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The Twelfth “First Teaser” For the New Season of Doctor Who Is Here!

Doctor Who Series 8 Iconic Okay, so there haven't really been *that* many teasers, but you have to admit, they seem to be touting every screen appearance of Capaldi as some kind of first. His peekaboo in the big movie from last year was kind of a "first." The big, live reveal was kind of a "first." I like the guy well enough, but I'm not fully on board with the BBC/Moffatt's Capaldi-marketing-strategy. Whatevs. I'm looking forward to Clara eventually going her own way and Capaldi getting a new companion who will really play to his strengths.  -hw tumblr_n7ue18hIAN1r9zeo4o2_500 tumblr_n7ue18hIAN1r9zeo4o3_500

BREAKING: Matt Smith Cast in Terminator Reboot

Ok, it may not be so much "breaking" as it is OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! He is now the ONLY reason why I want to see this reboot! I checked out when I heard Schwarzennegger was coming back. :/ ... According to Deadline, Paramount has just announced that Matt Smith has been cast in the upcoming “Terminator” reboot and will be playing a new character “with a strong connection to John Connor”. Read the full release after the break. Continue reading BREAKING: Matt Smith Cast in Terminator Reboot

Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Trailer is Here!

Matt Smith's reign as the Doctor is coming to a close and with it comes what promises to be an epic Christmas episode! The Time of The Doctor certainly looks exciting but...I don't know that I'm feeling it, actually. I mean, yes, I'm just crazy about Matt and the 50th anniversary episode literally had me in tears, but I honestly think he should've left two seasons ago. We've been over-saturated — drowning with him as the face/identity of the Doctor for so long, and that's what's keeping me from being excited about his end. I'm ready for a fresh breath of air. Let's get Capaldi and his intense eyes here already!

We know, Matt. Us too.

Matt is looking like he just saw the cute aforementioned ginger. Same, Smith. Same.

Doctor Whogasm!

The 50th anniversary special is fast approaching and holyshitomgwtflol, the stuff the BBC is pulling out! Here's a teaser of the special IN WHICH DAVID TENNANT WEARS A FEZ AND NOW I'VE LOST CONTROL OF MY BLADDER!!!!! There's even a little something for older fans of the series (though this isn't too far of a stretch into the past. At all.) involving Paul McGann's 8th incarnation of the Doctor! Squee! Also: ...wut?

Matt Smith Filming in Detroit

Yes, ladies and germs, that is the one and only Doctor himself, Matt Smith, on location in Detroit filming Ryan Gosling's How To Catch A Monster and sporting a shockingly new look! It was no secret that Smith was cast as the lead in Gosling's directorial debut (Note Gosling on the front passenger seat, behind the cameraman; the film also stars Eva Mendes and Christina Hendricks), what many weren't expecting was the drastic change in Smith's appearance! I have to say I never noticed how much Matt Smith's ears stuck out but it's cute! And, good Time Lord, does he look good with a buzz-cut! Now, I may not be involved in the mainstream entertainment industry, but I DO know that certain actors and performers are strictly barred from changing their appearance whenever they want, especially those in television. This leads me to believe that maybe, just MAYBE, Matt Smith's sudden haircut may be a spoiler for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special! Meaning, if actors can't drastically change their looks (and let's be honest, part of Smith's key identifier as the Doctor -- bow tie aside -- is the swoop of hair), could it be possible that Matt Smith's Doctor will be regenerating some time during or at the end of the special? I think so (especially after having read spoilers of the season 7 finale airing this Saturday) Then again, I could be embarrassingly wrong again. The last time I made a speculation involving the Whoniverse, I turned out to be completely wrong. If we recall, I thought the little girl we saw regenerate in a NY alley was a reintroduction of Classic Who villain, the Rani, turns out it was River Song before we knew she was part Time Lord (Lady?). Either way, I'm excited for both Doctor Who and Smith's involvement with Ryan Gosling! May the grody slash-fiction begin! Images source: OLV & @Bananadoc


Via Hey Harvey Walker • Via Doctor Who Tumblr

One Week Away from Doctor Who!

Eeek! We're now a week away from the premiere of Doctor Who's second half of season 7! We've already been given the heads up on the return of classic-Who monsters, the Ice Warriors, but what else is in store? To be honest, I don't know where to start because I'm too busy wetting my pants and gawking at the new design of the Cybermen! While we wait, if you haven't seen it already because you're like me and living under a rock, watch the teaser trailer now! Also, please take notice that I am making a HUGE effort not to complain about the opening titles from the Christmas episode, the new TARDIS console and the Doctor's apparently new purple jacket. I won't. I can't. I'm likely to rage and leave nearby villages in absolute ruin. In the meantime, enjoy! And as an added bonus, here are four Doctor Who movie-posters the BBC released for the upcoming episodes!

Geronimo! Doctor Who is Back Tomorrow

FINALLY! Tomorrow night, season 7 of Doctor Who premieres and we're all sitting on the edge of our seats here at #nj's virtual HQ, just itching to say, "Hello, sweetie!" again to our TV screens! In time for tomorrow's premiere, Nerdist's All Star Celebrity Bowling episode went live on their YouTube page today, featuring the Nerdist team vs the Doctor Who team! (No spoilers from me, give it a gander!) BBC America has also released special season 7 "movie posters" on the Doctor Who Facebook page to whet our appetites and make the wait all the more unbearable! Will you be watching? [Edit from Harvey] Even though Doctor Who Confidential is no longer with us, the BBC has produced a series of shorts (and that "short" description is no joke - these things are like a minute long) called "Pond Life" which are meant to tie in to the series and the manner in which the Doctor keeps up with the Joneses Ponds. Watch them all below! AND FINALLY, I'll leave you with an interview with Karen (Amy) and Arthur (Rory) discussing tomorrow's big episode! ALLONS-Y!