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Seemingly Legit Batman V. Superman Spoilers

The JoBlo movie network has released a modicum of spoilers surrounding the upcoming Batman/Superman movie, and they seem to originate from pretty reliable sources. If you're not interested in the spoilers, don't press play on the following video. However, if you're concerned with the production like I am and want to make sure Zack Snyder isn't fucking things up, you'll probably be pleased with the three key pieces of info included herein. News pertains to Wonder Woman's appearance, Batman's impetus and Lex's motivation. Don't press play if you don't want the seemingly legit spoilers. [Featured image by Cliff Chiang]

Uh, Supe, buddy…

You got a receipt from the dry-cleaners? (Actually, I wouldn't mind this serving as the template for the official costume.)

Guys with iPhones.

Meet the new Superman. Again.

I never had the same affinity for DC Universe heroes that I had for their counterparts over at Marvel, so I can't claim to have been one of those kids who jumped on the Superman bandwagon in my youth. I did have a real thing for Batman: The Animated Series and the two films by Tim Burton, but the comics themselves never worked their way into my life.  But that particular lack of attachment to Superman was the reason I didn't bother watching the most recent film, Superman Returns by Brian Singer until just after this past Thanksgiving. I wasn't blown away, but I found it to be an adequate story with pleasing visuals, and a comedically stylized take on some of the characters.

Note: I didn't go completely cold-turkey with Superman when I was a kid. I really liked the Lois & Clark series. I don't really remember the overarching storyline. I just remember liking it.

Anyway, I'm blabbering on about this, but I do have a point. I'm quite hesitant to see what comes of this lastest announcement that Henry Cavill has been cast in Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot. These damn reboots are going to eventually lead to the death of the "good" comic book movie which barely had a chance to survive in the first place. Now, I was probably one of the very few who loved Snyder's Watchmen as an adaptation of the source material. I know Alan Moore feels his work has just been shat upon, but I think he's missing the point that despite the fact that his original material is absolutely brilliant, it's also so good that it lends itself well to creative adaptation in cinema. V for Vendetta is another example of Moore's work being adapted for Hollywood. Again, digressing. I just wanted to show you that this guy, below, is going to be the new Superman. And I'm not immediately excited about it.

The Tudors' Henry Cavill is revealed as the famous superhero | Mail Online.