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Sponsored: The Evolution of the Sex Toy


Since the beginning of time, men and women have been trying to enhance their sexual pleasure, and the sex toy has played a major role in this quest. According to Alternet, sex toys have been around for 35,000 years or so, and the first dildos were made of hand-carved stone while cock rings were crafted from the eyelids of goats. The first vibrator, which was used in a French asylum to treat "female hysteria," weighed 40 pounds and took two people to operate. Of course years of innovation, creativity, and technology have enhanced the sex toy industry, creating better, more durable, and longer lasting products. While current sex devices are much smaller and do not require as many people to operate them, many are still pretty novel. Today's toys are made of glass, silicone, and metal and can be strapped to ourselves, walls, and even ceilings. With modern-day sex devices, the sexual possibilities are endless.


Naturally, technological advancements have caused the sex toy industry to expand, creating luxury sexual enhancement tools. For instance, popular toys like the Rabbit vibrator and the Bullet have been substantially updated and are now considered luxury toys, as TrendHunter highlights. Even men's toys have been updated with features that stimulate the prostate gland. According to Adam and Eve, toys are instrumental in the creation of seminal fluids and tantalize the prostate, which is considered the male g-spot. So no matter your pleasure, there is a toy out there designed to get you off. Cock rings are one of the most popular items among sex toy enthusiasts. Because of the blood flow restriction, the cock ring wearer can experience a harder erection. It can also help them last longer, which helps those who suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. However, it's great for any guy who just wants to stay rock hard. Cock rings can also add some extra intensity for your partner. What's more, sex toy manufacturers have started creating cock rings that vibrant, making these toys even more pleasurable. Depending on where you place it, a vibrating cock ring can stimulate your shaft, as well as your partner's anus, perineum, or scrotum. That's a lot of action packed in one small device. If you're looking for prostate stimulation, you have quite a few options. While most of us associate dildos and vibrators as sex devices for chicks, these tools can also be used on men. Anal vibrators and dildos were designed to tease and excite the prostate, and, with the help of accompanying attachments, these toys can also arouse other areas like your balls and taint. You can get dildos that suction to walls, making them perfect for solo use. A step up from anal vibrators and dildos, the prostrate massager is designed to hit a man's prostrate or "p-spot," helping you achieve the ultimate orgasm. Not only is it good for getting off, the prostate massager is also great for your health, as Natural News points out. Stimulating your prostrate can help an enlarged prostrate, treat urination flow problems, stop painful ejaculation and help cure bladder infections. They can also decreas e your chances of getting prostrate cancer. Sex toys have come a long way. From simple devices like cock rings to more intricate equipment like prostate massagers, sexual enhancement products stimulate a wide range of sensitive areas of the body, boosting your pleasure. Whether you use them on your own or with a partner or two, sex toys are perfect for making your sexual encounters even more enjoyable.