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One To Watch: Chad Hunter

I'll freely admit that I know very little about this gay porn n00b, but I'm very interested to see where he ends up this year. I know he will be featured on Austin & Anthony's Guys In Sweatpants hardcore launch coming up this year. I also know he recently passed the thousand follower threshold on Twitter. How do I know that? Because he was kind enough to post a link to his (new and growing) Tumblr account. The video involves him, a Fleshjack Ice and naughty self-touching. Enjoy. (Oh, and did I mention he has a Batman tattoo? Because he has a Batman tattoo. #nerdjizz)
Chad on Twitter. Chad on Tumblr.

Moving Picture of the Day

Gifs like this make the internet better, and there's nary a person alive who can convince me otherwise.

From one of my favorite Tumblogs around: Footy And Things | beau ryan’s bare bum 😛.

#tumblrgrab The Jockstrap Zone

The Jockstrap Zone

Peter Parker, Housewife

Darn Mary Jane, making Peter do his laundry in his skivvies.

  Faith, Trust, & Wanderlust.

His Wii is practically hanging out of his shorts

Gamer buds wear short shorts. I mean i can practically see his real-life Wii. Giggity.  


How To Spice Up Morning Radio

Just add him.

Cleverly Concealed.

Friendship is the best thing ever.

You hold my nuts, I'll hold yours.

  Richie Hughes + Duncan Webster | Luke Austin.

Does It Get Better Than This?

I'm obviously a Gingerfile, and so I present to thee Kennedy Carter, king of the Gingers.  

carrot top.

Boys In Glasses

Do glasses a nerd make? No, not necessarily. However, they definitely provide for some dreamy visuals. Enjoy these gorgeous (possible) geeks.

Show Me Your Teeth