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Weekly Pull List: 5.14.14

OH BOY. Today's picks are really good. I mean, I'm generally happy every Wednesday when new books arrive on the shelves, but today's top picks had tons of great "ooooh and ahhhhh" moments. Batgirl #31 Batgirl_Vol_4-31_Cover-1_Teaser GAIL, YOU SLY DEVIL. Last issue was a bit of filler. It was good, but it wasn't written by Gail. Intelletually, I know other people are capable of writing Barbara, but emotionally, if it ain't Gail ... I'm not thrilled. Welp, not only is Batgirl back in the proper writer's hands, but Simone is pairing her up with another character she writes oh so well – RAGDOLL! Gail gained a passionate fan base from her run on Secret Six, the team of which Ragdoll was a member. A bendy bastard with a flair for the flamboyant, seeing him square off against Babs – in a tight stairwell no less! – is a real treat. Definitely pick this issue up. If you don't currently have Batgirl on your pull list, add it now. Just as Simone herself said earlier today:


Superman/Wonder Woman #8 SMWW-Cv8-28ec0 I'll admit it, I've never been on the Superman bandwagon. I see tons of dudes (especially in gay porn, it seems) with the "S" emblem tattooed on their bodies and I don't get it. I mean, Clark is nice enough. He seems like a swell dude. But he's just not for me. The New 52 reboot has attempted to direct everyone's favorite Kryptonian into a more hard-lined badass, but 75 years of goody-goody can't be wiped away that easily. That being said, I have been reading the Superman/Wonder Woman series since its inception, mostly just for Diana. Her relationship with Clark is another thing that I don't really love, but I'll tolerate it. This all seems to tie into some arc called "Superman DOOMED" that I don't really care to involve myself in, but it does make for some good fodder. Kal & Diana have squared off against some big bads, notably General Zod & Faora and Doomsday himself. This issue pits an infected Superman against Wonder Woman, and it is nice to see her kicking his ass if I'm being honest. Also, there's an awesome panel where she needs Batman's assistance so she lands on the Bat-jet, mid flight. Tony Daniel's art throughout the issue and on the cover is a treat, too. If you liked Marc Silvestri but just wished he was grounded in reality as opposed to inhumanly proportioned breasts, Tony Daniel is your man.


The Walking Dead #127 wd-cover-127-medium And so begins another chapter in the days of the lives of the survivors. I won't spoil too much here other than to say it's a super-sized issue and there's a time-jump. If you read the last issue you know how the "ALL OUT WAR" was resolved. This doesn't takes place the next day. It takes place a whole bunch of days after.

TellTale’s ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Is Here!

Coming Soon It's Here!! The video game version of the Walking Dead is geared up for the second season. Told in episodic chapters, the game is an adaptation based on the Walking Dead comic book universe, rather than the television show universe. I've got to hand it to Robert Kirkman for turning his ten year old series into a string of recent successful revenue streams. Anyway, the first 'season' of the video game saw focus being placed on protecting a little girl named Clementine. This season, it appears she's the protagonist, so we're sure to get a look into the developing psyche of how a child becomes a post-zombie-apocalyptic adult. The game is coming to all major previous-gen consoles and also to iOS, so give it a spin! Season two, chapter one is available now on consoles, and will be launching soon on iOS!

Go Play Your Video Games

Angry Birds I don't think anyone has quite milked the potential of launching on the iOS platform quite like Rovio has with their mega-hit "Angry Birds." This brand began as one game, grew into 8+ others and then spawned a wide-reaching merchandise empire that rivals any Hollywood entertainment property. Speaking of Hollywood, they've even partnered with films in the past (Rio) and more recently with the Star Wars brand. It's quite possible to be sick of seeing Angry Birds everywhere even if you've never played it. But, this is the game that started it all, and it still holds up as an excellent slingshot-puzzler, so this weekend while it's free, be sure to download both iOS versions. For iPhone & iPod: Download Angry Birds For iPad: Download Angry Birds HD   Tomb Raider Nitty Gritty LaraLara Croft is back. Sort of. Technically this is the first time we're meeting Lara, because Crystal Dynamics have partnered with publishers Square Enix and have breathed new (and improved) life to the iconic video game heroine. Expect my full review sometime in the next two weeks, as I'm currently in the thrall of the campaign, but read on for my initial take. Original developer/publisher team Core/Eidos had stretched the original Tomb Raider series just about as far as they could when they partnered up (and eventually handed over) Lara to developers Crystal Dynamics. CD actually managed to put their own decent spin on the series, releasing "Legend", a 10 year anniversary remake of the original titled, aptly, "Tomb Raider: Anniversary" and a finally a continuation of their own original storyline called "Tomb Raider: Underworld." Underworld was actually quite good and felt modern, while still very true to the original intent. But sales just weren't keeping up, so the Lara think tank went back to the drawing board, trying to figure out how to make an essentially nine-sequeled game exciting again. Next, Eidos badly damaged by investments, was absorbed by publisher Square Enix (publishers of hits like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts & Hitman) and Crystal Dynamics retained developer rights. As a result, we now have "Tomb Raider." Sharing a name with the original best-selling and trend-setting game that essentially launched the 3D exploring adventure genre, the newest version of Lara's exploits is easily her best to date. Definitely worth your $60 to check out. The gameplay is the best combination hybrid I've seen in a game like this, borrowing back the best pieces from so many games that borrowed from the original series. To buy Tomb Raider *while* supporting #nerdjizz, go here! Halo 4 Promethean KnightAt this point, I'll play anything Halo Related. They've taken a more methodical approach to releases than the original Tomb Raider series did. As such, their candle hasn't burned out yet, and likely won't be needing a reboot any time soon. The newest exploits of everyone's favorite couple who can't consummate their relationship finds Master Chief and his Artificial Intelligence assistant Cortana uncovering secrets of the creators of life in their universe. The Elite are certainly back for action too, but they can't quite match up to the killing prowess of new enemies like the Promethean Knights. (Pictured to your left.) Seriously, Promethean Knights are a bitch to take down in the game. Especially on Legendary (the hardest difficulty setting, for non-Halo folk.) So, if you loved the outings of Master Chief before, you're probably going to love them again. Might as well go pick it up and start playing today!       Walking Dead The final entry I'll mention today is a particularly interesting game. Based on the hit comic book series "The Walking Dead" from which the universally-loved tv show comes from, this game began and exists as an episodic adventure. Originally there were a couple of months to a few weeks between releases giving the game a true sense of originating from the world of Kirkman's comics. If you're not much of a gamer, this installment-based adventure might be perfect for you. The game is driven by about 70% story and 30% action. It comes close to achieving a perfect rendition of "interactive storytelling." Not only that, but there are more on the way! These first five "episodes" complete the first "season" of the game. Season two is on its way soon! And given that it's available on just about every platform available, from your phone to your XBox to your computer, you don't have many excuses not to try it. For XBox 360 owners, you can find it here. For Mac users :: For PC Users PS3 folks can buy it here. For iOS users, pick up your copy on the app store. The Walking Dead by Telltale Games

The Walking Dead: The Game

  The Walking Dead has had an interesting effect on a few us (never-you-mind my considering a real-life zombie survival team worthy of appearing on National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers). And the show alone, come on! How great is it? Well, now the corpse-infested world of Robert Kirkman is evolving into a video game! Don't go expecting the exact same story from the comics and/or show, though. According to one of the lead designers (Sean Vanaman) on TheWalkingDeadGame.com:
"Well, the game is based on the comic and exists right alongside the stories of the comics. If you're going by comic timeline: Rick would be in a coma. And episode one takes place with a new set of characters all right around the greater Atlanta area, experiencing this apocalypse from a different perspective than Rick. You play a new character named Lee Everett, who is actually on his way to prison and, via the apocalypse, his cop car wrecks and he has his freedom back but, of course, now the world has gone to hell."
Though Rick's story isn't the primary story-arch, Sean goes on to say that Rick, Hershel and Glen are in the game. The site says the game will be available on XBox, PS3 and PC. Take a look at the teaser trailer and visit TheWalkingDeadGame.com for more information.