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Zach McGowan, Naked Again!

Looking like the muddy full-frontal'd Khal Drogo we all wished we'd seen on GoT, meet Captain Wang Vane! The last time we saw Zach McGowan he was flaunting his rather large-while-flaccid cock at us in Showtime's 'Shameless'. He's now over at the Starz network, starring in a show about pirates – heh heh butt pirates heh heh – called 'Black Sails' and guess what? His wang is flopping around again! And his character is called Captain Vane. Hashtag #VANEWANG! I very much like this trend, and I hope we see more period-set hyper-macho drama shows with all kinds of wang. I think it's quite possible we'll be seeing more of Zach as Captain Vane because Starz was the home of 'Spartacus', another show that didn't shy away from showing the peen.
  For mobile users, here's the same trailer in non-Flash form: KEEP IT UP, ZACH!

Shameless: Ryan McIntyre’s Little McIntyre Flops Around

Y'all know Shameless is one of the go-to series if you want to see some naked man-flesh. Last night featured fledgling actor Ryan McIntyre in the aptly named role of "Naked Guy." Behold:



Zach McGowan’s ‘Shameless’ Nudity

Last night on Shameless, (a very good show which I don't happen to watch, airing Sundays on Showtime) there were some gratuitous cock shots all before the episode hit the 10 minute mark! I decided to hunt it down after hearing about it and create some gifs for your viewing pleasure. The actor in question is Zach McGowan. I've never heard of him before, but with a dick like that, he's certainly on my radar now. I love Emmy Rossum's expression. I'd be impressed too if I were that close to it. I mean, it's not just me, right? It looks really big from that side angle. And it bounces so nicely in that third clip.