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Tron: Uprising’s Comic-Con Preview

Earlier today, Disney XD uploaded a 4-minute preview of a future episode of Tron: Uprising that was shown at Comic-Con. I've been watching and, though the show is decent, it's fairly tame and pretty predictable. Not surprising considering the channel's usual target-audience. Whenever this episode airs, however, it's clear that shit is about to get REAL. Also, am I the only one who finds it ridiculously hilarious that Tron is Royally Pissed at a program with the same name as the massively overpriced vacuum?

UK’s Misfits Hits American TV!

As I don't watch the network, it's no wonder this flew under my radar. The network that picked up the UK's Misfits about a month ago, unfortunately, is Logo. What this means is you're bound to experience MASSIVE censorship of the raunchy sci-fi hit. I strongly suggest, if you've found an interest in the show, to visit hulu.com instead. It's not the ideal place (ideal would be Netflix but, alas, no such luck) and it only has the first three seasons (there are four), but hulu has Misfits available for people with free accounts and it's uncensored. Don't go expecting full male frontals and topless bewbz, though. No peens and no major bewbage on this show. DO expect to get a peak at Nathan's stepdad's asshole and balls though, as evidenced by the linked screenshot from hulu. Did Logo show you that? I'm sure they did. That aside, life's not worth living until you find love and shattering heartbreak for Simon, or picking up Kelly's diction (I swear everything was "fokin' this," or "fokin' that" with me for a good while). Our own Harvey gets a boner for Nathan but I'd rather stick to Simon. My poor, poor, lonely Simon... ...Now I'm sad. GO WATCH MISFITS TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER and share this crippling sadness with me!

Fanboy Freakout: Doctor Who

As those of us who get a total nerd-on for the UK's Time Lord will know, the sixth season of Doctor Who will take off on Saturday, April 23rd on BBC America! I know I'm sitting on the edge of my seat and biting my fingers to nubs already! All we have to go on so far are teasers on top of teasers! Until then, though, we have been given a treat from our BBC Overlords! It would seem the long-running series contributed to a comic relief special, it's the only taste we're getting in the States of Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill until the 23rd!


But in case you've been living under a rock, here's the new teaser, it almost looks like a movie trailer...

From my understanding, the first two episodes of season six ("The Impossible Astronaut" and "Day of the Moon") actually take place — and were filmed — here in US! Can't wait!

Code Monkeys

Have you heard of a show called Code Monkeys? I hadn't. That's why I ask. It's apparently a few years old, having been shown on G4TV here in the states, and it just wound up on Netflix recently. It's set in the 80's practically at the dawn of the video gaming phenomenon. You'll derive the most enjoyment from the show if you have a basic knowledge of gaming history. However, if you'd simply enjoy a potty-mouthed workplace comedy displayed in 8-bit, the gaming knowledge really doesn't matter. Check it out!