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Sweet Mother of Zelda!

I know I was just talking about it yesterday, and this might be overkill, but look at these screenscaps from Infendo! I officially am going to reserve my 3DS tomorrow. I mean, wow. Ocarina of Time looks absolutely blessed on this device, and the portability is an added bonus! Ultimate nerd boner.

Up close and personal: Zelda Ocarina looks lovely on 3DS - Infendo

Nintendo 3DS: Price/Date Announced.

Price and date details emerged about the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS. Price: $250 Release date: March 27th I have to admit, I'm a little surprised at the price point. I thought that the Thanksgiving downward price shift of the existing DSi and XL models signaled that Nintendo's family of handhelds would never breach the $200 threshold. But, then again, this is the first self-dependent 3D handheld machine, requiring no glasses, so I suppose the price can be justified. Regardless, I'm gonna get one, and I'm going to play the updated Ocarina of Time on that bitch like there's no tomorrow. Thanks to hungandthick for the heads up on the HuffPo article below: Nintendo 3DS Price, Release Date Announced.