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#TBT: Good Old-Fashioned Locker Rooms

It's throwback Thursday, so lets take a look back at a time when a reporter kept his composure, albeit awkwardly, while interviewing a naked man: The interviewee is Ron Hextall, and the cameraman pulls back just enough for a quick pube shot at the :05 mark. Tom Meese clearly has a case of "locker room poker face" thereafter as he's trying his damnedest not to acknowledge that Hexnall's peen is just chilling right beneath the camera line. Bless. --- Next up, here's a great display of kinsmannship between bros in the locker room. "You dry my back, I'll dry yours..." --- The next two go way back. Back to the two World Wars in fact, and they take place in the locker rooms of war: rivers. From World War I, allied soldiers sprint down to the river to get cleaned up. Then some fellas in WWII do the same thing. Fewer men, but better footage.