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Flashback: Southern Decadence 2003 Part 2

Continuing in today's All-Decadence-2003 theme, here is part two in the series. This one features more action than the first. Sure there's still some aimless flashing, but the guys are starting to get a little friendlier here. Compliments of RocketTube If you're on an iPhone or iPad, click here to view the video!

Flashback: Southern Decadence 2003

Public nudity is one of my favorite things in life. One of these days, I'll get myself down to Southern Decadence. I mean, I am southern after all. I got my first real taste of Street Fair-style nudity last fall during Folsom 2010. Starting off with the first video, there's plenty of daytime street nudity. Let's kick this all-day-decadence-fest off right now! Compliments of RocketTube And if you're viewing on an iPhone or iPad, click here to view this video!

All your asses in a row

Line 'em up, boys.

This is just my point of view.