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Weekly Pull List: 6.25.14

Justice League #31 JL-31 Power Ring was the simply-named Doppelgänger to Green Lantern from the Crime Syndicate. He was, despite the raw, well,  power of his ring, not strong enough to contain its will, and much like the Lantern Corps rings, a new host was found. This new host will be very much a challenge for the Justice League in this post-Forever Evil world.


Catwoman #32 CTW-Cv32-467a8 Selina is still in the midst of the thieving competition she was drawn into a few issues back. Last issue she did quite well for herself, and finally figured out how to manipulate the Mirror Master against himself to work to her advantage. This time around, she's up against challengers from her fellow world-class burglars.


Tomb Raider #5 STK641170 In what I found to be a rather interesting move, Lara decided in the last episode that the only way to stave off the Yamati forces that haunt her and her crew is to in fact return to Yamati and effectively return the juju to the island and go from there. Two weeks ago we actually got a glimpse at the trailer to the newest Tomb Raider game, and since the Dark Horse comic serves as an official narrative bridge between the two I'm beginning to see some potential disconnects between game scriptwriter Rhianna Pratchett and comic writer Gail Simone. Of course, we'll have to wait until the new game is released to be sure. Possible incongruous story lines aside, the comic still really is a good read, and that's why I'd encourage you to pick up the latest issue.

Weekly Pull List – 5.21.14

One story finds an end (with plenty of loose ties) and another starts heating up. Forever Evil #7 of 7 STK633984 DC's latest biggest arc comes to a close with the finale of Forever Evil. If you think that good wins over evil, boy are you ... right. But, the thing is, while it was always an inevitability that everyone's favorite heroes would ultimately win, there are some pretty serious butterfly effects all across the DC world. Dick Grayson was exposed as Nightwing, so clearly things can't go back to normal for him. The government sanctioned Justice League of America is disbanded, and Lex Luthor figures out more identities.


Justice League #30  JUSTL-Cv30-1-d0962 Directly tying into Forever Evil #7, this is the story of how the Metal Men and Cyborg bridge the gap between technology and humanity, and manage to knock out a big arm of the Crime Syndicate's reach.


Wonder Woman #31 ww32 Diana is the god of war, and she's still protecting her youngest sibling from her most evil sibling. Family... AMIRIGHT?


Bonus suggestion: if you haven't had a chance to read any of The Movement by Gail Simone, you can pick up the first volume of the trade paperback today!

Coming This Weekend: DC Animation on Netflix

This Saturday. The 30th. Look what's coming to your Netflix Instant Streaming-enabled device: Justice League, which later became Justice League Unlimited Justice League The Justice League Batman Beyond Batman Beyond Batman: The Brave and The Bold Batman: The Brave and The Bold This should help fill your still-hurting feelings since the cancelation of Young Justice.