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Wednesday Wash Down

There are no voices in this clip I discovered on Tumblr, but gaging from the drag trunks, the shower setup and what I can only assume are two uncut wangs – can't confirm that, since they're mostly hidden – I'm going to guess these are a couple of European swimmers at a college? They don't seem to be competitive swimmers. Water Polo team, possibly. Who knows. Either way, ol' dude on the right is pretty interested in what ol' dude on the left has hidden in his banana hammock.

Spies Among Us: Locker Room Edition

It's no secret we here at #nerdjizz enjoy the occasional voyeuristic locker room video. Today brings us a video discovered on XTube. This guy doesn't get completely naked, but  his sexy legs and oh-so-subtle peek of buttcrack are sure to leave your wang stiffer after viewing this unintentional striptease.

The Librarian

This is a video I posted a while back after finding it on Tumblr. I took it down shortly thereafter because I was contacted by the guy who recorded it. Seems he'd sent it to an ex-girlfriend who then placed it into someone's inbox and it subsequently wound up online. He did say that if I managed to remove his face, that he'd be fine with me reposting, however. Well, I cropped his head out of the video AND I even slowed the very end down so you can see a wonderful drop of cum ooze out after his climax. Enjoy!

Lose That Speedo

I do love the convenience of recording someone unawares with your smartphone, but this vertical video syndrome is becoming a problem.

More Locker Room Voyeurism

Today is obviously a themed day, and it's entirely unintentional. I noticed two scheduled posts both dealing with locker rooms and jockstraps, so I decided to throw this shower vid in for good measure.

Locker Room Voyeurism

A naked man in a locker room is essentially the key to my heart. Granted, he has to be attractive, fit, and freshly showered, but this statuesque blonde fits the criteria.

Shower Boners, The Darnedest Things

I love it when a guy is unapologetically hard. I'd reckon that the most common reaction when one is taking a shower and suddenly finds himself under an invasion of privacy attack, would be covering oneself, ESPECIALLY if an erection is present. But this guy is casual about his nudity and his boner when his friends swoop in for the attack.
Found on [We Luv Bromance]

Spying On The Neighbor

It should come as a shock to no one that I'm quite the voyeur, so videos like this one involving a skinnydipping neighbor really get my rocks off. Compliments of RocketTube