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January 2015 Trailergasm!

So we're starting to wake up from our hibernating period, and boy have there been some sweet trailers that have come out whilst we lay in slumber! Let's get right into it! Bloodsucking Bastards This one seems to have come from way out of left field. Starring Fran Kranz and Game of Thrones' Prince Oberyn (Pedro Pascal), Bloodsucking Bastards seems to take an office comedy and spin it on its head with a vampire twist! Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Ok, yes, everybody and their momma has already seen the Age of Ultron trailer, no surprise there. But here's an official second, much darker trailer! Try not to wet yourselves! Ant-Man Here's the first of the movies on this list I'm a little iffy about. There's been so much happening in the making of this movie alone, and there's just no getting around fans wondering how this movie would've turned out if Edgar Wright hadn't left Ant-Man. His abscense becomes glaringly obvious when the last joke in this trailer kinda flops. "Is it too late to change the name?" It's too late for many things, I'm afraid. Blackhat Chris Hemsworth as a hacker. 'Nuff said. Pan Along with Cinderella and Chappie (see below), I was surprised to find myself getting a little emotional watching the Pan trailer. I knew absolutely nothing about it when I saw the trailer, and was floored when Hugh Jackman's name came up near the end -- he was that unrecognizable to me! Get your tissues ready! Mad Max: Fury Road As if the teaser trailer wasn't amazing enough. I found myself licking the monitor when watching this, and it had nothing to do with a leather-clad Tom Hardy... ...Ok, I lied, it had a lot to do with a leather-clad Hardy. Shut up. You don't know my life. Jupiter Ascending If you remember my Spring Trailergasm 2014 post, you'll remember the teaser for this movie was the headliner. Nearly a year later and we're only now getting a fuller trailer. I still don't think Tatum can act to save his life, but bless him for trying! Terminator: Genisys Another I'm not entirely sold on. Jai Courtney is cute AF tho... Doctor Who's Matt Smith and Game of Thrones' Khaleesi herself, Emilia Clarke, are in this too. My only reasons as to why I hold any interest. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Yes, we've all seen this already too. But how bad will it look on my part if I don't put this here?! I mean, honestly! Jurassic World Fangirling, squeeing, peeing, clapping. So much YES going on here! Cinderella I admit, when I heard they were making a live-action version of Cinderella, I totally rolled my eyes and scoffed. Then I heard Cate Blanchett and Downton Abbey's Lady Rose (Lily James) were starring, that's when I shut up. Then this comes out, and I'm surprised to see 2 familiar Game of Thrones faces! Most notably Robb Stark himself, Richard Madden! I'm sold. I may tent out the night before for Madden. I might also spend the night in line. HEY-OHHHH! Chappie There's no getting around it, I cried SO ugly-like for Chappie. HE'S JUST A KID, U GHAIZ!!!1 Also, holy major double-take at Die Antwoord and Hugh Jackman's mullet! I don't care if I go watch this movie alone and bawl my eyes out publicly, I must see this! Minions Another movie that totally flew under my radar. I had no idea it was being made, I had no idea there was already a trailer, but when I found it and saw it, I fangirled so hard again. BANANA! Ex Machina 2015 seems to be gearing up to be the year of AI. I'm starting to get the feeling that Emilia Clarke has a thing for both dragons and robots. Anyone else? I plan on watching, though. So what do you think? Which ones are you watching? Which ones are you going to pass up? Which movies are you waiting to see that we didn't cover here?

Karen Gillan’s Hair May Appear in Star Wars?

The ever-dorky and beautiful Karen Gillan was recently interviewed by Collider where the former Doctor Who companion revealed all that gorgeous red hair of hers, once shaved for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, was made into a wig and is now property of "the Star Wars people!"

COLLIDER: Was it just very liberating to shave your head, or did you have any moments of tears while they were doing it?

GILLAN:  No, I was laughing hysterically.  It really hit me when I woke up the next morning.  That’s when I was like, “Oh, my god, where’s my hair?!”  But also, everyone kept me in good spirit.  Everyone was laughing and telling jokes.  Marvel are the best company to work for, they really are.  They treat you really well.  They made my hair into the most incredible well-made wig and they gave it to the Star Wars people.  It’s just so funny to think that my hair is made into a wig, next to all these Star Wars monster heads in a warehouse.  I thought that was really funny.

Admit it, if you're a fan of hers, you're totally going to be keeping an eye out for red hair/wigs, aren't you? Lord knows I am! Read the rest of the interview at Collider and catch Karen's latest horror flick, Oculus, which is in theaters tonight!

Final ‘Clone Wars’ Season Airing On Netflix

This Friday, March 7th, Netflix will get a whole new batch of Star Wars goodness. The beloved, if meandering, "Clone Wars" series that originated on Cartoon Network will be airing its final 13-episode season along side the entirety of the series on Netflix. A Traitor In the Midst With season 5 ending on a somewhat unresolved note - Ashoka is no longer part of the Jedi Order - I'm hoping that these final 13 episodes will clear up some of the major plot lines, even though I know total resolution will be nigh impossible. At any rate, extended directors-cut editions of some episodes will be available in the seasons, as well as the original Clone Wars movie that started the series. Huzzah for Clone Resolutions!

Is Rogan Richards The Hottest Nerd Alive?

You guys know who Rogan Richards is, right? He's a gorgeous adult model who has appeared recently on Raging Stallion, Men At Play and Men of UK. If you haven't seen his work there, maybe you've seen these photos floating around Tumblr: [Sources: Michael Stokes, Paul Freeman, Rogan Richards] Ring a bell? He's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and clearly he is both genetically blessed and actively dedicated to maintaining a statuesque physique. But his all-around beauty is not the most interesting thing about Rogan. You see, Rogan is an honest-to-glob nerd. Seriously. I know, I know, we don't often get men with the bodies of greek gods like that in our ranks, but with him, it's real. Prove it, you say? Well, he writes Boba Fett fan-fiction. Bet that's more than you do to keep your nerd-cred current. How's that for your proof? For the short story, titled "Callow Scars" and some Star Wars-themed photos of Rogan, click here: Continue reading Is Rogan Richards The Hottest Nerd Alive?

Hightlights of LexiCon

Lexington Comic & Toy Con just celebrated its second year during St. Patty's day weekend. To be such a young con, they definitely snapped up some decent talent this year. The original Green, Blue and Black Power Rangers were all in attendance, as well as the actor who played Lurch in the 90's Addam's Family movies, and perhaps most notable was Lando Calrissian himself, Billy Dee Williams! To be honest, I didn't bother getting photos of those folks because a) I'm not the type to get easily starstruck anymore, and b) second-hand photos of them signing autographs aren't exactly the most interesting OR original photos to take. So here are a few of the things I thought were interesting. The St. Patty's Day Storm Trooper was my favorite mashup costume of the weekend. And staying true to theme, I've even included a great VPL shot from a Power Ranger.

A Star Wars XBox!

Can we call it C-36P0? I want it no matter what it's called. I haven't upgraded to the sleek, new body style of 360's purely based on my love of my solid red Resident Evil Edition 360. But this bundle could possibly be the one to persuade me to make the switch. Who wants to donate to make this a #nerdjizz reality? Maybe if I ask real nice and promise blowjobs? I mean, c'mon... a 3P0 controller!? An Artoo body and Kinect sensor!? Papa wants. Click below to read more.

Star Wars Xbox 360: Use the Force, controller-free - CSMonitor.com.

Unleash The Dark Side On His Backside

You've been a very good boy Luke, and that just won't do. Promise me you'll be bad from now on. Oh, and call me Daddy.


Theme: StarBat Continues

Furthering the Star Wars/Batman mashup motif today, I give you this gem: Boba Batt.

  Rampaged Reality, Batman and Boba Fett as one makes for one high....