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CockyBoys: Levi + Colby = Magic

I'll admit that in the grand scheme of adult entertainment, I don't venture far from my "regulars." On occasion, I'll scour some tube sites if I'm in the mood for a quick release. When it comes to studio porn, I really never venture further than the one-two combo of CockyBoys & Corbin Fisher.  Well, make it a three-fer: I do enjoy GuysInSweatpants as a little side-piece. All three studios do a great job at conveying a real connection between performers in a majority of scenes. Occasionally a standard filler scene will slip through, but as of late, neither of them could be accused of being "content farms," constantly churning out quantity instead of quality. This CockyBoys scene featuring Colby Keller and Levi Michaels though... it's something else. Now, I know, a lot of CockyBoys scenes have really great foreplay segments, but in the world of online porn, the foreplay isn't always the most sexual thing we want to see as porn viewers. We want action, action, action. But I am telling you, the chemistry between these two is really, really something special. Like, make-you-leak-in-your-boxers special. The sex is even better, but do not – I repeat DO NOT – fast forward through this video. It's one of the best non-serial scenes Jake Jaxson & company have put out in a long time. If you're still skeptical, here's 3 and a half minutes of the scene to convince you:
Straight from the horse's producer's mouth:
 Colby Keller said right up front that the first thing he noticed about Levi Michaels was his butt. He loved everything about it -- the shape, the way it jiggled, and how everything he wanted to do to Levi involved it. On the other hand, Levi loves a man of passion. And he said he could immediately feel the sparks flying when he first kissed Colby.First impressions definitely went a long way this time around, because Colby and Levi just clicked together. The way they kissed, held each other, and laughed together was reminiscent of a couple who'd known each other for years, and that intimacy only intensified when they finally got naked.
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