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Jake Bass + Connor Maguire for CockyBoys

IMG_6503 Connor Maguire is one of the best performers ever to have had the misfortune to work for Next Door Studios. After that studio pretty much sank like the Titanic, Connor did most of his work for Men, AKA The Jonny Rapid Milk Machine. Fortunately for us, he seems to be a bit of a free agent right now, so he's exploring his options and working for studios where you might have never expected him to show up. Case in point: he recently teamed up with Jake Jaxson's team over at CockyBoys to deliver one hell of a scene with consummate bad-boy Jake Bass. Both guys have some sexual similarities and personal differences that make them a compelling duo on screen. Connor is the muscled, all-American jock, and Jake is the lean, skaterboy Franco-Canadian import. Connor and Jake both have hefty uncut cocks relative to their frames, and both guys are excellent versatile performers. IMG_6633 The separate opening interviews with each guy are true to character. Jake is ever evocative, and Connor opens with a Superman reference. It becomes clear as they keep talking that each guy is going to pair well with the other. Oh yeah, and did I mention the blatantly obvious? Connor is a ginger, and gingerness is next to godliness. header_new_nsfw

CockyBoys Gets Nom Nom Nom’d by Grabbys!

nom Wordplay! The 2014 Grabbys nominations were released last week, and Jake Jaxson, his studio & his pups racked up a pretty impressive collection of nominations. I mean, just look at this list!

BEST GROUP (3 OR MORE): Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, Dale Cooper - A Thing of Beauty

BEST DUO: Christian Wilde & Max Ryder - The Haunting

BEST SOLO: Dale Cooper - The Haunting


BEST TWINK MOVIE: Jake Jaxson: Bad to the Bone - CockyBoys

BEST DIRECTOR: Jake Jaxson - The Haunting (winner of 2014 XBIZ award for Gay Director of the Year)


BEST MOVIE: The Haunting



BEST WEB ORIGINAL CONTENT: Cockyboys.com (winner of 2014 XBIZ award for Gay Studio of the Year)

BEST VIDEO COMPANY SITE: Cockyboys.com (winner of 2014 XBIZ award for Gay Studio of the Year)


HOTTEST BOTTOM: Duncan Black, Levi Karter, Max Ryder


PERFORMER OF THE YEAR: Levi Karter, Colby Keller, Ricky Roman


MANLY MAN: Colby KellerChristian Wilde

HOTTEST TOP: Gabriel ClarkDale Cooper

HOTTEST COCK: Christian Wilde

That is a mighty fine list, you might say! Zach over at Str8UpGayPorn has a really great interview with CockyBoys studio head Jake Jaxson. It's the first of two parts, and Zach really nails it. [UPDATE] Here's part 2! -- It's an interesting 8 16 minutes all in all and I'm definitely looking forward to the second half. Bookmark Str8UpGayPorn to stay in the loop.

At any rate, here's a gallery retrospective!

grabbys_haunting_banner. png



3 Is The Magic Number

Hey y'all, in case you weren't aware, #nerdjizz turned 3 this month! Yay! Birthday streamers and cake and drinks and such. The occasion was the reason for the new redesign I debuted at the turn of the year. There will be a video game giveaway later this month, alongside a special tank top giveaway. But in keeping with the theme of threes, I'm happy to announce that serendipitously Cockyboys has a three-for-one promotion that will last until Feb. 1st! That's really not much time when you think about it, so you'd better jump on this cock train while it's here! Why? Here's a quick three-trailer retrospective to show you:

Remember. 3 is better!

Colby 3way

Jake & Ty

I haven't discussed honest-to-god porn in a hot minute. My only choice for erotic films is CockyBoys, and one of my favorite performers from their roster - and for that matter any roster of any studio - is Jake Bass. Jake Bass is a rare breed of performer; he's someone I'm looking forward to watching if/when he gets out of the porn game. Don't get me wrong - he's a great performer, has a great body, great cock, great tattoos, and a damn fine jawline. But above all, I find an immense amount of interest behind his eyes. I mean: He's like a real life comic book character. But this scene with Ty really is quite something to see, so while Jake is still doing porn, let's all relish his performances together. Shall we?

Two great galleries past the break. Continue reading Jake & Ty

If You Had To Pick Two…

Guize, guize. There's a CockyBoys sale going on. If you haven't already taken advantage of it, do it now! What are you waiting for!?  It's great timing as well, because the new Road Strip series is still in its early days. If you join now, you'll be able to catch up on the first two episodes, then watch the rest unfold as they become available!  

Jake Bass Crashed The Internet

Okay, not the whole internet. Not yet. (I think he probably will one day.) Yesterday was Jake Bass' birthday. So last night, Jake was scheduled to do a live cam show at CockyBoys. The thing is, it didn't quite start on time. Admittedly, they are using new broadcasting client, as Max Ryder was tinkering with some technical issues during his own cam show a week earlier. But. Listen. The thing is, CockyBoys hosts a metric ton of video. ...Okay, okay, maybe not a metric ton, but close enough. They've been producing content for years. They've been online a while and have gained, not lost, popularity with each passing day. What I'm trying to say is that these guys have a handle on how to run a website. And Jake Bass crashed the servers. Talk about a career milestone. Jake Bass broke the Internet Well done Jake. It's a testament to the wide appeal he has. I mean, if you go check his tag on Tumblr, you'll find a range of people gushing about him.  There is even a wide base of fans who know he's in porn, but prefer to just look at his attractive face and not delve into his naughty dealings. That base includes, oddly enough, teen girls who are typically into people like Zayn from One Direction. Jake has a universal quality, that much is true. Here are some pictures and gifs to celebrate the joyous occasions of crashing the internet + naughty birthdays: The next time Jake breaks the internet, you should be there in person to witness it.

Exclusive Premiere: Project GoGo Boy Trailer

I'm among a lucky handful of websites privy to share with the public the first official trailer from CockyBoys' upcoming Project Gogo Boy. Take a two minutes and watch this thing. I'll admit I haven't been fully aware of what to expect from the upcoming series, but have been excited purely for the performers involved. Now, with the first actual glimpse into what it's all about – and I swear i'm not exaggerating – I can't fucking wait to watch this.     Studios and independent venues have tried their hand at "reality porn" in the past. Dominic Ford's "So You Think You Can Fuck" has proven to be an enjoyable watch each year. Hollywood 201 was a YouTube series centered around young performers trying to break into the adult industry. Hell, even the Playboy channel has that "Foursome" series that even features former (and I use this term loosely) mainstream reality stars. But after watching the above trailer, I feel, for the first time, like I'm actually witnessing compelling reality television from the adult industry. And it's completely web-based! Sure, the future of television will be web-based, but this feels like the culmination of years of entertainment and pornographic trends finally converging into a near-perfect product. Since I haven't seen the full series I obviously can't go making predictive "perfect" claims, but I'll bet it comes close. From the studio:
New York, NY – This is Project Go-Go Boy!  CockyBoys announced today they have locked the cast and completed the first round of production for their next feature film Project Go-Go Boy. Helmed by CockyBoys owner and director Jake Jaxson, Project Go-Go Boy is being shot as a reality series, with hardcore action set against the back drop of the go-go clubs and bars of New York City and Montreal. The film chronicles the lives of several aspiring go-go boys as they fight their way to the top of the BOX! Project Go-Go Boy features an all-star cast full of CockyBoys exclusives: rising superstar Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Pierre Fitch, Gabriel Clark, Tommy Defendi, and Tony Capucci, as well as Seth Knight and new-cummer Ben Rose! The entire cast was in Montreal a week ago where they filmed and had a live in-store appearance at Priape, Montreal’s premiere gay store (see attached pics) where they signed DVDs and met with fans. Jake Jaxson says, “With my last film NAME OF THE GAME  we briefly explored the world of the go-go boy.  In this film, it will be TOTAL immersion into the life of the go-go boy, bringing the viewer a detailed account of what’s happening on stage and off… the world of go-go boys is truly the perfect sex-charged world, one that I have LOVED since I was a boy. I grew up in New Orleans, I came out in New Orleans, and my first mind blowing sex was with a go-go boy from the famed Corner Pocket Bar in New Orleans!” He goes on to say, “As a young man bouncing around the French quarter, most of my friends were artists, hookers, and go-go boys…so I guess you can say I have been preparing for this film for the past twenty years! I can promise that this won’t be just another porn movie.” As the CockyBoys return from Montreal to begin filming on their home turf of NYC they released some exclusive sneak peek pics from the Montreal shoot.  As you can tell by looking at the pictures, CockyBoys is not playing around with this project and intends to break the mold with this dark and sexy look into the lives of go-go boys…step into the world of Project Go-Go Boy only with CockyBoys, beginning June 2012!  
After clicking an image below, you can maneuver through the photos using your left and right arrows. Prior to now, I've been excited for this feature based on the fact that, in my eyes, there's no such thing as too much Jake Bass, or too much Kennedy Carter, or too much [insert exclusive Cocky Boy here]. Now I'm genuinely more excited to watch the story unfold than I am to watch the inevitable naughty bits. If you're not a member, I'd suggest you go sign up now so you won't miss this Cocky-awesomeness when it hits.

Project GoGo Boy is coming!

CockyBoys has a special series coming later this month. It's titled "Project GoGo Boy" and it features the best gogo boys the CockyBoys stable has to offer! But let me just share the official press release with you, because they sum things up better than I can:
COCKYBOYS WRAPS PRODUCTION ON PROJECT GO-GO BOY! Drag Superstar, Comedienne and Actor HEDDA LETTUCE Signs On For Reunion Special! New York, NY – This is Project Go-Go Boy!  CockyBoys Studios announced today they have wrapped production and locked in drag superstar, singer, comedienne and six-time winner of New York’s "Drag Queen of the Year" award Hedda Lettuce to host the Project Go-Go Boy reunion special a la Real Housewives. Helmed by CockyBoys owner and director Jake Jaxson, Project Go-Go Boy is being shot as a reality series, with hardcore action set against the back drop of the go-go clubs and bars of New York City and Montreal. The film chronicles  the lives of several aspiring go-go boys as they fight their way to the top of the box! Project Go-Go Boy features an all-star cast full of CockyBoys exclusives--rising superstar Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Pierre Fitch, Gabriel Clark, Tommy Defendi and Tony Capucci--as well as Seth Knight and newcummer Ben Rose! CockyBoys's Jake Jaxson says of the addition of Hedda to the Project Go-Go Boy cast: “Hedda is a true star! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her in Project Go-Go Boy. Her amazing energy and charisma, combined with her quick and witty interactions with the boys made for a very entertaining segment. I can’t wait for the world to see Project Go-Go Boy!” See one of the freshest online series/movies to hit the gay porn industry in a long time, Project Go-Go Boy, releasing July 2012 only at CockyBoys.com! Find sneak pics of Hedda Lettuce and some of the Project Go-Go Boy cast in NYC during a promo shoot below.
Follow the jump to view the rest of the photos.  Continue reading Project GoGo Boy is coming!

Jake Bass and Kennedy Carter: Transformer by Roger Deckker

Dudetube just made me aware of the following photos that were dug up by Homotography.  These are from the Summer 2012 issue of Zoo magazine featuring quite a large number of amazing photographs by Roger Deckker. But being the fan of both Kennedy and Jake that I am, I'd gladly hang both of the following photos on my walls.

Source: Transformer by Roger Deckker | Zoo | Homotography.

Coming Soon…