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Spring Trailergasm 2014!

It is a great time to be a sci-fi geek! There are so many incredible-looking movies coming soon and we just can't wait! Take a look at these thirteen that are just pining to suck the life out of our wallets! Captain America: The Winter Soldier First up, we have next Friday's Captain America sequel! The rise of Bucky, the fall of Nick Fury, the introduction of The Falcon! And, oh, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow playing the Cap's personal matchmaker... o_O The Signal To tell you the truth, I hadn't heard anything about this movie until Harvey mentioned it. What the hell is happening to Nick? What's his condition? What's the signal? Why isn't Morpheus offering me pills?! The Signal kind of seems to pull elements from District 9, Chronicle, and Contagion, and wraps it with a neat little black bow on its head. It looks promising and I can't wait to see it! Maleficent There's not much else to say here that hasn't already been said, but can you tell we're just dying to see this?! This new trailer isn't helping any! Now we've learned the titular iconic Disney villain was in fact victimized by man and had her wings stolen! The scandal! The outrage! RELEASE THE KRAKEN DRAGON! Only Lovers Left Alive The second movie I hadn't heard of until Boss Walker brought it up! We've been inundated with vampires, we all know this already, but who cares when there's NAKED TOM HIDDLESTON in the trailer?! Continue reading Spring Trailergasm 2014!

Peter Parker, Housewife

Darn Mary Jane, making Peter do his laundry in his skivvies.

  Faith, Trust, & Wanderlust.

Compromising Superhero Situations

Spidey! I always knew you were a bottom, but for goodness sakes, at least show some restraint!

Peepshow Creepshow.

Spiderman dominating [edit] Robin?

Well that's certainly an interesting sketch from George Perez (major comic book illustrator who started in the 70's.)

Show Me Your Fuzz..

Andrew “Peter Parker” Garfield

I know you've had to've seen the recently released Spiderman picture with Andrew Garfield in the costume, but in the slight chance that you haven't, behold:

Say what you will about whether you think a reboot of the series so soon is a good idea or not, but I stand behind it 100% if for no other reason than to erase from my mind the image of Tobey McGuire as Peter Parker. The Daily What.