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Cellblock 13 Goes Retro

Cellblock 13, the gear/fetish oriented line from Timoteo Studio has released a line of throwback jockstraps, drawing inspiration from the standard styles of the 70's & 80's & before. Even the jocks from that Porky's era remained largely unchanged in style and form from the very first jocks. The "Fashion Jockstraps" that have been popularized lately are fun and all, but there's something about this classic wide-waistband style that makes my loins twitch.

Jockstrap Central, my favorite place to stock up on my athletic supporter needs, is now carrying the line called "Locker Jocks", so head over and stock up! For inspiration, have a gander at Jockstrap Central's newest model Tristian in every style & every pose to help you choose the one you want.

Stock Up On Pre-Valentines Day Skivvies

And I just saved 15% on car insurance 14% on jockstraps.

Jockstrap Central has another handy sitewide sale going on right now. To celebrate the new year of our lord 2014, you can save 14% off of everything in the store. Neat! No minimum purchase required to take advantage, so head on over and load up. The sale ends Wednesday! happy2014

One Day Left To Snag Your Free Jockstrap

JockstrapCentral has one day left on their free jockstrap offer, so get your orders in now to get more bulge bonus for your buck. Free jockstraps are from the site-exclusive collection OMTEX, so take a look at a few potential options you could be receiving: omtex-supporternew-omtex

Stock Up & Jock Up

Jockstrap Central is having a – let's say – BFDWoSG1J Free (buy forty dollars worth of stuff, get one jock free) sale! And that's actually a pretty decent deal, considering many of your stylish long-legged winter-wear needs fall in that price range. Just look at a few of the pieces you could pick up today:

Has Anyone Seen His Dog?

Nasty Pig of New York just released this awesome video highlighting their summer collection. It's a pretty neat little narrative piece following a badass dog who looses himself from his owner and decides to take on the city on his own terms. It doesn't hurt that he finds plenty of man-candy along the way. Woof. My personal favorite from the collection is this shredder:



Seems like Aussiebum is finally taking a page from the Andrew Christian playbook and deciding to start actively marketing toward their (sizable) gay male consumer base. Because frankly – and I don't want to stereotype here – but mesh underwear just aren't for straight men. Don't get me wrong. It's not like they've avoided that particular demographic, but explicit overtures beyond the hot-guy-barely-naked shtick haven't been pursued. They've been the retail equivalent of the frat guy in college who asks you to suck his dick every Friday night after the party, but makes you swear not to tell. Looks like this frat guy just came out.
Mind you, this isn't their first attempt at mesh underwear. In fact, the first attempt was much more revealing. However, this is the first time they've produced their own suggestive promotional materials for such an item. The promo images for that first line were so tame you could've found them in a JC Penny ad, despite the fact that in reality, you could decipher a man's religion when he wore them.

Nasty Pig Updates Website

One of my favorite brands, Nasty Pig, recently revamped their website. The focus is now on the products, with large photo showcases and item descriptions. Go check it out, and buy a jockstrap or two while you're at it. Continue reading Nasty Pig Updates Website

#tumblrgrab The Jockstrap Zone

The Jockstrap Zone

Spirit of the Holiday

For those of you who aren't aware, Memorial Day weekend in Chicago is home to two very gay and very oppositely gay types of events. IML, the International Mr. Leather Contest and gay porn award show, The Grabbys. In the spirit of the former, take a look at these leather bejocked (yes, I just pulled that word out of my ass) hocks of meat.  

  Nude Beat.

My Future Ex-Husbears

God bless the inventor of the male athletic supporter. It's the sexiest piece of functional attire I've ever known.

My Future Ex-Husbears.