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All Hail the New Ginger King: Seth Fornea!

It's no secret that Harvey and I have a ginger fetish; just stick us in a Prince Harry, Kennedy Carter, Rupert Grint, Macklemore, Eddie Redmayne and Ewan McGregor pile and we can die happy! And when the universe hands us mens like the Seth Fornea, whose last name we're still not 100% certain how to pronounce — For-nay-yuh? For-knee-ah? — y'all best step aside and let us through if you'd like to stay in one piece. See why after the cut! Be warned: I kinda got carried away with the amount of photos I found on Seth's blog. I couldn't cut it down to a manageable amount, BECAUSE SETH FORNEA! Stalk I mean check him out on twitter, too: @SethFornea Continue reading All Hail the New Ginger King: Seth Fornea!


You've got a little shmutz right there...

Gabe Rogers - It's 1:44 A.M..