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Weekly Pull List – 6.4.14

Today is all-indie, all the time! The Wake #9 (of 10) The-Wake-9 And here it is, the penultimate issue of a fantastic miniseries from the minds of Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy. This has been a really interesting series from inception, and proved its boldness with the 200 year gap after returning from the mid-series hiatus. I'll be sad to see this one wrap up next month. Murphy's pencils on this title have been gorgeous.


The Woods #2


James Tynion IV's foray into creator-owned content is a nice change of pace from his current runs on DC's more notable Bat-characters. This one is being published by BOOM! Studios, home to the monthly adaptations of Adventure Time, as well as Clive Barker's newest work, Nightbreed. As I mentioned last month after the debut, there's a 99.9% chance I'm going to end up really liking this series. It still reminds me of the "Smith & Jones" episode of Doctor Who – only inasmuch as a building was transplanted from one planet to another – but it's got so much going for it, I've already had my local comic shop add it to my personal pull list.


(New ) Vampirella #1 


Vampirella is a title that has been around for decades, and she's getting new life thanks to Dynamite Comics. Don't get me wrong, she's already had a recent run with the company, but they're in the midst of a total reboot in their continuities, so this week is Vampirella's time to be reborn. I remember reading this book – long before it was a Dynamite property – thanks to old issues that belonged to my uncle. I found his stash at my grandparent's house when I was quite a bit younger, and was immediately taken with how badass she was. Vampirella was sandwiched between his collections of Heavy Metal and Conan, and taken as a hole, those titles had probably the reverse effect on me as they did on other boys; I wanted to emulate Vampi's bad-assery, and I wanted to hang beefcake pinup posters of Conan on my walls. Glad to see that she's getting a modern reboot.