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YouTube Comment Reconstruction by Dead Parrot

My intention for today was to post something that DIDN'T come from youtube but after watching and guffawing at this video, I just had to share! YouTube Comment Reconstruction #1 comes to us from Dead Parrot and the video is a dramatic reading of a comment war between two 'Directioners.'
The YouTube comment section can sometimes make you question humanity, so to cheer you up we're bringing you dramatic reconstructions of some of the best comment wars. This time it's between 'Sophie Danze' and 'Jilianlovesthebeibs' on "One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful." Enjoy and why not start your own argument in the comment section below.

Niall’s Bum

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a listener of One Direction's music. I think I can maybe recall out about 3 or 4 of their songs, and I'd probably be able to pick out more from a lineup, but I definitely couldn't give you a run down on lyrics. I'm not trying to qualify myself as some kind of music snob, by any means. I just don't happen to listen to pure pop music on a regular basis. That being said, I think the boys from that band are fucking adorable. And recently on League of Their Own, a show hosted by British comedian James Corden (Doctor Who fans will know him as Craig Owens, father of Stormageddon) planted a temporary tattoo square onto Niall Horton's (the blonde one with braces) peachy little arse. There was also a cute little smooch between James and One Direction's Best Head Of Hair, Harry Styles.

Louis & Liam Talk Cock

There are at least 2 uncut D's in the ranks of 1D. Thanks Erynn for the (hooded) heads up. Watch as a male journalist asks two members of the hot to trot boy band about their own members: #penispuns