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#NakedCatman – Best Gift EVER?

Some might remember my post from the time I discovered Catman, and it's kinda no secret that I've since become obsessed to the point that I'm practically licking the new issues of Secret Six... The other night my twitter kinda blew up (and by my twitter, I mean my pants) when Gail Simone retweeted Matt "@FotoCub" Santori-Griffith's tweet. You see, Matt posted a pic of a lovely birthday gift he received: A full frontal nude of Catman! A raw and... uncut version, if you will! #WakaWaka It seems Matt – like me – might be slightly obsessed with foreskin Thomas Blake/Catman, the oft-nude ginger anti-hero of the DC Universe! Matt even wrote an "Ode to Catman" on Comicosity: http://www.comicosity.com/comic-love-an-ode-to-catman/ He's definitely the King of this loving-Catman pride! The au naturale side of Blake goes to Matt by way of the WICK-edly incredibly talented Adele Dazeem Stephen Sadowski! A notable artist in the comic industry, and he's part of the LGBTQ family as well! Talk about ENVY! Especially now that Matt has been asked to keep the completely nude version . . . tamed and caged! (Ohhh, but Catman doesn't like confined spaces!) For you inquiring minds, though, Matt has confirmed that Thomas Blake is definitely NOT JEWISH. And now, in my head as well as many others', this is totes canon. Matt, you lucky bastard. Can I come visit?

We All Win with Tyler Rush’s ASS-assin’s Creed Cosplay


According to Tyler Rush's twitter bio, he is a Seattle-based porn star (neat!), kink aficionado (our attention, u haz it), and a nerd (aaand boom goes the dynamite). Over the weekend, Tyler attended a video game themed bar night, called Insert Coin, where he not only took go-going to the next level, but cosplaying as well! It wasn't enough for the bubble-butt-beau to go dressed as a dead sexy, jockstrap-clad assassin from Assassin's Creed -- oh, no! -- but he went and made the costume himself, too! Brava, sir! Now how's about a special ...“presentation” for your new pals at #nerdjizz, eh?!

Twitter After Dark: Brent Everett & Steve Peña Edition

I just happened to be scrolling through twitter while in bed and ran across these gems that Brent Everett just shared, and I need to share them with you too.     Brent and his brick-house of a husband Steve are in Torreón, Mexico obviously having a great time at a club appearance. (Btw, doesn't Torreón sound like a Legendary Pokémon?) Follow Brent -- Follow Steve

Tell Vine To Stop Fucking Us

Twitter owns the popular 6-second video sharing app Vine. Vine has become popular with a number of porn stars, including the always technology-forward and social savvy Maverick Men. However... Vine just announced some changes to its handling of "adult content." As they put it, "For more than 99 percent of our users, this doesn’t really change anything. For the rest: we don’t have a problem with explicit sexual content on the Internet –– we just prefer not to be the source of it." Which I call some bullshit on. Conner Habib has started a Change.Org petition wherein he states the following:

Censorship affects all of us.

The important role of the Vine app - as a medium for users to freely express themselves - is under threat from a new policy. As of March 6th, 2014, Vine has decided to remove all content labeled "adult content" and to suspend or ban users creating any content labeled "adult."  Vine's stated reason for doing this is because they want users to "be comfortable." Many of us - as users of vine - do not participate in viewing or creating adult content, but we all recognize Vine as a place for freedom of expression. We are disturbed by the precedent set on Vine for other applications and websites, including Twitter.  We are also disturbed that we are not allowed to choose what we view. Vine's perception of its users as a community that advocates censorship is wrong.  There is nothing comfortable to us about the slippery slope of censorship. For these reasons, we demand full restoration of adult content on vine and a return to the adult content warning system previously in place.

Last year, Tumblr started enforcing with a little more gusto, a rule that they've always had on the books. Their TOS have always stated that they prohibited sexual videos (pictures & GIFs are welcome) because of the expense associated with hosting large video files. Being that Tumblr has always had the rule on the books – despite a team too small to effectively enforce it before gaining access to Yahoo's resources – there really wasn't too much hubbub around the action. Sure, there was some hysteria from some uninformed users, but it subsided quickly.  Hell, even when Tumblr was advising users against posting porn to their own servers, they were more than happy to suggest hosting it elsewhere and embedding it into Tumblr-provided blogs. Their approach wasn't a matter of having your cake & not eating it, it was really more like BYOC. (Bring your own cake.) The Vine situation is different, though. Since Twitter has long had a silent agreement regarding pornographic images & accounts (as long as it's legal, it's fine) Vine adopted much of the same attitude upon its launch. Now, they're reneging on the service for a good chunk of the user base. They say 99% of folks won't be affected; do they not even bother researching their own usage stats by members? Porn is always the king of internet traffic. Even in countries with one DSL line, 5 computers and a Theocratic government, Porn rules the bandwidth traffic. And considering that Vine is essentially a souped up GIF, the compression that the video files go through is most certainly not the strain on servers that an actual video would be. I challenge the Vine IT department to provide proof otherwise. Sure, services like Tumblr & Google have instituted more stringent filters in their search engines lately, requiring users to dig a little deeper to find the T&A content, but the fact is, the content is still there. It's just been made harder to "accidentally" stumble across.

[Editor's Note] My guess is that it's an effort to cover their liability should some underage doofus run across some porn, get found out by their parent and then have the fucktard parent sue the company & win by the ruling of some conservative activist judge in a Red state. #runonsentences

At any rate, a strong response is needed. Whether or not it changes Vine's decision is not the entire issue, as far as I'm concerned. What they need to see is a strong response of concerned and active users. The older the internet gets, the more complacent its users become about the obstruction of expressive freedoms. But this deserves the full minute of your time it will take to fill out the form. We need more sex-positivity in this society, and most importantly on our social networks where so much of our communication is now happening. Click the image below to sign the petition. Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 7.23.47 PM

Twitter Updates! World Ends!

Twitter just updated their iOS app to include image & video previews, similar to the "expanded tweets" found on the actual website. While this is convenient in some cases, for those of us who follow many #NSFW twitter personalities, this poses a problem for our public tweeting habits. BUT LO, A SOLUTION ARISES: I made this silly little 10-second video on my iPhone via iMovie and an app called Tellagami. The audio isn't great, but it's 10 seconds and it explains how to revert to a Safer-For-Work feed!

Nerdjizz Presents: A Guide to Twitter

Twitter is one of today's top social media websites, and the experience is different for everyone. Some of us, however, seem to go off the rails because you are likely insane. #kiss Before getting on with with our guide, we would like to take a moment to say that we will not be discussing “#FF” here -- or "Follow Friday" for those of you not in the know. Do or don't, it's entirely up to you. There are already a ton of other places and blogs providing healthy how-to guides to properly execute and benefit from #FF. Or you loathe it with every fiber of your being for the great meaningless evil that it is, like I do... Remember to take some of these items with a grain of salt, guys. We're not forcing you to conform, we're merely suggesting you try applying these to yourselves. Unless, of course, you're one of those ass-hats that really needs to have all of this crammed down your fucking throat, you fucking attention whores. On with the show!
  1. Double Tap We get it, someone you enjoy talking to isn’t replying. We all know how emotionally crippling that can be. Don't be that dumbass and ask your recipient if they saw what you just sent them, though! Unless if they have hundreds of tweets coming in a minute, or your account is locked and they don't follow you, then guess what? They probably saw it. Whether they reply or not is out of your hands. Your aggressively clingy behavior may, in fact, be the reason why they haven’t replied. Chill the fuck out.
  2. Pic Spam Don’t flood your followers’ timelines with link-after-link of pictures you didn't have a hand in creating! Try to keep it at 3-5 tweets, max, every couple of hours. If there are more, provide a link to an album or photo sets. If you're using Tumblr, there's a “Send/link to twitter” option you can check off. Believe it or not, these are perfect grounds for blocking/reporting you as spam. Keep that in mind.
  3. Horoscopes Here’s the thing, whether you believe in the daily readings or not is your own business. Again: your own business. For those of you who clearly don't get it, the thing about any horoscope is that they’re only meant for you to read. Beyond that, no one cares that today might be a great day for you, creatively. Also, by linking a horoscope service to your twitter, which could be a potential data-mining service, your own horoscope gets tweeted from your account at 6am. When you're likely sleeping and probably won't even see it. But the rest of us will. And it's annoying. STAHP!
  4. Photoshop Overkill If you’re not a professional or a photo retouching hobbyist, you probably shouldn’t try to edit pics yourself! There’s more to a perfect complexion than filters and smudge/blur tools, guys! They are NOT your friend! More often than not, the end-result is your viewers will become uncomfortably aware that you’re desperately trying to hide your wrinkles, that acne-breakout, shinier surfaces than a pan after cooking bacon, your latest herps outbreak, etc. If you must have perfect skin when posting your selfies all over the internet, then blackmail ask or pay a friend who knows how to do it! One who knows cloning, textures, and shading. I can’t tell you how many times my eyes have been assaulted by your bad wiping jobs (and let's be real, most of you think it's as simple as wiping blemishes away -- it isn't). Rest assured that we *DO* talk about your bad photos with others and we *DO* laugh at your expense. We never said we were angels.
  5. Temper Tantrums All people don’t/won’t get along, duh! Putting someone on blast just for something as simple as unfollowing you, however, speaks volumes about why you're not worth being followed. There’s always a logical reason behind their reprehensible act. By making a public spectacle of it, though, you’ve just proven why. If you’re one of those “bad bitch/asshole” types that needs to tell the whole world the great sin done upon Your Majesty, chances are you’re going to be losing more followers even faster.
  6. Follow Stats People are more inclined to care about their own follower numbers than yours, it's a tough pill to swallow but one you just have to accept. They’re a badge of pride to some, for some reason, while others just don‘t care. That said, If people generally don’t care how many followers you have, they’ll care even less about your daily follow/unfollow stats. The sites vomiting this data into your tweets are, again, perfect grounds for unfollowing and blocking/reporting you as spam.
  7. #FollowBack Hounding You would think this one were a no-brainer, but: YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO FOLLOWERS! If you don’t provide anything worth being followed, then guess what? You're not worth being followed. Team FollowBack? More like you've just been blocked.
  8. Flash Following Along the same vein as #FollowBack Hounding, there's flash following which is the act of repeatedly following and unfollowing someone in hopes of getting them to follow you back. It is a rather crazy idea, but for whatever reason, it's clear you think you’re worth it. You’re not, though. After you’ve done this three or four times, you’ve given us grounds to report you as spam again.
  9. #Hashtag Overdose We get it, you’re comedy gold and sometimes your genius can only be topped off with a #hashtag. By all means, let your hash-flag fly! Remember KISS though: Keep it simple, stupid! 3 hashtags per tweet should suffice, remember you're working with limited space (this is my personal rule, anyway). You also shouldn't make tags impossible to read by flooding the damn thing with crap longer than your tweet. Unless, of course, it's fucking hilarious. #dontbethisshamelessdick #wordvomitisneverokinthisspace #omgwtflolbbqsauce Also, don’t be a fuck-wit who underscores tags like #Follow_Friday or, worse, #F_0_L_L_0_W___F_r_1_D_4_Y. It’s not cute, it's not "original." It’s annoying as hell and still just #FF or #FollowFriday. Eat a dick.
  10. Twit-lebrity Fury Angry that your favorite celebrity with over a gajillion twitter followers won’t take a measly minute out of their day to humbly thank you for your intense — possibly extreme — idolatry? Don’t you hate it when you tweet them something that's probably been said to them a many more times than they can count and they still ignore you? Guess what: as in real life, there's a wall. Stop whining. Depending on the celebrity, you’re probably not directly conversing with them anyway. You're especially less likely to get a reply if they're a Verified Account. Want to know a secret? Verified Accounts have 2 timeline options! The default is set so the first timeline only shows replies and mentions from people a Verified Account follows (i.e., not you). The rest of us have to muck through any and all tweets sent to us. Don’t believe me? Look at the Verified Account FAQ from twitter, read the 7th item, "Why do I see two timeline options on verified profiles?": http://support.twitter.com/articles/119135-faqs-about-verified-accounts.
  11. "Officially" Verified Unless if you've got that blue check -- that is only provided by Twitter -- next to your name, you're not official. Get over it. Using your header image to manipulate your profile into looking as if it has been verified is not only tacky, but it should be grounds for flagging a profile as spam. Thankfully, the website has recently undergone changes to make this even more difficult for you losers trying to pass yourselves off as somebody.
  12. #FF RT OD We get that people tweet each other or get mentioned in the grating business of “Follow Friday.” It’s cool (or whatever) that you do. However, you really don’t have to retweet every last tweet you get! We don't care. Fridays are the worst day to visit Twitter because there are so many in my own timeline who will literally retweet every mention they’ve gotten that day alone. Literally, every one. PLEASE stop that! Think of the children.
That's it for now, should other stuff come to mind expect a separate set of guidelines to appear (if not added here). Namaste. Mahalo. Peace be with you. Now GTFO.


For new-Whovians, you're bound to be familiar with John Barrowman's "pansexual" hunk from the 51st Century, Captain Jack Harkness. Despite mixed feelings for the immortal Doctor Who/Torchwood character, I've found that the multi-talented actor (who happens to be gay and married) and his sister, Carole, have quite a gift for writing! During this year's Comic-Con, John co-hosted Attack of the Show's 4-hour long coverage at the annual event where he interviewed many a star, artist, etc., including the current cast of Doctor Who and Castle star, Nathan Fillion (seen below). My point and how the two tie together? Simple. It started on Twitter when @aots announced that John would be co-hosting the 4-hour coverage later that day. I made a mess in my pants (I dork out for Barrowman, don't you bitches judge me), quickly quoted them and included a "WHAAAAAT?!?!?!" in my tweet. I honestly didn't expect them to reply to me (insert oohs, ahhs and gasps here because I know y'all are totally impressed; who wants to touch me?! below, left image). I was feeling neat and enjoying the hell out of my day, despite having changed my manties twice. A couple of hours later, though, I get the best surprise of all and ruined (permanently, this time) a third pair of manties. @aots mentions me yet again, only this time they've announced they'd selected me and two others as freaking winners of an autographed copy of John and Carole's book, Hollow Earth.

I lost my damn mind, I was texting Harvey like crazy and bouncing off my walls. I didn't even know the Barrowmans (Barrowmen? Barrowmany? -mani?) were working on a book series. I gave AOTS my information and about a week later, my package arrived.


Let me tell you, I inhaled Hollow Earth! And, as I'm always one who enjoys a good spoiler, I'm afraid I don't know how to be vague enough without giving the whole book's plot away. Needless to say, I loved it! Sure, the target audience is kids aged 8-12 but, really, isn't the Harry Potter series the same in the beginning? I took a day to read the whole thing and... wow! I can honestly say I can't wait to see this being turned into a movie and can't wait for more work from John and Carole! It certainly has its dark elements and it's quite clear at the end of the book that it isn't the end of the story. There's more to explore and I can't wait!

Pre-order your copy of Hollow Earth today! Seriously.

As for my love of John, it remains strong. And I realize this is probably the closest I'll ever be to him (unless someone out there wants to give me an acting job where I can then force my way into his pants onto a project he's in) so he's now up there with my love for Tom Hardy, which, if we all recall, burns with the white-hot intensity of a thousand burning suns. Consider yourself stalked, John. I'm already all over those alleged photos of your huge wiener in a burger and the other where you MAY be posing nude. (You didn't think I wouldn't perv this up just a little, did you?)

Jake Shears Shows His Ass

Uhhhhh, humina humina humina. Continue reading Jake Shears Shows His Ass

Apple’d Out

Hey Harvey Walker.

Thursday’s Trio of Tweets

As I was perusing my Twitter feed just now, I came across a trifecta of sexy images, so I thought I'd be so kind as to share them with you guys. First up is a photo that Conner Habib tweeted featuring two great components: his cock and Billy Byron's mouth.

Next up is a magnificent display of Donny Wright's jockstrapped bulge. Seriously. Mmmf. And finally, Jamie Cole (that's a kneeling Jeremy Feist with his back to the camera) finally reveals his gingered face for the world to see! http://www.fabmagazine.com/coverguy/jeremy-feist-and-jamie-cole-gay-sex-survey-2011?galleryposition=1