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We All Win with Tyler Rush’s ASS-assin’s Creed Cosplay


According to Tyler Rush's twitter bio, he is a Seattle-based porn star (neat!), kink aficionado (our attention, u haz it), and a nerd (aaand boom goes the dynamite). Over the weekend, Tyler attended a video game themed bar night, called Insert Coin, where he not only took go-going to the next level, but cosplaying as well! It wasn't enough for the bubble-butt-beau to go dressed as a dead sexy, jockstrap-clad assassin from Assassin's Creed -- oh, no! -- but he went and made the costume himself, too! Brava, sir! Now how's about a special ...“presentation” for your new pals at #nerdjizz, eh?!

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Spirit of the Holiday

For those of you who aren't aware, Memorial Day weekend in Chicago is home to two very gay and very oppositely gay types of events. IML, the International Mr. Leather Contest and gay porn award show, The Grabbys. In the spirit of the former, take a look at these leather bejocked (yes, I just pulled that word out of my ass) hocks of meat.  

  Nude Beat.