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Comedy Break: Iliza Shlesinger on The Tonight Show

tumblr_nig6zkKUbN1qhub34o2_500 Last week, Iliza Shlesinger gave what was in my opinion one of the funniest late night sets in recent memory. Her appearance on The Tonight Show was a primer for her new Netflix Special "Freezing Hot." If you're not familiar with her, she's a very animated and fast-paced comedian, and you're going to love this set, I guarantee it! (Returns not accepted.) Her Netflix special "Freezing Hot" is available now.
[Images/video from NBC/The Tonight Show]

Final ‘Clone Wars’ Season Airing On Netflix

This Friday, March 7th, Netflix will get a whole new batch of Star Wars goodness. The beloved, if meandering, "Clone Wars" series that originated on Cartoon Network will be airing its final 13-episode season along side the entirety of the series on Netflix. A Traitor In the Midst With season 5 ending on a somewhat unresolved note - Ashoka is no longer part of the Jedi Order - I'm hoping that these final 13 episodes will clear up some of the major plot lines, even though I know total resolution will be nigh impossible. At any rate, extended directors-cut editions of some episodes will be available in the seasons, as well as the original Clone Wars movie that started the series. Huzzah for Clone Resolutions!

Another New ‘House of Cards’ Trailer!

Ohhhhhhhhhh shit. The first official trailer was sorely lacking in plot details, but this one paints a clearer picture of what's happened since we last left Frank Underwood's political world. Special shout out to Constance Zimmer for her role as Janine. I was not in love with Entourage, but she always stuck out to me as a diamond in the rough. She is also particularly good in HBO's Newsroom.

Development: Arrested

Arrested Development is coming back to the small screen very soon. The Netflix-produced series will debut all of its episodes next week on May 26th. Who's excited for more Bluth family antics!?

Coming This Weekend: DC Animation on Netflix

This Saturday. The 30th. Look what's coming to your Netflix Instant Streaming-enabled device: Justice League, which later became Justice League Unlimited Justice League The Justice League Batman Beyond Batman Beyond Batman: The Brave and The Bold Batman: The Brave and The Bold This should help fill your still-hurting feelings since the cancelation of Young Justice.

Code Monkeys

Have you heard of a show called Code Monkeys? I hadn't. That's why I ask. It's apparently a few years old, having been shown on G4TV here in the states, and it just wound up on Netflix recently. It's set in the 80's practically at the dawn of the video gaming phenomenon. You'll derive the most enjoyment from the show if you have a basic knowledge of gaming history. However, if you'd simply enjoy a potty-mouthed workplace comedy displayed in 8-bit, the gaming knowledge really doesn't matter. Check it out!