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A Tale of Two Princes

I think everyone in the world is well aware (and probably well fatigued) of the Royal Wedding that occurred over the weekend. Why, then, would I bring it up and rub it in your faces even more? Because, dear friends, we're talking about a pair of Royals who aren't just hot by Royal standards – let's face it, King Henry VIII's direct line hasn't always been genetically blessed – but hot by most standards across the board.

Diana's living legacies, Harry and William, have inherited a fair mix of both parents' features and for the most part, they work together surprisingly well. Granted, William got the baldness gene from his father which certainly isn't serving him well, but he's nonetheless easy on the eyes. Harry, while he didn't inherit many of Diana's features outright, there's a mischievous sparkle in his eye that she's directly responsible for. And I dare say, t'were her genetics that are responsible for giving him the body that he has today. Bless her.


Harry certainly has the rugged masculinity and better body of the two brothers. However, we've never had the good fortune of seeing Harry expose much more than his torso. The same can't be said of William. While on his school's polo team, he showed off quite a bit of leg in his speedos. But that's not all. He's had his willie caught on camera. That makes him a future king with wang shots on the internet. Ultimately, he wins.


The following shot has been widely circulating Tumblr since Saturday. No one can vouch for it's authenticity, and to be honest, I can't imagine that Clarence House or the Royal Family would have allowed something like this to get out. On the other hand, if it's genuine, I have to say that Harry's knickers are brilliant.