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The Down & Nerdy Hour

Our grand foray into the world of filthy podcasting, hosted by Harvey Walker and Trista Pubes, stay tuned for our big launch in the coming weeks! Coming soon.

Top 8 Podcast Countdown: Making It With Riki Lindhome

Technically, "Making It" has been in hiatus/hibernation since last fall, but the fact that a new episode was just released this week qualifies it for my top 8 countdown! As a matter of fact, even if a new episode hadn't been released at all this year, I would still recommend you listen to the backlog of episodes. It's a remarkably useful podcast for anyone who has any interest at all in the entertainment industrial complex. Riki – one half of musical comedy duo Garfunkel & Oates – is occasionally unfairly criticized in my view for her loose conversational style, but frankly, there are a lot of informational gems that arise in her episodes. The guests aren't under any pretenses to present themselves using standard hollywood soundbites, so they actually have a chance to be a little more frank about what it takes to succeed in the business. Hint: the near-universal answer - a strong, unyielding work ethic. ANYWAY. Riki is back for a limited 10-episode run which will hopefully pave the way for a return to a regular weekly schedule. First up in this glorious return is Tig Notaro. Tig was already a remarkably funny comedian in her own right, but some seriously major health problems prompted her into the spotlight in ways that, as she describes in this episode, she never would've imagined. If you already know her story, you'll love the episode for touching on new info bytes and if you're new to Tig altogether, all of the gaps will be filled in as you listen. LINKS! [iOS Podcasts App] [Making It With Riki Lindhome - iTunes] [Making It Homepage]