated on his girlfriend considering he's the only man left. His response - well, speaks for itself!** We don't love these stories solely for the hot hunks - these three graphic novels are a great read. And seeing these hotties should entice you to go search for more about the series'. How do you feel about these three? Men of your dreams, or are you reaching for the rubber... eraser! Tommy Wells is a 20something Los Angeles based blogger with a passion for porn. He spends his days as a Shepherd of Sin and Liaison of Lechery. You can  keep up with Tommy and his crew at his website. Follow him on Twitter @tommywellsnet.