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Chris Porter. Seriously. Look at this guy! I think one of the biggest constants in my porn-loving life is my support for Mr. Porter. Sure, he's been putting on some muscle lately so this picture doesn't accurately reflect his build today, but this is one of my favorite photos of him. The light loves him, the camera loves him. His tattoos are works of art painted upon a beautiful canvas. His boyfriend, Samuel Colt, is one lucky son of a bitch. Actually, no, I take that back. Both of those guys are lucky sons o' bitches. I've had the opportunity to meet them and despite being unforgivingly sexy, they're tried-and-true gentlemen. (Also, Mr. Porter is a gamer. I wish he had time to join me on XBox Live!) Click the photograph to read Chris's blog. It's worth it. He's funny, and he loves to post sexy photographs. Who wouldn't want to subscribe to that RSS feed?

Rabbits and Wolves.