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Metroid is DOA?

Okay, so in this instance I'm referring to the game Dead or Alive and not the fact that the Metroid series is seemingly dead on arrival after that last entry, Other M. Because let's face it, Other M was an awful entry into Samus' canon. What I'm referring to is an apparent level in the forthcoming Dead or Alive Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS themed upon Metroid, including a constantly hovering appearance by Ridley! After the disappointing turn on the Wii by Team Ninja, it seems surprising that Nintendo would allow them to continue using the property. But then again, that's business for you. I'm sure there's some sort of contractual stipulation overflow from Other M that gives Team Ninja rights to do so. Regardless, I'm just happy this go-around is much more measured. At least Samus won't be a playable character. Speaking of having Samus as a playable character in a fighting game, I just had a thought as to how awesome a portable Smash Brothers title would be on the 3DS! Here's hoping that comes to light within the first year of the device's lifespan. Watch the video below examining the Metroid-themed stage.

Nintendo 3DS to welcome its own “Cave Story”

Did any of you nerds play Cave Story? Either the original or the WiiWare version? I downloaded the demo and gave it a try. I liked it, and understand the charm that kept many of the fans enthralled.

Well, the Nintendo 3DS is getting it's own version of the game. The 3DS launches at the end of next month, and then sometime in May, the eShop (aka, the 3DS "app store") will be open. I've already mentioned that when the eShop launches, one of the titles that will be available is Link's Awakening so I'm going over to GameStop today to reserve my system. Yep. I'm one of those guys that reserves shit ahead of time. Want to fight about it? From Pop Herald:

According to multiple reports, a remade Cave Story will arrive in Nintendo 3DS, and the indie game will turn into a”2.5D” game or enhanced 2D experience using illusion of space courtesy of the 3D capability of the 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS to welcome its own “Cave Story”.

Sweet Mother of Zelda!

I know I was just talking about it yesterday, and this might be overkill, but look at these screenscaps from Infendo! I officially am going to reserve my 3DS tomorrow. I mean, wow. Ocarina of Time looks absolutely blessed on this device, and the portability is an added bonus! Ultimate nerd boner.

Up close and personal: Zelda Ocarina looks lovely on 3DS - Infendo

Super Mario in 3 Dimensions!

There's finally some news as to what sort of outing the worlds most famous plumber will be making on Nintendo's forthcoming handheld. Miyamoto hinted that he want's to release news of the true-3D Mario as soon as possible. Follow the link to read more over at GameSpot!

Super Mario Bros. 3DS en route - News at GameSpot.

Nintendo 3DS: Price/Date Announced.

Price and date details emerged about the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS. Price: $250 Release date: March 27th I have to admit, I'm a little surprised at the price point. I thought that the Thanksgiving downward price shift of the existing DSi and XL models signaled that Nintendo's family of handhelds would never breach the $200 threshold. But, then again, this is the first self-dependent 3D handheld machine, requiring no glasses, so I suppose the price can be justified. Regardless, I'm gonna get one, and I'm going to play the updated Ocarina of Time on that bitch like there's no tomorrow. Thanks to hungandthick for the heads up on the HuffPo article below: Nintendo 3DS Price, Release Date Announced.

Handhelds do it better. Giggity.


It seems that the upcoming Nintendo 3DS has decided to stop being so shy and walk the runway for some premiere photos! The device is scheduled for a March release in North America, and I for one will be purchasing my own. Anyone else out there gonna get your paws on a 3DS? From Joystiq: Report: Nintendo 3DS lifted from Chinese production line, posed for pics | Joystiq.