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Twitter After Dark: Brent Everett & Steve Peña Edition

I just happened to be scrolling through twitter while in bed and ran across these gems that Brent Everett just shared, and I need to share them with you too.     Brent and his brick-house of a husband Steve are in Torreón, Mexico obviously having a great time at a club appearance. (Btw, doesn't Torreón sound like a Legendary Pokémon?) Follow Brent -- Follow Steve

Through Laura’s Eyes: Grabby Night

Alright, so I know I've filled you in on much of what went on over the course of Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, but there's more! Head on over to Laura D's blog and look at the rest of these photos. Both she and the photos she took are pure gold.

Grabby’s 2011 Chicago Day #3 « Im A Fag Hag.

Craig’s Grabby Life

While at the annual Post-Grabby Brunch, I met the writer and creator of Craig's Pop Life. Not only was he a great conversationalist, but he takes absolutely wonderful pictures of the events he attends! Take a look at a few of these and then go peruse the rest at his website and his Flickr feed.

Roma, Chris, Samuel & Tim
Recent roping prey Bobby Clark, with hunter Tony Buff.
They're The Kids In America: Bel Ami is represented Stateside for the first time in a long time.
Brent Everett. He and his husband are both extraordinarily gorgeous, and extraordinarily nice.
Tommy Defendi. Just a good old fashioned cool dude.
A cool dude who doesn't mind pleasing his fans.
These guys are still a pair of real treasures. I like everything they represent.


Don't forget: Craig's Pop Life is where you can find all of these and more! Click on any of the pictures above to visit!