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Tangled Up In Sex

I can haz all three?

Cocksure Men has been consistently producing some great content lately. Between directors Jasun Mark and John Tegan and producer Jake Cruise, you're getting some quality sexin' on the pages of CM.

One of the best scenes to come along recently has been a threeway between one of my all-time favorite performers, Conner Habib, starring alongside Cocksure exclusive Morgan Black and beautifully built and furry Heath Jordan. Mind you, this scene debuted in February... and I'm still yankin' my chain to it on a regular basis. Heath is an example of the kind of performer who has one of those stacked bodies the studios love, but he eschews the "smooth muscle" image they employ as often as he can. This young man is furry, and he looks damn good when he goes au naturale and lets his pelt fly free. His body is a one-two combo for fans of muscle-worship and fur-love. It's obvious that this fresh-faced young cub is going to age into a devilishly handsome bear.
Here's Heath, in a grand display of cocksucking.
Conner is a great example of what a man should be. Smart, fucking sexy, and completely without airs. His horny, intelligent, playful persona is no act. He's literally just as horny in real life as he seems on camera and he's completely owns it. But, I guess telling you that is a bit redundant. I mean, he is having sex for a living, after all. His above-average intellect is just the cherry on top of his sexual sundae.
Conner's ass is nothing less than a natural wonder.
Morgan is my image of what sex personified would be. A little rough, hairy in all the right places and with a soul and energy as warm and as passionate as the sun itself. I know I'm not the only one who picks attributes in performers and wishes we could find them in our search for partners in real life, but I don't just want someone who emulates Morgan. I want Morgan.
Morgan's release. I bet when you watch this video, you won't last as long as him.
All three of these men are cut from a similar cloth. Each unique in their own way, but threads of raw sexuality and genuine delight in the rugged male body bind them together. Scroll down to watch a clip from this smoking hot scene, and also follow these fine gentleman on Twitter. If you're on an iPhone or iPad and the video below doesn't show up, click here. Compliments of RocketTube Find Conner on Twitter and Online. Find Heath on Twitter. Find Morgan on Twitter. Visit Cocksure men by clicking below and sign up to enjoy more hot videos like this one!

A Very Cocksure Engagement

Who knew that one day while writing a post, I'd get to parody the title of an Audrey Tautou movie while discussing a group sex scene from one of my favorite porn-producing teams!? Well, the day is here, and I couldn't be happier. The similarities between the scene and the movie stop at the word "engagement," but they're both pleasantly paced narratives. Friday, Cocksure Men released part one of an epic two-parter that I tweeted about last week. "The Engagement" from Cocksure Studios is a chance for the team to highlight their studio exclusives and quite frankly, I wouldn't mind more 'exclusive exploitation' like this in the future. To get the party started, resident golden child Brady Jensen and his 'partner' Kevin Crows announce their Engagement. Naturally, since all of their buddies are there to celebrate, there's only one thing to do: start getting down and dirty with anyone and everyone before the two make honest men of each other.
Six well dressed handsome gentlemen.

I have to say, as much as I like a naked man – let alone 6 – and would prefer non-stop action all the time, I really do appreciate the fact that it's nearly 20 minutes into the scene before the last scrap of suit is off of the last guy. I love a man in a suit, and an engagement party full of gorgeous men decked out in formal wear is a dream come true. But for as much the fellas indulge my formal wear fetish, I'm just as happy to have them strip down. Each of these guys have great bodies, so I have to concede that they should indeed be naked every chance they get. I know you've heard me go on about Brady before previous posts, so I'll focus on a few of the others.

Robert Axel is a tall, dark, stacked gladiator of a man. It's nice to see him featured here. There should be more Robert Axel material in the world.

Mitch Vaughn is a great performer as well. I've watched his scenes on Cocksure, and my favorite is hands-down his duo with Drew Cutler. He responds to the demands of the hunky Cutler like a true professional and delivers a great cumshot at the end. His work here is no less enthralling.

Guy Jones is the type of guy that makes me want to call him sir. Not for seniority reasons, but because he looks like he's fresh from his stint as an army grunt recruit. Considering I have a serious Armed Forces uniform complex, this guy is perfectly fine by me.

Morgan Black is just the kind of guy I'd bring home to momma. He's got rugged good looks, a respectful demeanor, a winning smile, a killer body and a great dick. Ok, so those last two might not necessarily be qualifiers for meeting the family, but they're certainly attributes that keep me hanging on. I might have a new crush on my hands with Mr. Black.

Kevin Crows is a winner as well. Charming and young, he's a good match for Jensen in this vignette. He proves to be aptly affectionate with most of the guests in attendance as well, much to our, and I'm sure their, pleasure.

As a matter of fact, this scene pretty much touches base on nearly every type of guy I like, save for a few.

As the fellas at Cocksure sum it up:

It's a Cocksucking Spectacular as all six Cocksure Men exclusive guys get together to celebrate the engagement of Kevin Crows and Brady Jensen. What starts as some congratulations turns into a series of "last chance" blowjobs and before long, the shirttails and ties come off as our sextet show just how much fun a bunch of buddies can have when the pants hit the floor. Kevin pulls Mitch Vaughn and Robert Axel into the bedroom for some hardcore fucking fun while Brady (not even taking the cock out of his mouth to say "bye") keeps Morgan Black and Guy Jones with him so he can top them both. Culminating in a cumshot spectacular, part one ends with a BIG bang. We can't wait to see what happens in part two...

Neither can I, boys. Neither can I.

Picstrip courtesy of Gay Daily Hot.

If you'd like to follow the guys from this video on Twitter, click the names below: Morgan Black Brady Jensen Kevin Crows Mitch Vaughn Jasun Mark, co-director of this scene John Tegan, co-director of this scene

Cocksure Weekend Update

The fellas over at Cocksure Men gave us quite a treat this weekend. Two of the hottest men to grace their cameras are in a scene together, and it's all topsy turvy from what you might expect. Brady Jensen has been doing such a great job bottoming lately, that when masculine stud Morgan Black rolls on the set, you'd assume the trend would continue. You'd be wrong. What we have here is Adonis-like Brady giving it to Morgan the hottest way he knows how.
Beautiful men, no?
Perfect subjects for a stone carving.
If you'd like a little preview, check this video out. It provides a more tempting look at what thine eyes can behold by joining Cocksure Men.