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Twitter Updates! World Ends!

Twitter just updated their iOS app to include image & video previews, similar to the "expanded tweets" found on the actual website. While this is convenient in some cases, for those of us who follow many #NSFW twitter personalities, this poses a problem for our public tweeting habits. BUT LO, A SOLUTION ARISES: I made this silly little 10-second video on my iPhone via iMovie and an app called Tellagami. The audio isn't great, but it's 10 seconds and it explains how to revert to a Safer-For-Work feed!

What We Learned: WWDC Edition

Yesterday's kick-off presentation for the Apple WWDC featured some pretty huge announcements from the tech giant. My five favorite points are as follows: iOS 6 Maps Apple has been quietly buying up small mapping companies here and there over the last year in preparation for what many (now correctly) thought would be the end of Google's dominance in location services for iOS. If you've ever used Google Maps on an Android phone (I haven't, but I've heard stories) you'll know that there are more features available to since Android is Google's proprietary software. Now Apple, instead of waiting for Google to port features like navigation and Goggles to iOS, has scrapped Google altogether. Turn-by-turn navigation and real-time 3D rendering in Apple's new proprietary mapping software will be the new normal. So much so, that if you're following a map on the road, it continues to display even if you lock your iPhone screen. A very handy feature for turning your phone into a true GPS mapping system. MacBook Pro with Retina Displays Much like they did with the iPad 2 and the "New" iPad, Apple has introduced a new line of laptop computers which has a similar moniker to an existing line. While it may seem confusing to some consumers, it's obvious the new line will be phased in to replace the aging MacBook Pro line that already exists. For now, the older line is being kept around to provide buyers with a (just barely) more affordable option than the new, shiny versions. The new direction is rather telling, however. The interior motherboards have been completely redesigned to account for 3 main things: battery (it takes up 50% of the interior,) cooling (the new fan system and vents are streamlined and factored into the unibody design,) and solid state drives (flash memory is the basket wherein Apple is placing all of its eggs.) That Apple is moving towards flash memory so completely is not a surprise, given how many different ways your data can be stored in the cloud now. Not to mention adding a peripheral like Time Machine to your wireless home setup to add another layer of backup security. Also, Retina Displays on a laptop? We knew the day was coming. I know not everyone out there has had a chance to go hands-on with a third-gen iPad, so this may not seem like a big deal to you. AND I hate to say "you have to see it to believe it" but a Retina display honestly is one of those things you have to see to believe. But, Apple finally brought the display to personal computing. Let the imitators commence! Mountain Lion A $19.99 upgrade to the latest software. $20. Even if you're still running Snow Leopard. That in and of itself is 'enough said.' But allow me to say a few more things. Notification Center in OS X, with full voice dictation, social media and instant app-launch capabilities. Voice Dictation system-wide! iCloud storage and syncing across all devices. Game Center syncing across laptops, desktops, iPhones, iPads, iPods. Talk about a fully integrated approach to gaming. When developers realize the full potential of such synchronicity, we're in for some real treats. Siri for iPad For those who own the latest generation iPad, Siri will be coming to your device beginning this fall. (Earlier for developers.) Siri still receives mixed reviews, but what I like to constantly remind people is that iOS 6 will be Siri's first actual update. She's a beta product. A beta. That means she's not fully formed. She's been learning from the many ways people have been using her. There is an answer for those people who would ask "Why release a beta product if it needs to be better?" and it is this: Siri is an interactive AI assistant and requires interaction so as to become the fully featured product she's meant to be. I know I'm humanizing her a bit by talking about her as an actual entity using female pronouns, but let's face it, Siri is going to know all of our secrets one day. Passbook This one may not interest everyone, but as a semi-frequent traveler and mobile-payment adopter, I definitely took notice of Passbook. It's one of those aggregate apps - like Newstand or iBooks - that Apple is releasing that actually promises to be the one App to rule them all. There's a big focus these days on the push towards the "mobile wallet" and this takes that idea and expands it to so many other areas of life. Have an airline app that you use while traveling? This will keep your boarding pass within a few taps of you at all times. Need to stop by Starbucks on the way to work? Chances are your iPhone is already in your lap or cup holder. As soon as you're near a Starbucks, the Starbucks Card app becomes accessible from the lock screen. Same geo-fence rules apply to all Passbook-friendly apps. Anytime you're near an app in your Passbook, it becomes accessible from the lock screen, saving you precious moments and countless screen taps.

- - -

As I mentioned, these were the five points that caught my eye. There will most definitely be more oohs and ahhs from this fanboy in the months to come, with Mountain Lion's release in July and iOS 6's release in September. But for the casual observer, I say to thee, keep your eyes peeled for these features.

Weekend Dominic Ford Update

Gym Fuck: Parker London & Shane Frost @ DominicFord.com

DominicFord.com brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

Welcome to the first of four movies in Dominic Ford's "Gym Fuck" series. This month, we will be updating the site 2-3 times a week. Thursday we will release the sex scene. Saturday and Monday we will release the workout tapes, filmed by the stars in the movie.This week, Shane Frost and Parker London take us through an upper body workout. Parker shows us his routines for chest, biceps and triceps. Shane takes us through lats, pecs and shoulders.And then Shane shows us (in a very different way) how to work out his ass! It evidently involves a lot of stretching!

Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com

Flashback: Southern Decadence 2003 Part 10

You have to appreciate the dedication this person had to filming the highlights of SD. I hope to provide equally as thrilling video when I return to Chicago for IML/Grabby's weekend this year. Compliments of RocketTube If you're on an iPhone or iPad, click here to view the video!

Street Fighting for Charity!

HADOUKEN! Everyone loves Street Fighter, amiright!? What a clever idea! If any of you out there have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you should buy the Street Fighter 4 app. Even if you only play it once, you're only out a dollar, and that dollar goes to relief efforts in Japan! To buy Street Fighter 4, click here. You can also donate directly through the iTunes store by clicking here
Image Copyright Capcom, via IGN.com

iOS 4.3 is going to be so worth it.

As I was doing my morning Twitter check earlier, I came across an article written by Lyla Katz at XBiz that Bryan Slater shared. This article cites another from Boy Genius Report. It seems that there are a host of new changes planned for the upcoming iOS update, and quite a few that I didn't expect so soon. It seems Apple has iLife in mind for it's next iteration of the the insanely successful iPad. I'm sure some support will be included for the original version as well, but with the processor upgrade the next version (along with the new iPhone) is rumored to be getting, it makes more sense that the application suite will be tailored for the new device. An interesting note is that it seems Apple plans to move towards a home-button free device sooner rather than later. One of the more minor stories, but one of my favorites nonetheless, is the ability to choose to reinstate the button above the volume rocker as a screen orientation lock button! Apple (very foolishly, in my humble opinion) decided in their last update to take away that functionality, and make the button resemble it's iPhone counterpart, which was a notification mute button. -- Not an entire system mute button, mind you. It only muted the typing clicks and notifications, not the volume of songs or apps. -- Before the switch was made, I used the button's orientation lock feature constantly. Post-switch, I have used the button less than five times. I know Apple had good intentions in keeping their iOS devices similar in functionality, but I can't begin to tell you just how handy and ingenius that orientation lock button was! So, rant over. If the report is to be believed, it's coming back, and I couldn't be happier. Also, in a signal that the iPhone 3G is officially on it's way to the great tech refuge in the sky, iOS 4.3 will support neither that device nor the second gen iPod Touch. The times, they are a-changing, folks!

Be sure to check the original articles. iOS 4.3 Beta 1 to Include Various Enhancements - XBIZ.com. Apple iOS 4.3 change log revealed - Boy Genius Report.com.

CNN Releases iPad App

CNN has finally released an iPad app. To which I say, ABOUT DAMN TIME. For better or worse, CNN is my choice of news source, and while their website is one of the most iPad-friendly urls out there (with the exception of some of their contributor pages,) there are so many news apps on the iPad that are far more functional and just look, well, sexy. Now, CNN has finally joined the likes of Pulse, BBC News, Time and NPR in providing a functional and oh so stylish app for iOS on iPad. If you'd like to try it out, just go get it in the App Store. Below is an excerpt from CNN's own article highlighting the app. "High-quality, world-class journalism is what CNN does best, whether live breaking news, hard-hitting interviews or in-depth investigations, and our iPad app presents that content to the world in a wholly new way," KC Estenson, CNN.com's senior vice president and general manager, said Tuesday in the release. "This app harnesses the best of what the iPad offers by leveraging striking photos and videos; elegant, multi-touch navigation; and the ability to share content with your friends via social media." via CNN releases 'immersive' iPad app - CNN.com.