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Skins: MTV Dares To Bare!

Over at The Daily Beast, Jace Lacob has some rather good points about the controversy that MTV has stirred up in the wake of it's remake of a rather great British series. Personally, regardless of the consequences, I'm glad that cable television is finally taking more risks. If MTV inadvertently desensitizes viewers into a more European attitude towards nudity, all in their quest for ratings and controversy, I say power to them. On Monday night's episode, we saw some bare ass towards the end of the hour. Hopefully there'll be more of that. (And more cursing, too. I love cursing.) The clip and the link to the article can be found below. 'Skins' Is Not Kiddie Porn! MTV Show Breaks No Child Pornography Laws - The Daily Beast.

Get your Spy Groove on.

There once was a time when MTV ventured away from the world of music videos and into the world of scripted programming, that they actually aired a real gem every once in a while. Spy Groove happened to be just one of those gems. I've always been drawn to the bold, clean styles of artists like Bruce Timm, J.Bone and Glen Hanson. The latter worked on such shows as Beetlejuice, Daria and the piece in question here, Spy Groove.
Agent #1 is like the Matt Damon to Agent #2's Ben Affleck.
Recently, I came across Spy Groove on YouTube. Since MTV has no plans whatsoever to release this incredibly witty series, YouTube might just be the best venue to watch this scathingly clever show about fashion, espionage, sex appeal and homoerotic undertones. Check out the first episode, presented here in 3 parts. (Feel free to create your own commercial breaks.) Oh, and John Waters fans, I think you'll enjoy Mr. Fish, the antagonist. Below, you can see more of Glen Hanson's work, available for viewing at his website.
Rear nudity is a staple of Spy Groove.
A self portrait of the artist.
Now that's a good looking POTUS.