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TellTale’s ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Is Here!

Coming Soon It's Here!! The video game version of the Walking Dead is geared up for the second season. Told in episodic chapters, the game is an adaptation based on the Walking Dead comic book universe, rather than the television show universe. I've got to hand it to Robert Kirkman for turning his ten year old series into a string of recent successful revenue streams. Anyway, the first 'season' of the video game saw focus being placed on protecting a little girl named Clementine. This season, it appears she's the protagonist, so we're sure to get a look into the developing psyche of how a child becomes a post-zombie-apocalyptic adult. The game is coming to all major previous-gen consoles and also to iOS, so give it a spin! Season two, chapter one is available now on consoles, and will be launching soon on iOS!