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Exclusive Premiere: Project GoGo Boy Trailer

I'm among a lucky handful of websites privy to share with the public the first official trailer from CockyBoys' upcoming Project Gogo Boy. Take a two minutes and watch this thing. I'll admit I haven't been fully aware of what to expect from the upcoming series, but have been excited purely for the performers involved. Now, with the first actual glimpse into what it's all about – and I swear i'm not exaggerating – I can't fucking wait to watch this.     Studios and independent venues have tried their hand at "reality porn" in the past. Dominic Ford's "So You Think You Can Fuck" has proven to be an enjoyable watch each year. Hollywood 201 was a YouTube series centered around young performers trying to break into the adult industry. Hell, even the Playboy channel has that "Foursome" series that even features former (and I use this term loosely) mainstream reality stars. But after watching the above trailer, I feel, for the first time, like I'm actually witnessing compelling reality television from the adult industry. And it's completely web-based! Sure, the future of television will be web-based, but this feels like the culmination of years of entertainment and pornographic trends finally converging into a near-perfect product. Since I haven't seen the full series I obviously can't go making predictive "perfect" claims, but I'll bet it comes close. From the studio:
New York, NY – This is Project Go-Go Boy!  CockyBoys announced today they have locked the cast and completed the first round of production for their next feature film Project Go-Go Boy. Helmed by CockyBoys owner and director Jake Jaxson, Project Go-Go Boy is being shot as a reality series, with hardcore action set against the back drop of the go-go clubs and bars of New York City and Montreal. The film chronicles the lives of several aspiring go-go boys as they fight their way to the top of the BOX! Project Go-Go Boy features an all-star cast full of CockyBoys exclusives: rising superstar Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Pierre Fitch, Gabriel Clark, Tommy Defendi, and Tony Capucci, as well as Seth Knight and new-cummer Ben Rose! The entire cast was in Montreal a week ago where they filmed and had a live in-store appearance at Priape, Montreal’s premiere gay store (see attached pics) where they signed DVDs and met with fans. Jake Jaxson says, “With my last film NAME OF THE GAME  we briefly explored the world of the go-go boy.  In this film, it will be TOTAL immersion into the life of the go-go boy, bringing the viewer a detailed account of what’s happening on stage and off… the world of go-go boys is truly the perfect sex-charged world, one that I have LOVED since I was a boy. I grew up in New Orleans, I came out in New Orleans, and my first mind blowing sex was with a go-go boy from the famed Corner Pocket Bar in New Orleans!” He goes on to say, “As a young man bouncing around the French quarter, most of my friends were artists, hookers, and go-go boys…so I guess you can say I have been preparing for this film for the past twenty years! I can promise that this won’t be just another porn movie.” As the CockyBoys return from Montreal to begin filming on their home turf of NYC they released some exclusive sneak peek pics from the Montreal shoot.  As you can tell by looking at the pictures, CockyBoys is not playing around with this project and intends to break the mold with this dark and sexy look into the lives of go-go boys…step into the world of Project Go-Go Boy only with CockyBoys, beginning June 2012!  
After clicking an image below, you can maneuver through the photos using your left and right arrows. Prior to now, I've been excited for this feature based on the fact that, in my eyes, there's no such thing as too much Jake Bass, or too much Kennedy Carter, or too much [insert exclusive Cocky Boy here]. Now I'm genuinely more excited to watch the story unfold than I am to watch the inevitable naughty bits. If you're not a member, I'd suggest you go sign up now so you won't miss this Cocky-awesomeness when it hits.

Jake Bass and Kennedy Carter: Transformer by Roger Deckker

Dudetube just made me aware of the following photos that were dug up by Homotography.  These are from the Summer 2012 issue of Zoo magazine featuring quite a large number of amazing photographs by Roger Deckker. But being the fan of both Kennedy and Jake that I am, I'd gladly hang both of the following photos on my walls.

Source: Transformer by Roger Deckker | Zoo | Homotography.

Super Sexual Saturday Starring Stephen

...and Kennedy. I wish I could've included Kennedy's name in the post title, but I simply couldn't pass up that kind of alliteration. What can I say? I love puns, and I love alliteration. I'm a language nerd. BUT, that's not what you're here for. You want to see some buttsex. Read on: Kennedy is a real gem in the adult industry. He brings a fantastically fun energy to scenes he's in, and recently he's been doing impressive work behind the camera. His official directorial debut was with this scene, and he brings an elegant touch to cinema sexuale. For a taste, click play on the trailer below or hop over here.   He also took lead in front of the camera with his incredibly loving and intimate scene with his boyfriend Ivan a number of months ago. Any scene with Kennedy is a scene worth watching. He's a rare breed. Stephen is a handsome fucker himself. I can't place exactly who it is he reminds me of, but  he has a very specific handsomeness that recalls an 80's teen heartthrob for me. Such a sly and sexy face at every angle.

Retcon’d: Lovers Fucking – Ivan & Kennedy

Kennedy Carter is a bastard. And by that, I mean that he's cruel for flaunting the fact that he's happily taken by debuting his boyfriend Ivan to the world in this incredibly sensual homemade scene. Kennedy, being the sweetest being in this wide world, is of course utter husband material, and these scene only cements that fact. He also has an artistic talent that he's chosen to flesh out in this scene. While it's not necessarily a directorial debut, it's clear that Kennedy is taking the lead in this tango. Here's what Cockyboys had to say about this scene:
There is something about Kennedy that I just can't get enough of. Watching him over the last few months, and working with him, I have become a huge fan. And everyone who knows Kennedy knows that he's dating one sexy-mother-fucker--Ivan. I have always wanted to be a fly on the wall while those two suck and fuck each other. So when I saw them at one of our parties I couldn't help but ask if they would ever consider doing a scene together for Cockyboys. Ivan had never done porn, and has been asked coutless times, and he was instantly turned on when I suggested the idea. Game on!! So, we did things a little differently this time. We set up the cameras and left the room and asked them to make their own sex tape. When we got the tapes back, we were completely blown away from what we saw....like WOW! The passion, the raw intensity, the connection, the way they kissed, and looked into each others eyes while fucking each other! They were so comfortable with one another and knew exactly how to turn the other one on. That's the real stuff that cannot be faked on camera. Nor will they ever do it again. Kennedy and Ivan decided that this would be the one and only time!

CockyBoy Awesomeness

Howdy fellas. I've been a little preoccupied lately, thanks to the release of Batman: Arkham City. I've completed the game and a review is coming soon, but there are awesome porny things to discuss right now. I wanted to direct your attention this weekend to a special deal from CockyBoys available in very few places, with #nerdjizz just happening to be one of those places!! That's right. I'm pleased to offer you early access to a pretty sweetass 3-for-1 deal! My friends over at CockyBoys are offering a 3 month subscription for the price of  just 1 month! Deals like this pop up semi-regularly across the porn spectrum, but allow me if you will to lay out just why this is so fucking awesome: Kennedy Carter Consider for a moment the following:
Kennedy's Ass. Tommy's Dick. Epic fuckery.
Tommy's Dick. Kennedy's Mouth. Epic suckery.
Not enough? Fine. CockyBoys recently signed Kennedy as their latest exclusive, joining the ranks of über-studs Tommy Defendi, Gabriel Clark and Mason Star. This addition is, as the kids say these days, the shit. Kennedy is just as awesome in real life as he seems on camera, and at least twice as hot. Despite my natural predilection for gingers, I'd still be a massive fan of Kennedy's no matter his coloring if only for his damn fine ass and spot-on taste in music. There is of course a longer list of reasons, but if you've seen the man, further explanations are unnecessary. I've included a preview clip from the scene.

  Fourgy Technology See what I did there? Made a little cellular jokey-joke? Enough with the pun schtick, more with the fuck sticks, amiright? At any rate, just look at this stellar preview for the recent four-way orgy update CB released featuring three of the previously mentioned exclusives. To be honest, I have a difficult time writing about CockyBoys scenes because I naturally watch them once, jack off to them during that first watch-through, then try to go back to pick out moments to describe and write about, but my hands end up leaving the keyboard and going right back to my dick. That happend just now, no lie. I started reviewing the scene – for the nth time – and then there went my drawers. I mean, I can't tell you the number of times I've intended to write about the Pierre Fitch scenes or the Donny Wright scene of late, but I can't. stop. jacking. off. CockyBoys keeps my hands and dick busy quite often. That's why I really want to share it with you guys this weekend! From now until the 7th, every CockyBoys link on #nerdjizz will refer you to this awesome deal. I wouldn't pimp it if I didn't believe in it. Believe in the power of the Cock....y Boys. (Seriously, I'm done with the jokes now.)

So seriously, go sign up with this awesome deal now so you can be like me to use all of your free time masturbate yourself into oblivion.

Kennedy Carter Turns Me On

I swear to god... fucking unf. DUDETUBE  Tumblr— @Kennedy_Carter hotness

What I Missed: Grabby Edition

There were a few moments of pure, unadulterated sexytimes that I didn't see in person last weekend. However, the internet is a great tool for playing catch up during events like that, so I present to you two videos in particular that are sure to get the blood in your nether regions pumping. First up we have a moderately SFW clip posted by Chris Porter, wherein he documents boyfriend Samuel Colt taking part in the rubber suction cube experience. Steven Daigle is even running around enjoying the sight! There's something wildly sexual about seeing such a strong, built man immobilized by form fitting rubber. Naturally, the silhouette is stunning given how defined he is. So many things pushing all the right buttons here. In other news, what you're about to watch next happened in the IML host hotel, the Hyatt Regency. I opted not to go that night because I was saving up for the next night, etc etc. I now kick myself on a regular basis for making that decision, because as you can see below, I really missed out on some quality action. Donny Wright is getting his beautiful uncut cock serviced by adorably furry Parker Perry, all while making out with my favorite ginger, Kennedy Carter. Pure magic, folks. One of my roommates for the weekend, Erynn Vaehne, is responsible for this video and I am oh-so-glad it happened. Password to watch this video is "donny."

Lucky Donny from Harvey Walker on Vimeo.

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Steven’s Best Weekend Ever!

If you look a few posts back, you know it was Steven Daigle's birthday last week. This past weekend, I think it's safe to say, he celebrated in a big way. He was named Best Newcomer at the Grabby's, and quite deservedly so, in this nerd's opinion.
Accepting his Best Newcomer award in geek chic glasses.
There were three performers this year who I felt really embodied in overlapping ways what it meant to be the "best" newcomer in the business. Chris Porter, Kennedy Carter and of course, Steven. Chris Porter's omission from even a single nomination this year was glaring, to say the least. Also, while there was a Ginger named co-winner of the Newcomer award, it was the wrong one. Kennedy Carter out-performed his contemporaries in every single scene he graced this past year, and did so with raw sexual energy, not to mention pure grace, poise and humility. Now that is priceless. Snap. But, back to Steven. Coming from the unique vantage point of having been on broadcast television, there was an aura of taboo surrounding his decision to enter the gay adult film industry. Sure, there had been loads of men we've all watched on television whom we fantasized about in rather, ahem, pornographic ways, but Steven was the one to say 'fuck all' and forge a path. At the very heart of the matter, Steven is just looking to please those around him. All the while, he has a streak of fearlessness running through him. When an urgent sense of vulnerability is combined with that no-holds-barred kind of attitude in one person, the results are bound to be explosive, if not stellar. And stellar they are! Having come from that unique vantage point, Steven basically had his pick of studios to work with. As such, he built up an impressive and rather diverse body of work in just a year. Famed Director Chi Chi LaRue directed his first three feature films. He worked with web-based studios like Cocksure Men and Dominic Ford, and feature length-based studios like Titan and Falcon. So to top off a roller coaster ride of a year full of mostly highs, Steven had a very good weekend, and I couldn't be happier for him. I've had a chance to speak with him at each of the industry events I've attended throughout the past year, I'm genuinely glad his drive to succeed has been recognized.

Gay Porn Blog. This.

You need to go read/ogle Gay Porn Blog's coverage of the weekend right now. Why? This.

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Grabbys/IML Visual Recap: Part I

This past weekend was a blast. There was, by last year's standards, practically zero drama. As such, the pictures that follow tell a very happy narrative. Thankfully. First up, some snaps from my friend and all around good guy, TBall. Check his website for more. Included are shots from Thursday night at Hydrate, which was Chi Chi's annual Skin Trade Grabby Weekend Kick-Off party, as well as photos from an event on Friday.
The charming, kind and beautiful Donny Wright and I.
Ash Camerazzi & Bobby Clark
Cole Streets & Tom Wolfe
More Donny goodness! We were flanking Tamara of GPCrush.
I totally took the opportunity to photobomb this shot of the gals with the Bel Ami boys. Because, when am I going to be in a picture with Bel Ami boys again?
Kennedy & Gabe. Let the record show that Kennedy is literally the sweetest man in all the world.
This sums up Parker Perry. Adorable, furry and always willing to take advantage of his vacation time!
Ash and Erin flanking Tony Buff. I dare you to not get weak in the knees around him. Talk about an energy that just won't quit.
Three beauties: Austin Wilde, Laura D and Ryan Raz.
Chris Porter sandwiched between The Maverick Men, Cole and Hunter.


Now let us delve into some photos from Rolling Blackouts, shall we? These photos were taken at the Tim & Roma Variety Hour. Variety, says I? Well, there were gorgeous porn boys! Table-tipping! Rimming and a blowjob! Good ol' spice-of-life stuff, right there.

Brent Corrigan and Shamama of Gay Porn Blog.
Kennedy & Tamara
Dayton O'Connor & Element Eclipse
My weekend roomate Erynn getting a whiff-gift of Samuel Colt's pit.
Erynn again, this time joined by cute-as-a-button Jake Austin.
Starrfucker himself, Jeremy Lucido.
Jimmy Durano's face + Samuel Colt's ass. Woof.
  As I said, good times were had by all. Check back soon, because this is just the tip of the sexy iceberg.