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Cocky Memorial Day Celebrations

Over the weekend while a sizable chunk of the porn world was in Chicago for Grabby/IML weekend, Jake Jaxson rounded up his top CockyBoys and hit up the New York countryside for some fun by the pool. I snagged these snaps from Jake Jaxson's Instagram feed, which you should be following. Search @jakejaxson on Instagram.

Sexy monkey Jake Bass is joined by adorable Max Ryder and legendary Pierre Fitch.

#tumblrgrab: Jake & Max

via Hey Harvey Walker.

Jake Bass, Live!

This hotness is going live tonight! Tune in! Click either photo to watch him shake his tail feather tonight.

Ultimate Boner = My reaction to this scene.

Jesus fucking Christ, it's happened. Two of the sexiest performers I've come across (and cum as a result of) since my long journey with porn began years ago did a scene together. They're both currently exclusives with CockyBoys (smart move on that studio's part) and they whipped up this intense and sensual scene for us on their own. They were their own camera men, giving us a POV look at how sexy a Tommy/Jake pairing can be. It's also massively hot to see the small-framed Bass pound away at the larger Tommy's ass. JFC.                                   Take a look at this trailer below and tell me you don't want to jump both of them in a dark alley and have your goddamn dirty way with them! Tell me!   Continue reading Ultimate Boner = My reaction to this scene.