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Jake Bass Crashed The Internet

Okay, not the whole internet. Not yet. (I think he probably will one day.) Yesterday was Jake Bass' birthday. So last night, Jake was scheduled to do a live cam show at CockyBoys. The thing is, it didn't quite start on time. Admittedly, they are using new broadcasting client, as Max Ryder was tinkering with some technical issues during his own cam show a week earlier. But. Listen. The thing is, CockyBoys hosts a metric ton of video. ...Okay, okay, maybe not a metric ton, but close enough. They've been producing content for years. They've been online a while and have gained, not lost, popularity with each passing day. What I'm trying to say is that these guys have a handle on how to run a website. And Jake Bass crashed the servers. Talk about a career milestone. Jake Bass broke the Internet Well done Jake. It's a testament to the wide appeal he has. I mean, if you go check his tag on Tumblr, you'll find a range of people gushing about him.  There is even a wide base of fans who know he's in porn, but prefer to just look at his attractive face and not delve into his naughty dealings. That base includes, oddly enough, teen girls who are typically into people like Zayn from One Direction. Jake has a universal quality, that much is true. Here are some pictures and gifs to celebrate the joyous occasions of crashing the internet + naughty birthdays: The next time Jake breaks the internet, you should be there in person to witness it.