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#TBT: Good Old-Fashioned Locker Rooms

It's throwback Thursday, so lets take a look back at a time when a reporter kept his composure, albeit awkwardly, while interviewing a naked man: The interviewee is Ron Hextall, and the cameraman pulls back just enough for a quick pube shot at the :05 mark. Tom Meese clearly has a case of "locker room poker face" thereafter as he's trying his damnedest not to acknowledge that Hexnall's peen is just chilling right beneath the camera line. Bless. --- Next up, here's a great display of kinsmannship between bros in the locker room. "You dry my back, I'll dry yours..." --- The next two go way back. Back to the two World Wars in fact, and they take place in the locker rooms of war: rivers. From World War I, allied soldiers sprint down to the river to get cleaned up. Then some fellas in WWII do the same thing. Fewer men, but better footage.

Spies Among Us: Locker Room Edition

It's no secret we here at #nerdjizz enjoy the occasional voyeuristic locker room video. Today brings us a video discovered on XTube. This guy doesn't get completely naked, but  his sexy legs and oh-so-subtle peek of buttcrack are sure to leave your wang stiffer after viewing this unintentional striptease.

Appreciation For The Naked Man In The Locker Room


[source: Hey Harvey Walker.]

Sneakycam: Post-Shower Ass in the Locker Room

Heyohhhh. That's a mighty fine specimen, won't you back that ass up?

Lose That Speedo

I do love the convenience of recording someone unawares with your smartphone, but this vertical video syndrome is becoming a problem.

Gym Shower Voyeur

Dude with a great everything - dick, ass, body - showering off after a workout. From ShowerHour.

Locker Room Shenanigans

Do you follow Bryan Cole on Twitter? You should. Why? Because early this morning he tweeted this:
Jacking off in the locker room, cumming on a locker door, then sampling his own load. FILTHY HOT.

Locker Room Voyeurism

A naked man in a locker room is essentially the key to my heart. Granted, he has to be attractive, fit, and freshly showered, but this statuesque blonde fits the criteria.

Bruce Weber’s Homoeroticism Via Wrestling

Bruce Weber came under some faux-controversy lately involving a video he shot either for or not for (depending on your source) Abercrombie & Fitch. There's certainly some homoeroticism to it, but not quite the gay make-out the outrage would've suggested.
Here's another video of the non-controversial kind from Weber's website keeping in this 'wrestling' theme he's been fond of shooting.

My Future Ex-Husbears

God bless the inventor of the male athletic supporter. It's the sexiest piece of functional attire I've ever known.

My Future Ex-Husbears.