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Alexander Skarsgård Naked In The Snow – Again!

The most recent season finale of True Blood saw Alexander Skarsgård get fully naked for the first time, as his character Eric was sunbathing – for the first time in centuries – in the snowy Alps. On a recent expedition to Antarctica, one of Alexander's exploration mates snapped this picture proving that "little Alex" doesn't mind getting cold. So to show appreciation for the man who himself has a healthy appreciation for nudity, ogle these: tumblr_mdl80wqPZZ1rjrvmvo4_250tumblr_mdl80wqPZZ1rjrvmvo5_250 tumblr_mrrmloUxpp1rgghaio1_1280 tumblr_mrrmloUxpp1rgghaio2_1280 tumblr_mrrmloUxpp1rgghaio3_500 tumblr_mrrmloUxpp1rgghaio4_500 tumblr_mrw2y5hGGW1rtx5lbo1_250 tumblr_mry9b36zgv1sezokho3_400

True Blood Begins Season 5

I'm not the kind of person who likes to ruin things with recaps, especially when there are so many digital ways to catch up on the whole show itself. Instead, I'm going to bring you two, out-of-context pieces of man candy from the show: If you haven't seen it, go catch up. [Source.]


Chris Meloni is no stranger to nudity when it comes to appearing on HBO (remember Oz?) so I'm hoping that his addition to the cast of True Blood means we'll be seeing some vampire peen in season 5.

Faces of True Blood: Eric

The smirk/blood combo... shoo wee.

The Hunks of True Blood Ep via SuperheroFan

The wonderful blog SuperheroFan has some great screencaps of this week's True Blood, and all of the mancandy it provided. There are tons more if you just click the link above, or any of the pictures below. The Hunks of True Blood Ep 4×04 (NSFW).